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  1. Well done! I'll keep a T-41 sheet for sure! I take the opportunity to show you the vintage Testors O-2 with Caracal decals...
  2. We had/have C172 by Esci, Nichimo, Italeri and Minicraft. We need it in 1:48!
  3. Any news about Huey #48129? Cheers, Alex
  4. Hi all, shipping to Italy, payment by Paypal. Thank you in advance for your help, Alex Legato by Alex Parmigiani, su Flickr
  5. Welcome back to Oscar Deuce! This is my result, hope you like it! It took 6 consecutive gold medals in 2017 Italian challenge ;) P.S. I'm on short final with 1/48 detailed Bird Dog and AOA decals for s/n 57-6273 Cheers, Alex
  6. Coming back to this thread, this is my WiP of O-1E with AOA decals sheet. Exciting project! Sorry for legends in Italian language, I got them for the included brochure during competition (...I hope so!) Ziggyfoos, if you have hidden details or pictures about 57-6273, it's time to show us! Alex, Rome (IT)
  7. Hi there, I'm getting a Hasegawa (Model Usa) O-1 using AOA sheet for example 57-6273. I've found some original pictures of the real aircraft and the kit is not so bad as well. Extra work is a must like in my latest project, Italeri O-2... Alex Rome (IT)
  8. P.S. First mission for Cessna shortly after roll-out. Gold medal at Midway Model Meeting 2017, in Perugia (Italy). Sunday, April 30th. Cheers! A.
  9. It was! Anyway the sheet is very thin, I suggest to use Microscale MicroSet instead the stronger Gunze Mr.Mark Softer! 9/10 rating, expecting unusual subjects in the future! (e.g. Piper J-3/L-4, Cessna T41, Bell OH-13 & AH-1G) Alex
  10. Thanks all for your kind words! Alex
  11. Should be better to move my thread to 'display case' page.... :(
  12. Hi all, In late ‘60s USAF introduced twin-powered Cessna O-2A to replace single engine Cessna O-1 (my next project). Testors/Italeri kit is acceptable but almost basic. It needed a lot of improvements that they absorbed me for 6 months and 293 hours of real work. Cockpit with avionics rack and rear junction box is fully self-made (... except for cloches). Continental IO-360 engine is coming by 2 sets of edited Lycoming taken from old Esci Cessna 172 kits to set up a 6 pistons propeller. Firewall bulkhead, front gear bay and plates are made by styrene. Rivets and panels were rescribed for the whole aircraft. Pilot is freely inspired by actor Danny Glover who played the role of Capt. Clark ‘Bird Dog’ in BAT21 movie. The real aircraft is now preserved at National Museum of USAF, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. Cheers, Alessandro Rome, Italy
  13. Mr. skyhawk174, thank you too! Before starting the kit I spent a couple of months to collect pictures from the web. I tell you the truth, you can find some articles about O-2A in magizines (e.g. FSM March 2016, fancy interiors) and forums (e.g. Britmodeller) but the real craft is showed in my model. Send me a private message here and I'll glad to send you a lot of documentation! Happy modelling and get Caracal sheet for a real Cessna 'on the field'! Alex
  14. Patrick, thank you for kind words and encouragement! Project is going ahead a little slowly due to my decision of adding extra details as much as I can. I moved to a more 'smooth' O-2A, 67-21331 now in a museum and showed in Caracal sheet 48084 (excellent). Unfortunately, after a long check on BAT21 movie, the O-2A is fictional for sure, with undefined civil registrations on the fin and details present just on civil C337 but I'll get a little tribute to the movie through the CMK pilot very close to Danny Glover face and flight suit. More to follow... Cheers, Alex Rome
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