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  1. Sorry! I don't know who you are in Facebook. There were some did cause some troubles for sure. I didn't see any one professional in design showing our mistakes. Most of them, are showing with extreme pictures only. If someone I, please introduce to me.
  2. Thank your for your support! Sir Sorry for not signing on the kit! There could be some misunderstanding. So, try to the one reaching 300 page. Then, I can sign for you. There will be 2 not 1. I will send them out for sure, even it could be late.
  3. Hi, Mark, Thank you for your support! I never said, our kits are without mistakes. We could be making mistakes as everyone does. Sure, we are not designing only with pictures, but also drawings. Drawings, I know big T has license from Grumman, but any one can confirm they had drawings from Grumman? and even the drawings from Grumman are exactly the same the real F-14? I had been saying a thousand times in public, big T is a company I respect very much and I had been learning a lot from them. I don't want to compare with them. We were just trying to show some ideas in our design. Zactoman, I don't know him! I just know the one developing OV-10 and the one sold our design to some other manufacturer without our authorization. Also, LAU-3 and LAU-68 rocket pods in our ordnance set. Cheers! Sio
  4. Just help a bit more! Come on! Guys Keep it rolling!
  5. Oh hi, Are you calling me? Yes! I am here. I read most of the comments here. Why we give away kits to those reach 200-300 page? It is just simply celebrating a milestone is reached, just like we are doing this all the time in our Facebook pages. Why we don't participate here? Do you think we should participate with those attacking us? I ever mentioned, most of the bad comments about AMK F-14 are from our competitors. I can say not from big T. Yes! I authorized them to ban those causing troubles in our Facebook pages. We are a small company. We don't that much man power to deal with each single modeler and follow their requirements or expectations. So, I take this chance to talk something about the inaccuracy. I read almost all the comments about our inaccuracy. When we design, we check thousands of the pictures. We design with pictures. And be honest, for those curved surfaces, it is very difficult to judge which shape is right. If you want to compare, compare to those real pictures, but not other manufacturer's kit. Also, don't compare to only one single picture, but try to find out more pictures to compare the shape. Maybe, or may not, if I have some time, I will show you my comparison of the shapes. Cheers! Sio
  6. If we can reach 500 pages of this thread, I will send a dozen of Starfighter to the first one reach 500 pages.
  7. Oh! What is your real name? If we did so, I am sorry for that!
  8. AH.................... I am CHINESE! A traditional Chinese! From Macau!
  9. OH Yes! Mi-17 is coming out soon!
  10. No no! Not that many people are attacking us! Just a few working for competitors. You can see most of the bad comments are from those few people.
  11. Good! My opinion is, everybody is free to talk. So, we are giving another chance to you guys to make red, green, and blue lines to our design. Haha. Only to the design, but not after the molds are done. We did welcome opinions, if you are trying to attack us, or we will fight back! Is this another cheating? hehe
  12. Oh no! Please! Terry should do something?
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