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  1. There is something about the Hasy cat... It may fall sort of the Tamiya and AMK offerings these days, but there is s sense of accomplishment when completed with a resin pit.. Truth be told, the shape of it is still incredible when built and to think, the engineering is from 1988 I believe? Awesome job on all of them weathering is stunning!
  2. Excellent.. Problem is that I do not have any Hobby Shops near me as they all closed thier doors.. Thanks! Now I know what to order!!
  3. I used this stuff years ago.. It was like a blue thick gooey like substance that was brushed on to mask areas for painting. Worked really good.. I would use Tamiya tape and use the goo in the rounded corners.. What’s this stuff called and where can I get it? -Ed
  4. Can you dry-brush enamel based paint on top of Mr. Color? I used to use Tamiya Acrylics then dry-brush w/ MM Enamels. I would also use the MM Enamel for a panel line wash and it would wipe away without removing the paint.. Also, what do you find is the easiest paint to hand-brush, for example, black, inside an aircraft cockpit..
  5. Wow thanks for mentioning that I was not aware of the shelf life!
  6. Though I prefer the overall even texture of the airbrush, I realize there are some parts that must be hand brushed... Aircraft cockpit gauge frames, side panels and walls etc.. I remember using Model Master Acryl Aircraft Interior Black... It brushed on very well... What flat black paint do to guys use to hand brush? My local Hobby Shops have all closed and the last one standing does not carry MM Acryl... Thanks!!
  7. Johnny_K I did the same at Hobby Lobby a week ago! What did you use to bend the wire?
  8. Ok so I have not laid paint on plastic in over 10 yrs.. The last kits I completed, I had great success with Tamiya Acrylics. They went on flawless and smooth especially using Tamiya's thinner. I still have several small jars, however, they are over ten yrs old and although they seem fine, I should probably replace them. While visiting the forums, I am hearing many speak of Vallejo and Mr. Color and am wondering which is better.. I am painting modern AF and Navy jets.. Thanks for the advice you have all been very helpful getting me started again!
  9. I used to have very thin metal wire for simulating the brake lines, hydraulics inside the gear bays as well as down the gear struts.. Has anyone came across a video, or article? What do you guys use?
  10. Hey thanks! I remember painting cockpits w/o the use of anything! My eyes actually started to hurt trying to focus on the knobs and dials.. Now I see the argument for 1/32..
  11. So after a lengthy absence of about 10 or so years, I decided to get back into model building.. Cleaned a nice corner in the garage, stocked up on supplies etc.. Very excited!! So.. going through my stash, I find the beautiful Aires Resin Cockpit for the Academy 1/48 SU-27... I remember making this purchase several years ago and never got around to the build. As I was inspecting each piece, admiring its detail, I noticed something. As I held the cockpit tub close, I had some difficulty focusing on the dials, etc. which would make painting exceptionally difficult. Now keep in mind, I am 47 yrs
  12. Any articles or videos on these methods? What do you guys use to simulate the hoses and such.. - Ed
  13. That pretty much answers my question!! Thanks!
  14. Well after nearly a 7 year hiatus, I am just gathering up supplies and going through stuff before I get started. Pretty much all my MV lenses have turned yellow over the years!! I had about 300 of these. I have quite a few jars of Tamiya acrylics and MM enamels. Some of these paints have dried up after 10 yrs. or so, however, some are perfect. Obviously the dried up paints have been disposed of. I have 3 new jars of Mr. Surfacer which looks perfect and Alclads which seem very usable. My question is what exactly is the shelf life of this stuff and is it ok to use. I don't mind throwing away a
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