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  1. Sorry to see nobody has posted, but happy to be the first! Thanks, John, for all your wonderful insight to our hobby. I can speak for many when I say it is much appreciated.



  2. Happy I could help!

  3. They turnd down a guy who had over 8,000 total time with ATP because he was a cocky jerk to everyone interviewing him and everyone interviewing with him, including yours truly. So a positive attitude and solid, HONEST answers to the HR portion and they'll be in like a dirty shirt.

  4. Specifically, the departure was important because a speed restriction was NOT present on the graphic, but required 230kias until ATC cleared you to 250. That was written on the notes section. They asked me why taxiway D was called "Dixie" and why a runway was a black solid line (paved surface). That's what I remember off the top of my head, besides previous aircraft systems.

  5. Hmm...They've been picky about busting check rides, so your cousin will need to clear the air about that if they ask about their history. Also, be familiar with how to read Jeppesen charts. I had to answer questions about the 10-9 for ATL and brief a GPS/RNAV approach. We also went over speed restrictions on a departure, but I can't remember to which airport...

  6. Wow you scored a FoxOne sheet? That's awesome! I'm totally looking forward to seeing your MI bird.

  7. Hey Mark, i'm not receiving any of the emails from our modelling group anymore, assuming they're still chatting back and forth quite a bit! Any chance you can hook me up again?


  8. Yeah the MI jets are under represented. I have a Superscale (I think its superscale) sheet of the Battle Creek A-10s too, but I need an A-10 kit!

  9. Here's a question for you. Have you found any good shops while on a trip? I haven't had much luck yet. When I was on the Embraer, I found a shop in Wichita. Since coming to the CRJ in '09, I haven't had much success. The closest I've come is a shop in EWR but I can't convince the van driver to drive me the 1.5 miles to the store...

  10. Oh, and I've heard awesome things about the Tamiya F-16s. I don't have one, but I do have FoxOne Decal's sheet of ANG F-16s which include SD, CO, IN, and MI. Of course I bought the sheet for the MI markings.

  11. Ha! I bought the Hasegawa Raptor for MSRP, 89.99 at Cobblestone in Holland. I guess I could have waited, but honestly, I didn't think the price would be that low at squadron. Realistically I thought maybe $70 would be the lowest, but I wasn't willing to wait because it was on the shop shelf. Include shipping on top of $70 and I may as well buy for MSRP.

  12. Yeah I enjoyed their P-47 as well. I haven't built a kit since that went together as well as that did. I think the closest I have now is Hasegawa's F-22.

  13. aaronzylman@gmail.com

    Thanks! Nice meeting you this afternoon, hope you have some quality time at the bench this week!


  14. How's that Mustang? I love their Tbolts. Never enough time at the bench...4 day starting tomorrow afternoon!

  15. any builds you have going? Wrestling with the Pro-Modeler Me-410...

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