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  1. Hi Ken, Yesterday, after initiating this thread, I received a robo-call in response to the voicemail that I left at the number cited from the purchase confirmation email. It was some sort of solicitation prompting me to take advantage of an exciting offer. I hung up. Then I dug up an old email addy for YW, a gmail account, and attempted contact over yet a third channel. No response by late afternoon. Then, I contacted Paypal, which opened a dispute and escalated it to a claim. Wayne contacted me at 11:28 PM yesterday via yet a third email address, this one @att.com. He indicated that he had
  2. Hi, This is my first post to your forum, and I'm sorry to say that I come here in search of information and help. I recently completed an old kit, a Hasegawa F4B-4. Going into the build, I realized that the decals were unusable and planned on using upgraded markings from this website: Yellow Wings Decals However, I waited until last week to order them and have run into some unexpected headaches. - The transaction was completed on the company website a week ago, and was confirmed by Yellow Wings and Paypal. - A week passed, I never received any shipping information from Yellow Wings, s
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