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  1. On 11/13/2019 at 1:36 PM, Bob Beary said:

    I'm trying to look up the selling prices of two Hasegawa 1/48 (high grade "SP", metal wheel hubs etc) F-14's....an "A" and "D" model without any success. I know those sorts of prices depend upon what the buyer is willing to spend etc and can vary widely. I have Googled using many different entries.


    Can anyone here give me an approximate value?


    Lacking that, can anyone direct me to an easy to use data base/site that I could use to look up such information?


    Thanks for any help.



    Hi Bob. Over the past year I’ve seen them sold for $35-50, even $60+ for limited edition boxing’s. 


    Hi All,


    I searched for threads or posts on this topic but didn’t find what I was looking for, so...


    I am getting close to needing to install the antenna on my 1/48 Eduard FW190 A-4, and despite knowing that the A-4 variant has the antenna mount on the tail and has the distinctive ‘T’ antenna, I haven’t found any other details.  I understand that the antenna was ‘slack’ even at full tension. Is that true?  Does anyone know precisely where the T part of the antenna enters the fuselage?  What does the intersection of the main length of the antenna and the T section look like?  And, lastly, what does the mount on the canopy look like? I’ve read that there was some type of pulley system for maintaining some level of tension, but that seems to be contrary to the slack antenna concept.  Are the antenna lines supposed to be ‘slack’ when the canopy is open, (I am doing my build with an open canopy)?  I’ve never seen any photos or even drawings on any such tension mechanism, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!


    I am going to use EZ Line for the antennas, if anyone has any thoughts for me. 

    I’d keep the tension on the antenna from canopy to tail per this photo:




    Later versions seem to have lost the tensioner which allows the wire to hang down over the fuselage. I couldn’t say which versions have the tension mechanism and which ones don’t.  I just started browsing photos and came across that A-4. 

  3. Was the 190A-4 the ProfiPACK kit or weekend kit?


    ProfiPACK kits have two decal sheets in the 190 kits. Larger markings of units and balkenkreuzes and a smaller stencils sheet. The large sheet is printed by Cartograf and the smaller sheet by Eduard in house. Hence the larger decals go down with a bit more finesse. 

  4. On 10/1/2019 at 3:04 PM, ChesshireCat said:

    I got a better look at the kit on Facebook awhile ago. I'm not really an expert or even a B17 guru, but to my eyes it looks like a very late F model instead of a G! Am I wrong? The very late F is often mistaken for a B17g



    Allow me to show my ignorance. What’s the difference between a late F and an early G?

  5. On 9/13/2019 at 9:56 PM, Mstor said:


    Here in the US, Victory Models has them for preorder. $69.95 but you get free shipping at that price (anything over $25). Victory Models is a highly respected vendor.

    I reserved two at the pre order price through Victory Models. No word about any quantities they’ve received, if any. 

  6. On 9/9/2019 at 9:17 PM, ReccePhreak said:

    Interesting, that is exactly the opposite of what I was told on another forum. :hmmm:


    The brief history of the Monogram G and the Revell F is that Revell copied most of Monogram’s G. Details are different in that the G has more interior details than the F.  However basic shape and dimensions are almost identical. That’s why I would assume the masks for the G will fit the F. The breakdown of the cockpit windows is slightly different though. 

  7. On 8/19/2019 at 2:41 PM, Cool Hand said:

    It was an attempt to consolidate all the variations in equipment over the G-6 production into a single standard. This was less than successful as these variations continued to be seen in the G-14 line. For example: some G-14's with short tails and standard(non Erla hood) canopies. The only thing that seems to be universal in the G-14 was the tank for MW 50 and the corresponding move in battery position.


    I didn’t know that. 190s are

    more up my alley but it’s nice to learn more about the 109. Wouldn’t the armament be similar across G-14s?

  8. 5 hours ago, Stefan buysse said:



    If you go to the Eduard website and download the August 2019 free newsletter (No112), you'll find illustrations that show the differences on pages 22-23 and 30-40. For my PC, the link to the English newsletter is now on the left  of the screen (scroll down a bit).

    I gatter that all the parts are in the Eduard box.


    There were resin conversion tails for filletless P-51D's made for the Tamiya kit. I don't know the manufacturer, I bought mine from a friend and it came without packaging.


    Cheers, Stefan.


    Great help! Thanks!

  9. A year or so ago I purchased a brilliant decal set for P-51Ds by EagleCal. They have three different blocks and wondering which would be accurate for Tamiya’s D. 

  10. Since Eduard’s new 1:48 P-51D-5 is out I’ve been trying to learn more about P-51s. What’s the difference between a D-5, D-10, and other D blocks?  Fillets, antennae, scoops, etc, what’s the breakdown of these and what should I be looking for regarding aftermarket decals?


    What block is Tamiya’s 1:48 P-51D? It has a tail fillet but one of the decal options is filletless.  I’m  confused when it comes to Mustangs.  Need some help!


  11. 1 hour ago, Tapchan said:

    AMK stated that they will start shipping kits "by the end of the month", it's rather obvious that they arrive somewhere at the beginning of next month. I suppose that maybe indiegogo kits will be prepared and shipped earlier, directly from AMK. Plus they are smaller numbers thus easier to prepare unlike bigger batches for vendors and also would be kind of apology for long wait.



    Someone receiving a kit sooner than someone else isn’t an apology to anyone.

  12. 13 minutes ago, Mstor said:


    I believe Keroburner89 is correct. Here is another photo of the same airframe. Definitely shows F-4G above the BuNo. :





    If so, and I’ve been wrong before, I’m left scratching my head. F-4Gs were Electronic Warfare airframes developed from F-4Es. Were there two F-4G designs?


    Wow, I never knew. 



  13. On 8/7/2019 at 8:43 PM, Keroburner89 said:

    Howdy folks,


    I'm in the spray booth process of this VF-213 F-4G below. I've noticed some substantial touch ups on the top fuselage as well as what I think is probably corrosion control on the leading edges.


    My question is what colours am I looking for here? Bit hard with it being black and white, but perhaps someone knows of some colour photos showing similar?  Is the touch up on the top just fresh 16440? And the corrosion control, primer green or something darker? I recall seeing a dark green but not 100% sure of something similar being used. 


    Cheers all, happy building!





    Nice looking F-4 but that certainly isn’t a G. Is this possibly a B or N? 

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