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  1. Construction stages happily haven't changed, and so we start with the cockpit. The Tamiya cockpit straight out of the box covers everything nicely. There is definitely room for some addition, but don't get me wrong, it certainly does have a fantastic bit of detail. The additions I wanted to add however, were the instrument panels, and the seat belts. The look of a wonderful 3D cockpit IMHO is really brought down by using decals. Seat belts are dynamic in aircraft that fly... ...in that, aside from airshows and B-Checks, ours are seldom ever neatly crossed. For this, using the Eduard seat bel
  2. Thank you for your response. Yes, it's specifically the T-56-A-14-LFE I'm looking for., as it would be sitting inside the No.1 engine nacelle of a P-3/CP-140. I've got a strong feeling I'm going to be scratching one up. But, you know what, that's the fun in this right? Luckily I am pretty close to a facility that does the engine work for our engines, and with a Tims coffee, I might be able to gain access to snap a few pictures. Worst case, I scratch one up, make a resin mold, and hey, maybe make a few for anyone else wanting to make the big ole greyhound of death...?
  3. Hello! Build Introduction Well, this is going to be an interesting few posts. Having been away from model building for some time, I found myself wondering what it would be like to start again. I found myself going from one forum to another, looking at work being done, contemplating whether I wanted to get back into it, and low and behold, the next thing I know I'm registered here at ARC, and am elbows deep in a model. This particular subject combined a few things for me, and really peaked my interests enough to finally say 'yep, let's build one!' Being a huge fan of Second World War av
  4. Thanks Paul! I truly intend to go through a thurough step-by-step with the Aurora when it comes time for it, while also sharing the reference information that I can. Nature of the beast with the CP-140M, is that there is general content which can be shown on public sites without issue (pretty much everything outside...), while very little from the interior can be photographed and posted. While I intend to have as much visible as possible (popping open P/S overwing emergency exits for example), there will still be little that can be seen. But, rest assured, whatever I can post, I will post.
  5. Hello! It is a VERY long shot here, but I'm hoping that someone out there would be crazy enough to give up the 1/48 North Star Hobbies Avro Arrow Cockpit Set (48-01). If you are, I would be happy to buy it, and then recommend a shrink to get checked out for giving it up.
  6. Hello. I'll give the old "I'm newly back in the modeling game" and have a steep learning curve ahead of me with regards to what AM pieces are out there, and what is no longer available. For example, I should have picked up the North Star 1/48 Arrow cockpit set when I held it years ago, go figure, it's easier to find an actual Arrow than the 1/48 Cockpit Set! I'm trying to gather up as many pieces as I can before starting an ID Vacuform kit, and one of the items I'm looking for is a 1/48 Allison T-56-A-14-LFE turboprop engine. Other than the Engines & Things 1/48 T-56, are there any other
  7. Hello everyone. Just registered on this forum, and am glad to be a part of this great place - finally. I've been back and forth a number of times throughout the posts here, and have seen an incredible amount of very talented, and very knowledgeable people here. I'm glad to be able to be a part of this now. It has been quite a while since I've built any models, and I found myself elbows deep recently finishing up the cockpit of a 1/48 Sturmovik I am converting over to a Polish KR variant. So, long story short, I'm back into building models. Ultimately I would love to decorate the office wit
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