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  1. If we can reach 500 pages of this thread, I will send a dozen of Starfighter to the first one reach 500 pages.
  2. Oh! What is your real name? If we did so, I am sorry for that!
  3. AH.................... I am CHINESE! A traditional Chinese! From Macau!
  4. OH Yes! Mi-17 is coming out soon!
  5. No no! Not that many people are attacking us! Just a few working for competitors. You can see most of the bad comments are from those few people.
  6. Good! My opinion is, everybody is free to talk. So, we are giving another chance to you guys to make red, green, and blue lines to our design. Haha. Only to the design, but not after the molds are done. We did welcome opinions, if you are trying to attack us, or we will fight back! Is this another cheating? hehe
  7. Oh no! Please! Terry should do something?
  8. And now, we upload pictures here directly? That could be helpful for me to upload F-104 designing pictures here. Just to help you guys a bit to reach 300 pages.
  9. Oh........... Guys, It is only 247 pages! Let's make it 300 pages, and we will send 2 tomcats as a gift to the first reach 300 pages. The kit is leaving the door to distributors. So, let me announce here ONLY for ARC: The release date is October 31st, 2019! Let's make this happen!
  11. I had been thinking about this! I will send 2 to the first one reach 300 pages. Rock it up! Guys
  12. Congratulations! I will send you a Tomcat. PM me.
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