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  1. Greetings! Having the hardest time locating stencils for an 1/48 F-15E (Revell). I have a few general decal nose art and tail options, and the stenciling from the kit is very old and has sat around awhile in a hot garage. I checked Ebay and there are a few sellers, but arrival can be as late as June. Anyone know of a supplier or link? I just need the detail sheet. (No Step, Danger, the small stuff etc etc.) Many thanks!! -Ed
  2. Anyone have experience using this stuff? What it the ratio to this this stuff... Its been years since Ive laid a gloss coat on a model.. lol
  3. While were on the subject of this... I just received some AK Real Colors Gloss Varnish.. Anyone have experience using this stuff? Thinning ratios?
  4. Thank you for all the replies. lol... My paint surface is pretty smooth..
  5. Hey man thanks for the response. I think I reposted this elsewhere on an older thread and you gave me very valuable info. Ideally, I want to stay inside the garage. I live in S. Florida and its already getting brutal inside there, as my house faces east and is a single level. My old house, faced west with a very large home in front of it blocking the sun, with a bedroom upstairs and on the opposite side of one of the walls was a family room, the other side was attached to another carriage type house so, I guess my point is that the walls stayed generally cool hence forth the garage stayed cool
  6. Just opinions. Do you guys find is absolutely necessary, to gloss prior to decaling, and panel line washing? In the past, after doing so my panel line wash would wipe right off after gloss coating, whereas the wash would bite right in just going over the paint. Q-Tips dipped in white spirits would wipe away excess no worries... So.. What do you guys think?
  7. Ok Scott, thank you!! This was illustrated perfect, and exactly what I needed to know,,What kind of booth do you have?
  8. Scott hi! Right now, I use dowels. Place them inside the rear exhaust opening before the burner cans get installed and move the model around that way. Ok.. So when you spray, what is the distance away from the booth that you can be and still have the plume aspirated into the filter? Unless of course, the dimensions can be 36" in width and 36" in height.. That would do the trick while staying inside the box. What I observe is these booths are maybe 15" in height at the most, which would prevent me from moving a 1/32 around. Unless I can be outside the confines of the spray box. A figure buil
  9. Not sure if yu guys are still following this or not, but.. Personally I like holding my model and moving it in different angles while I paint. Let's say, a 1/48 jet. It seems as if you seat the model on the platform and spray away, not able to hold it. Seems like there isnt enough room inside the box am I right?
  10. Wife finally gave the green light and said it was ok for me to use the spare bedroom as a workshop. I love my garage, but it's getting too damn hot, and the cost of a split system is 7k... Thats a hard no. My question, which is general, is this. From what I've seen, these spray booths are somewhat small. For instance, I like to hold a 1/48 aircraft by the rear exhaust outlets, prior to placing the cans inside. move it around while I paint to get better light angles and even spray. It seems as if whatever you are painting has to sit on the platform inside the box. Am I correct? Ne
  11. Yes it does! Thanks... I like the F-15E, the only thing is that the paint schemes are, well, kinda blah.... Not many decal sets out there that are eye turning maybe some nose art, but that's about it.... You build an F-14, F-18 decal sets are everywhere..
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