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  1. Week 23 has arrived – Continuing with the hull catwalks and railings. The catwalks are a mix of kit and photo etch. The kit sections are where the guns mount. As I mentioned before I removed the kit shields and added the photo etch versions. While on the subject of the guns, I looked over the .50 cal guns. The photo etch version has the thin base. So like all the other guns I went with a mix of kit and photo etch. I used the base of the kit and added just the gun to the base. The photo etch guns also have a few pieces. The shield and the shoulder mounts are separate parts. Once the sights are
  2. Week 22 – Starting at the stern I added more details. I added some crew members, the fantail launch, and the mooring rope winch on the starboard side. I used some 50lbs test braided fishing line for the mooring rope and coiled it around the winch spool. The kit does not provide an actual spot to hold the launch so I scratch built the cradle that holds the launch. I then started making the eight 5” dual-purpose guns. The kit gun mounts had a couple of issues. First the kit parts lacked detail and the gun barrels were more like 10” barrels. I cut off the barrels and replaced them with Aber brass
  3. Here we are at week 21 of the USS Hornet “Doolittle Raid” project. This week I was able to complete the island. All 34 lines of the rigging have been mounted. Once the rigging was completed I then painted the camouflage on the island using the photo references in the Hornet book. The pattern that the kit shows and what were actually on the ship differs slightly. The lines have a slight shift when they reach the catwalk half way up the island on the actual ship. I then finished the 4 quad AA guns used on the flight deck. I was looking over the flight deck assembly and decided to detail the hull
  4. Here we are at the 20th Week of the USS Hornet “Doolittle Raid” project! I am still working on island details. As I was researching all the rigging I found more details that I needed to add to the island. I found out that there are three whip antennas on the island. Two of them are on the funnel cap with rails and one on the aft end of the island. I scratch built these using photo etch and styrene rod for the base. I began attaching the first layer of rigging for the forward mast. I am using EZ-Line black fine for the rigging. With the lines attached on the one end I let the CA glue cure for a
  5. Week 19 – Work was slowed a little this week as I had the laptop I use for making decals started to die and needed to be replaced. I spent a couple of evenings changing over to a new laptop. Turning back to working on the project I added some more details to the island. There are smaller search lights around the island which have been included with the photo etch set. One of the kit search lights on the aft side of the island mounts to the deck. However after review of the photos it is actually mounted on a raised platform. I scratch built the platform and mounted the search light. I also used
  6. Welcome to week 18 on the Trumpeter 1/350 USS Hornet project. This week was spent detailing the gun directors and the island. On the gun directors I first removed the molded “blocks” that represented the door and hatch. These were replaced with photo etch pieces. I then used the photo etch for the antenna and mount. Switching over to the island I removed the molded porthole covers form the bridge and replaced them with the photo etch parts. The photo etch parts have the slots in them where the kit ones did not have them. I then started on the starboard side of the island. After reviewing
  7. Week 17 on the USS Hornet was more work on the island. I mounted the LED’s in the main part of the island and verified the effect I am looking for worked and it did. I then started working on the catwalks and rails. As I was working on them and checking the photos I noticed the catwalks were grated not solid. I then looked over the many accessories and found that I purchased the White Ensign Models Catwalks Set. I thought it was just the catwalks around the ship but then found out it includes the island catwalks! I then removed the kit catwalks, filled the mounting holes and started mounting t
  8. Moving right along for week 16 of the USS Hornet project I have finished installing the hangar deck lights. To get the effect of multiple lights I staggered them from each side. All the wiring was routed to the section under the island so the wiring can be run to the bottom of the hull. With the hangar deck finished I started working on the island. I first drilled out all the portholes and windows. The windows on the bridge were then filled with acrylic gel to simulate the glass. The bridge is divided into two sections so I used two PICO sized LED’s to light it up. The rest of the island
  9. This is week 15 on the USS Hornet project. I spent most of the week figuring out the light placement and how to route all the wiring. Looks like I will be running a total of 18 LED’s for the hangar deck. For the section between the rear elevator to the mid-ship elevator I have 8 of the NANO size LED’s. These are the “Warm White” color. Placing them on alternate sides and staggering them gives me the best effect. Placing the LED’s is a slow process. I first started by placing the LED into the location and attaching it using acrylic gel. Once the gel is cured I then route the wire and use the ge
  10. This week on the USS Hornet project I was able to paint many figures and get them placed around the hangar deck. I used mostly the Tamiya figures with a few of the 3-D printed figures. One of the 3-D printed figures was in a seated position so he is now driving a Moto-tug. Another was kneeling so he is working on a dauntless SBD’s dive brakes. The last one I used was one posed walking up a ladder. The rest of the 3-D printed will populate the flight deck and island. With figures placed, I paced all the aircraft back in the hangar and added a few more figures, more moto-tugs, and the weapons ca
  11. The SBD’s of Bombing 8 for the USS Hornet have been completed! I completed the detail painting then applied all he decals then attached the propellers. I scratch built a rack to hold the propellers and added a bunch of them on the rack. I then started squeezing all the aircraft on the hangar deck. I added a couple more moto-tugs and placed the torpedo and bomb carts near the weapons elevator. I then laid out all the under deck girders. At first I tried using CA glue but with the size and length of the assembly then kept breaking loose. So I decided to solder them together. This worked a lot be
  12. The SBD’s of Bombing 8 are getting closer to being completed. I made one of them with canopy open and dive brakes open. There will be two more with just the rear gunner canopy open and the rest will be all closed. I had to fill in the hole for the tail wheel so I could mount the photo etch version. Another thing I am doing is since the SBD’s do not have folding wings some of the aircraft on the ship had their wings, bomb swing, and propeller removed then the fuselage was hung in the rafters of the hangar bays. So there will be a wing rack as well as a rack for holding the propellers as well as
  13. The TBD’s of Torpedo 8 are finished. After I spent an evening correcting the misplaced antenna the canopies were added and then I applied all the decals to the fuselage and then the wings were painted and decaled. The wings were carefully placed in the folded position. With the aircraft drying from adding wings and decals I painted all the propellers and trimmed them to mount onto the aircraft. Once dry all the propellers were added to complete the aircraft. They were all staged on the hangar deck. I then started on the SBD Dauntless dive bombers of Bombing 8. The fuselage required some t
  14. For those who do not know, I am a member of the International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) and am an active member of the McKinstry Chapter. This week I received some sad news that we lost one of our long time members to a freak accident, Dan Paulien Dan was an avid model builder his modeling interests ranged from cars, armor and aircraft models in various scales. Dan was 51 years old, a single parent and left behind two college age children. His son has set up a Go Fund Me page to help cover Dan’s the funeral costs. I am asking anyone interested in helping
  15. The Devastators for Torpedo 8 are almost finished. I added the landing gear and wheels. The landing gear required some tedious work to get them to line up together. There are 3 attachment points so getting the left side and right side to line up as well as stand straight from the front took a lot of work. The landing gear struts were then painted aluminum, tire black for the tire and then the medium grey for the hubs and underside of the aircraft. The top was painted intermediate blue. The wings required a lot of work as well as they had a lot of flash. Especially on the trailing edge which is
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