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  1. Haha. I want every body happy, and I want to be happy too. If so, we do it, if no, forget about it. OK?
  2. No no. This is not bahing! I would be appreciated with this kind of comments, as well as those by Darren Roberts.
  3. Just like the ever beginning, you proposed to me to help for design of Mirage 2000, but the ONLY condition is to send you the 3D for checking. So that, you can send the 3D to another manufacturer? Sorry for refused to accept your proposal!
  4. Zactoman, Are you calling me? Really! I don't know you! Be honest, you are free to talk as a modeler for what ever you want to talk about a kit. I will accept every opinion from modelers. I can tell, all of our design different to other manufacturers, are all opinions from modelers, even some may like it, while some may not. If you are working for other manufacturer talking anything bad about AMK kits, I will certainly fight back! As your last sentence saying, I believe, you are not working with AMK Tomcat 3D design now. As a resin part producer,
  5. If you want to know, I can tell!
  6. Come on! Ignore this guy! He is working for someone!
  7. Sorry! My bad! It is not a good idea! I will delete that post then.
  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR! To all of you, guys!
  9. I don't mind to do so! Reaching a milestone, is anyhow a kind of achievement! We all should be happy about that! BUT............. can I ask everyone to talk about the building of the kit? but not bashing AMK? You guys should know, sending out a gift to those bashing you, is not quit a good feeling.
  10. Nowadays, kit manufacturers are not that easy. Things may not be as simple as you guys thinking. Do you know me personally? Time, Quality, and Budget, this is what I talked most, especially to those our mold customers. You are talking about them here?
  11. YOU GOT IT! Congratulations! So, PM me with your address and phone number! I will send 2 Tomcats to you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  12. Sorry! I don't know who you are in Facebook. There were some did cause some troubles for sure. I didn't see any one professional in design showing our mistakes. Most of them, are showing with extreme pictures only. If someone I, please introduce to me.
  13. Thank your for your support! Sir Sorry for not signing on the kit! There could be some misunderstanding. So, try to the one reaching 300 page. Then, I can sign for you. There will be 2 not 1. I will send them out for sure, even it could be late.
  14. Hi, Mark, Thank you for your support! I never said, our kits are without mistakes. We could be making mistakes as everyone does. Sure, we are not designing only with pictures, but also drawings. Drawings, I know big T has license from Grumman, but any one can confirm they had drawings from Grumman? and even the drawings from Grumman are exactly the same the real F-14? I had been saying a thousand times in public, big T is a company I respect very much and I had been learning a lot from them. I don't want to compare with them. We were just trying to show some ideas in ou
  15. Just help a bit more! Come on! Guys Keep it rolling!
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