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  1. Not a shocker about the P-51 versions. Surprised at the F4F!
  2. Thanks! I ordered it a few days back.
  3. Eduard went on to retool and correct their Bf 109 series. Many manufacturers wouldn’t do that, even today. As far as making errors in the first place, many manufacturers have made far more glaring errors that went uncorrected. This issue you have with the P-51 may not even be an error from Eduard. Is it keeping you from buying the kit?
  4. As a follow up, what would be required to support the AGM-84 Harpoon? Any data link or targeting pods? Or could that be aimed and guided by the on board radar?
  5. Thanks Collin! Appreciate the info. If I can’t score an AN/AAW-13 in 1:48 I’ll switch the loadout.
  6. Thanks Murph. All I could find was AN/ASQ-28 info for the Hornet. Where could I find the AN/AAW-13 in 1:48?
  7. Ok. Fire and forget like AGM-88 HARM.
  8. I have a couple left over in 1:48 and looking to use them on a legacy Hornet. Does it need a datalink pod or is it a stand alone munition?
  9. Perhaps as wet transfers. They’ve done that with a few of the limited edition kits from Eduard recently.
  10. Confirmed. My last build was a desert storm F/A-18A built for my boss. Light ghost gray wingtip rails. All one color.
  11. I’m 99% sure it’s light ghost gray. 100% sure it’s all one color. 100% sure I’ve been wrong before and I’ve never flown a Hornet. So my advice is worth what you paid.
  12. I had heard over and over about the misshapen academy kit. I had built the Revell kit twice. I finally purchased an Academy kit for the weapons, and it looked so nice in the box I started building it. The only big issue is the intakes because they have some weird gaps. The engine nacelles are bigger on the Academy kit but it’s not nearly as awful as some people make it out to be. It’s noticeable but still looks fantastic. I highly recommend it. (Gasp!). Also the speed brake well on the spine doesn’t flare flush with the rest of the spine like on the Revell kit which is more accurat
  13. Quick search on eBay for “1:48 Bf 109G decals” has tons of options. Many are non German. Hungary, Romania, and Finland are some of the top 10 results.
  14. Check out HGW wet transfers. Also I think there’s a cutting edge sheet out there with Romanian markings. Someone recently came out with Swiss markings too. Not sure if that’s G-6 though. eBay is a good start.
  15. Wow! Great job! That mottling is fantastic. Now you know why so many of us enjoy building all the luftwaffe paint schemes. 😄
  16. Great start! I can’t remember, does Tamiyas P-47 come with or without the tail fillet?
  17. As nice as that would be, I would prefer Eduard make a ProfiPACK and some limited editions.
  18. I have the Eduard 1:48 P-40M which is the Mauve kit. Can I build the N from this boxing? It has the N canopy and cut down rear deck piece. Would just need decals unless I need to do something else to the fuselage/armament. Thanks for any tips.
  19. We do, however, need a new 1:48 P-38. Something by Eduard would be most welcome. As would an offering from Tamiya. Even a new generation from Hasegawa would be leaps and bounds ahead of their already pretty decent lineup. Just my opinion of course.
  20. You’ll find it soon. When caught up on quality, just remember completion, not perfection, is the goal. Have fun!
  21. Don’t see many of those! Is it worth picking up? great build!
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