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  1. The Ukrainians in the east want to join and voted too join Russia before the Ukrainian army began to attack them late spring. So what's new? As for Tawian it has always had a tedious relationship with Mainland China. Tibet has long time 20th century history too. What does any of that have to do with my previous post? I only noted that the world is changing and there shall be more than one dominant power as this century passes by. It does not matter if you, me or any other here do not like it or what have you, but you better get use to the concept of it all. Living in the past, cir
  2. WTF is your problem? Instead of chirping idiotic comments, how about reading what I said and think a bit before you reply. My previous post never defended Russia today nor the USSR yesterday. I merely noted that the Russians are not coming but they sure the Hell see NATO sitting now at their door step. Putin is as much a Commie as you are. He is as self-centered and cronyistic as most any politician the west including those in the USA. This gibberish that he is creating havoc on Ukraine is B.S. spread by first the US State dept. Type in VICTORIA NULAND on a search BUB! and se
  3. ] From The Twilight Zone episode, To Serve Man. The day arrives for Chambers's excursion to the Kanamits' planet. Just as he mounts the spaceship's boarding stairs, his staffer Patty appears. He waves, smiling, but she runs toward him in great agitation. While being held back by a Kanamit guard, Patty cries: "Mr. Chambers, don't get on that ship! The rest of the book To Serve Man, it's... it's a cookbook!" Chambers tries to run back down the spaceship's stairs, but a Kanamit blocks him, the stairs retract, and the ship immediately lifts off. :lol:/>/> One of the many very good Twi
  4. Aliens and UFO's There are many ideas and theories on such including having Earth been visited by such. Some people explain vast space travel via worm holes etc. The idea that the universe is like the surface of an expanding balloon with all the galaxies on said surface. To travel from one to the other looks to require much like riding our Earthly oceans riding the surface till we get to the next place. But worm holes are like burrowing through holes on a straight line meaning distance be traveled may be shorter. An interesting experiment on the topic of distance that one can try with
  5. The difference is that the Russians unlike the former Soviets are not Red Commies. Putin is as as selfish, myopic and greedy as well as corrupted and his inner circle as cronyistic as any other western nations' peers including that of the USA. Today it's not Us vs Them in a Bi-polar, ideological divide, but one of a top dog being the USA seeing that other near top dogs are nipping at its proverbial heels and these other growing more influential nations are not just going to sit on their collective hands and take it forever. The powers inside the halls and in the dirty back rooms of
  6. Extending my best wishes for a full and swift recovery.
  7. So the athletes or teams who lost are likely just as good in being pissed off at God for losing and not getting the gift? It's not a gift if others MUST LOSE! Added, Atheletes as you said may not pray for an outcome but fans do. I said that God likely has no care in such sporting events As to nations, a nation does not act on one mind. So how can God bless a nation as its peoples are of many thoughts and not all of the same mind or faith. This is why blessing a nation state is unrealistic and has no relevance for God. God blessing good men/women is fine. But for every good
  8. Seriously man you need to clear you head before you read such text because what you chime as an a insulting retort to me, I did not speak as such. As to Normandy what I said is very true. From Allied Paratroopers loading up on planes and gliders to men embarking on ships, that day men of faith likely all the major ones stood before them all and with them prayed for God's aid and believing God was on their side. But also on the shores of France that day German soldiers as many were certainly religious they too prayed for God and believed that God was on their side. That i
  9. For my sanity, I try not to discuss faith of any religious kind with others. I'm not a religious person per se. I live life based on what I know and experience, but I am open minded and like to believe in things that may be unsubstantiated. I see how such things can be a religious faith. Faith I or any other may have is a personal thing, THAT'S ALL! I do not believe in a lot of religious hyperbole and I do not believe in say oh thinking that 10-100-1000-10,000 or more folks falling to their knees and praying for a God's intervention has any affect on an outcome. But it may have
  10. From my years of trying to understand faith and what is important to me about it all. God did not create the nation state, man did so why should God pick any one or group as higher or more worthy of some blessing(s) over any other? I also doubt God cares as to who wins in a sporting event to by some divine intervention pick one team or athlete over another. All this God bless and Thank God stuff as ascribed to nation states or to some even inane personal request or status is psychological pablum for our own personal minds and conscience. But if people get something out of i
  11. It's not about a lack of faith Bill, but of respect to a God who IMO probably has no interest in picking and aiding winners from losers in sports, or in picking one nation state or peoples over another in terms of his blessings. Last I checked God looked at all of us as mankind not by our birth certificates (which none of us had any say in when being born) and our passports. Sorry, that's my beliefs and my faith. Peace out. B)
  12. Nothing new in life and history. During WWII every German soldiers uniform had sewn on it "Gott mit uns" translation "God with us". Interesting how humans choose to relate what they think and believe are God's wishes and desires.
  13. No lecture, but only revealing the truth. You can freely choose to know it or not.
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