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  1. Where did you find the 2006 schedule at? I dont see anything on their website. Edit: Nevermind, just saw the other post with the schedules jason
  2. After seeing the quality of the kit, I think I may have to pick one up for myself. Plus that is my all time favorite paint scheme too. Keep the pics coming. Can't wait to see you finished product. jason
  3. I have got to make it out there some day to that airshow. Great pics! I really like the one of the thunderbird with the moon in the background. did you get any pics of the c-141 in the background? jason
  4. jmdmsu


    I like those 2 pics with the entire side pannels off. Great pics! jason
  5. Here is a link to a story talking about all the past problem the A320 has had with its landing gear. jason
  6. Actually those pics are from an earlier landing gear problem from a few years ago. The plane involed in last weeks event was N536JB "Canyon Blue". Not Blue Bird, N503JB. The same landing gear problem happen with a United flight before too. jason
  7. I always like the C-141. They use to have them at the ANG base in Jackson (MS) so I saw them doing touch-and-goes numerous times. I was and still am impressed with how short a runway it used for takeoffs and landings. Jackson got rid of their starlifters and has C-17s now. Any kits out there for C-141? jason
  8. Last time I went to Hobby Lobby that had all the Minicraft Delta 737-400 kits marked with big yellow stickers saying it was actually a -300 not a -400 as the box said. jason
  9. The past month or so for airlines gets worse. All 117 on board died. Thought go out to the families. edit: Here is a link to the story. jason
  10. I don't know how much luck you will have at finding it at a retail store like Wal-Mart. I too have never see RoG kits there. I have seen this kit in my nearest Hobbytown USA. If you live near one of those you may want to give them a look. Another option is Hobby Lobby, esp. during a half-off sale they sometimes have. All the Hobby Lobbies I have been to usually have a pretty good selection of airliners. One more place to look, even though it may cost a little bit more, is any locally owned hobby stores in your area. Hope this helps. Good luck looking for it. jason
  11. Thanks for the tips. I dont consider you being annoying. Next time I build another F-117 I will try and incorporate those things. About the paint, I used normal Testors gloss black followed by a couple of coats of dullcoate. An airbrush is on my wishlist for whenever I finish school and an not living in a dorm. In fact, I am saying a couple of kits for the day when I do have an airbrush. Thanks jason
  12. last but not least, the underside:
  13. i was really glad the way the decals came out, little to no silvering.
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