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  1. Thanks guys. I'm at that point where I'm ready to box this one up, and leave it for good. There are certain frustrations with this build, a few mm's here, a 1/4 inch there... but, well... this one is going to be interesting. I started mapping things out on the fuselage as I mentioned, and got to the main cabin door. Where those two guide pins were (left and right sides of the door), something didn't look right. I measured the distance between it and the port aft observer, they matched up. Measured the distance between the main cabin door and the port over-wing emergency exit, and they ad
  2. It's been a bit long since my last update. There wasn't much that went on specifically with the plastic, but I thought I would share some of the stuff that has been happening in the background. First, it was getting all the measurements taken of various things on paper, and scaled down from 1:1 in inches, to mm, and then to 1:48 scale in mm as well. Here is the sheet for the observation blisters, with no less than 17 measurements per window: Referencing those with the scale drawings for the CP-140, the next step was to get things ready. I couldn't get the scale drawings to fit over top o
  3. I would be interested in helping as well. The Flying Fortress was always something of interest to me. It is unfortunate that there isn't anything for RCAF aircraft of interest. Our avaiation history isn't as boring as some may think... but I digress. Again, I'd be interested in helping.
  4. Hahahahaha. That dang elusive Swiss Nuc, hahahaha.
  5. Check your aircraft references as well, specifically with the cockpit side walls. Although soft in detail, the original Monogram flat side panels are accurate. TD has the side walls pushed against the aircaft fuselage, matching the curvature of the fuselage - this is wrong. Just my 2 cents Happy model building! Mark.
  6. Mmmm, I love fishing. One thing is certain, if there is one nation that is better at making a specific sub, for a specific purpose, it is the Russians. For years we pretended that they didn't have a good idea about what they were doing; not the case at all. I have an incredible amount of respect for their naval fleet (surface and subsurface). I have to say, they are good at what they do. Very good. Mark.
  7. WOW! This might just be what I need to try out one of their kits. The details! And more details! And the interior! This is just an awesome all around build. Thank you for sharing this one. Mark.
  8. Nice! The weathering is there, but not overdone, and yeah, she's looking pretty nice! Mark.
  9. Okay, that is pretty cool! I really like the unique aircraft, and the unique markings you chose to go with. I honestly had to go to the internet... ...wait, I was already here... ...and google the markings and where were from. This is a neat little build. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I have to ask, how did you get those decals to look like they were painted on stencils? Fantastic! Your work around the overall aircraft is stunning, the guys here already hit on the points I was going to give. All around, splendid. If I were to change one thing though... just kidding. Splendid work. Mark.
  11. Did you freehand the white, or was it stencil? Either way, looks absolutely brilliant!
  12. Awesome progress there Damien. Oh, this Shackleton is going to be fantastic!
  13. There are a number of great retailers that offer the same products. Look at Sprue Brothers and Squadron if you're looking to purchase things this way. I'm sure there are a number of other companies that others can post to. Hope this helps, Mark.
  14. Thank you! I really appreciate the Madman comments, very, suiting... hahaha Chuck, thank you very much. If anything, she flies like a fighter, and has a bomb-bay! So, you shouldn't feel that much out of place... Maybe we might be able to convince you to pick up a vac-kit.... ...prop, vac-kit? Kidding, kidding. Thanks for coming by. So, the last couple days have been non-modelling days, rather, planning and reorganizing a few things. Hopefully more progress shots will be coming soon. Cheers, Mark.
  15. Indeed! One of the finest Clunks I've seen built to date.
  16. Simple, but costly. Dang that is going to be a pricey repair.
  17. RoG have the same part replacement policy that RM has? Maybe calling them up and getting a replacement would help out? Cheers, Mark.
  18. Let me be the first to welcome you to the ARC forums. I hope you enjoy posting about model related subjects here, and find that the combined knowledge of the fine folks on this forum is absolutely incredible! They truly are a fantastic group of people here, willing to help with anything you may have questions about. What scale do you like building? What subject matter do you like building? All the best in 2015! Cheers, Mark. Thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the 12 who were senselessly killed in France. I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through rig
  19. Do parking lot rules apply where the fault is 50/50 between drivers? Who knows, maybe the Airbust turned into the driver? Cut him off? Did the truck have the right of way? Joking aside, you make a very good point Ross. In the RCAF we have a program called HPMA which takes flight safety and ground safety very seriously, trying to educate and eliminate as many factors that contribute to the "Swiss cheese model" as possible, in order to prevent this type of thing from happening. A lot of the questions you're asking would be the very same being asked by many of us. Doesn't take much for that h
  20. Sergey, I first started to purchase your resin engines when they first started to come out. Your radials are second to none in my opinion. Such fantastic and fine, crisp, and ACCURATE detail! I am so happy to see you expanding your lines to more than just engines. Brilliant! Mark.
  21. Tony, I got my titles mixed up. But regardless, thank you for your help. I wanted to thank you for that on here, and show you a little bit of a neat bit of RCAF history. As I mentioned, I had a copy of the book. As does my young son, who is also a HUGE RCAF fan (and a bigger fan of "Daddies Plane!" (aka the Aurora)): His, is the hard cover, which he got last year as a Christmas present. The book itself isn't the awesome part, it was the words written on the inside cover by a fine gentleman who lives just a few doors down from us: "Dear Roman, I worked in the Mfg. Eng. Dept. of
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