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  1. Especially the missing hose for the anti-g-pants jumps directly into the eye. normally it starts from the anti-g-panel on the left console. the counterpart is located on the anti-g-pants and is then connected to the system in the cockpit. You can find some cockpit schematics here, its the hose on the left aft console: X-Flight by Pegasus A part of the landing gear handle should be black because there is a light in it which is activated when the landing gear is lowered. on this page you can find some pictures of original lg panels: X-Flight by Pegasus The cauti
  2. This is by far the best cockpit I have seen in this scale so far - respect! There are just a few little things missing (as a Simpit fan I'm quite critical about that) 🤩
  3. I'm afraid that I have no more building pictures. Looked through all my pics but no Comanche 😧
  4. Finally finished... Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4, ZK 343 "BX", 29 Squadron, RAF Coningsby, 2014. Not the best Kit with some fit issues on the overengineered Intake Area. Really happy to be done with it at last :rolleyes:/>
  5. Just finished my 1/48 Academy-Hasegawa-Scratch-Kitbash of the MD500 Defender "Lahatut" A really enjoyable build - I love those litte tiny killers :woot.gif:/>
  6. You've done an amazing job with her. Very harmonious overall build and great photografix scenery as well. All thumbs up for this one
  7. Really outstanding build. I love it!
  8. Hasegawa's 1/48 AH-64D... just in need of time to make some photos for the gallery :rolleyes:/>/>
  9. Thank you :D/> At the moment I'm looking for a second Kit of the Comanche, because there's one thing I would like to build: A Comanche with folded Main Rotor and all bays open So please, if anyone has this kit to offer, please drop me a short mail :thumbsup:/>
  10. Amazing I really love the paintjob!
  11. Thank you for aour kind replys. I'm very happy that you like the kit and how it comes out. @Exhausted You're right with the tailhook... I simply forgot it :-(
  12. The (virtual) Original The Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche finally saw its comissioning after 21 years of development and the first helicopters saw duty in the US Army in 2004. In 2006 the United States Marine Corps decided to use this helicopter as a replacement for the aging AH-1 Cobras. So in 2009 the first USMC Comanches were delivered, replacing the Cobra as a light attack helicopter. The kit The Kit is the old Italeri Kit in 1/48 scale and unfortunately it is very rare and hard to get. A very simple Kit, especially the cockpit, it's in need of a lot of work to do. So the 'pit w
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