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  1. Are you sure? My math may be off, but I think that's like 270mph. I mean, 8000yd/min?
  2. I have a Neo, I like it and use it a good deal. The only issue I've had with them is the first I bought was defective, I sent it to Iwata for warranty replacement or repair. They received it, then "lost" it, and it was over a month before I received a replacement. That said, I've had the thing for about five years and, at this point, it's outlasted my marriage. At least my airbrush hasn't run off and taken the kid... I did replace the nozzle and needle, but it wasn't necessary, I just wanted to try a more fine tip, so to speak.
  3. Also Trumpeter's 24th scale 109 G and 48th scale U-Boat. Revell does a 1/144th scale type XXI or XXIII U-Boat with an interior and clear half as well. Can't remember which one it is though, I got mine a couple months ago from spruebrothers, so I don't think that one would be too terribly hard to find.
  4. Mind if I ask what happened? Again, I can only judge from my experiences.
  5. I’m going to add my name to the “things are better with Jennings gone” roll. I can’t think of a single instance where I was better off having read anything he wrote. I have never and will never buy any of his sheets; he was wrong far to often for me to trust his “research”, and to much of an fool for me to trust him with money. You know who I do buy from? Caracal. Dave Klaus was a good dude, in stark contrast to a certain RT. I may have missed something, but he was always good to me.
  6. It’s pretty well done, it isn’t better but it’s good. I can’t stand disturbed but I do enjoy their cover. It’s like Manson’s cover of Gods Gonna cut You Down or Cash’s cover of Hurt.
  7. I may have the sheet, send me a pm if you need.
  8. I mean this without sarcasm, but why not get a bunch of you all together in a group chat or something - start a thread? - and nail down what’s ok and what isn’t? Things like “basic outline” and “shape” are entirely subjective. If you want the manufacturers to listen, i’d bet the farm they’d be more receptive to a list of concrete faults coupled with a list of a few hundred guys who want the kit to be unf*cked vice thirty separate, vague statements with red lines on pictures.
  9. Don, I think you and i are on the same page, but i’ve got to disagree about anyone being forced to buy AM add-ons. The guys that go to the ends of the earth in search of accuracy aren’t forced to do so. The kit isn’t enough for them so they decide to buy more. A decent analogy. I like to watch some modeling stuff on youtube. I once saw a comment on a video where the builder had used Valejo primers that read something to the effect of Valejo primers are terrible because you can’t sand them. Valejo doesn’t make a sandable primer, last I checked. The more correct response or sta
  10. My point is that modelcollect has been around a while. Their kits are priced well enough - most sit around 20USD - they fit well, aren’t terribly over-engineered or fiddly and are reasonably “accurate”. Hell, none of us in the West are the main demographic to which the oriental manufacturers of late cater, our sales are just icing on the proverbial cake. The kit isn’t perfect...but if anyone thought it would be, they’re delusional. The fact that kits won’t be is what keeps a lot of the bros here in business, yeah? Where would Darren Roberts be if kits came with FOD covers or option
  11. That may be true for you, but it isn’t the case for a lot of us. Where I sit, there’s nothing wrong with the kit. You lot can be up in arms about perceived inaccuracies, that can matter to you and that’s fine. What you can’t do - or at least shouldn’t do - is presume to speak on behalf of everyone that builds models. No one is going to think it isn’t a buff. If it’s easier to build than an AMT one and the price is right, i’ll buy it. My son and I will build it, hang it from the ceiling, then build something else. Some of us do this for fun, man. Maybe i’ll hang it over the Prowler
  12. You lot do understand that you can quietly not like something, right? You can, I promise, even explain why you dislike something without being a pretentious cock. This thread should be pinned; it's a fantastic example of how to not talk to people. Even the Su-33 thread looks tame in comparison.
  13. You're more than entitled to do what you will, but there isn't anything wrong with looking at the practise and deciding you don't like it; you don't have to "deal with it". Tamiya makes good models, but I don't do business with companies if I don't like their practises. See also: Apple. Live and let live and all that jazz.
  14. Don't know if it helps, but Sprue has the SMT overtrees for 25USD.
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