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  1. I decided while waiting for the masks of my plane, I decided to give it a little life by cutting out the rear fins and turning them. The fit of the wings on the fuselage is good, but the assembly of the two wing parts is catastrophic. I don't know how to handle this, there are few glue points and a big joint. The option to fold the wings is a poisoned gift.
  2. Hello to all, While the Mirage 2000 awaits its paintings, I attacked another kit, the TBF-1C Avenger from Hobby boss. It is a rather original subject which does not exist very little at 1/48 in the end apart from Accurate Miniatures. The kit is complete, beautiful, as much as the AM, I can not judge, I never had it in hand, I leave it to the experts. However, the kit has its shortcomings, such as many injection pads placed everywhere and especially in places that are difficult to access such as in the arming bay for example where this area is dotted with inj
  3. I've started this build five years ago, and i've only finished it today, I am glad that I could've saved this model. I just need to varnish it, I wanted it clean so I did not made a wash or gun fumes, on the next models i guess. I wanted to finish this kit quick to start a new one.
  4. Hello everyone, The plane has been closed, the wings glued and then the whole kit has been painted. The quality of the fit was not great. The quality of the surface details are nice however, they were fading away in some parts, out from the box.
  5. In fact I found many ressources online, it's all good !
  6. Hello all, Do any of you know how to realize a tarpaulin, if there is a tutorial here, it is to cover a big mistake that I've done. Regards,
  7. Hello to all, Big progress today, the cockpit has been painted and assembled, it is a model in the model, just like the nose gear bay which has started to be painted and fitted. I had a problem with the adjustment between the plate of the train bay and the hole where the wheels pass, I tried to recover that as possible, but it was not easy. The adjustments of the fuselages seem very hazardous, and moreover, it is in three parts. Likewise, the cluster-piece tenons are often large and badly placed, which requires a lot of work upstream of assembly.
  8. Hello all No sooner had I finished my BF 110 at 1/72 when I launched a new kit, which I thought was simple but which may not be so, the FM-2 Wildcat from hobby boss. The kit is simple and the number of parts is small, but we still have a nice engine and the possibility of mounting its cradle. The landing gear seems complex to assemble and very fragile. I started to assemble the cockpit, the seat was full of burrs, and the assemblies of the side consoles, in two parts, did not facilitate the assembly work. Some pictures of the kit: [/quote]
  9. Hi all, Today I have a small question, can someone tell me how to clean alclad paint in an airbrush ? I tried gunze thinner, mig thinner, and it does not work, so I am completly lost at this stage. Thanks for your answers. Regards
  10. Here is the nearly finished kit. The kit is beautiful, but quite complex to build, i could not glue some parts at the exterior of the model because they were too tiny I will glue them later with gel super glue if i find some.
  11. Here it is, the model is not complete yet, i need to do the exhaust fumes, the gun fumes, the wheels, and the tail wheel, glue all the little parts and then it will be done, but the main painting and weathering is done. I had to change one balkenkreuz on the wing for a fuselage one as i ruined the decal sadly.
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