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    Currently 1/48 scale aircraft models but, many other interests. A-10 Warthog lifetime (the plane is about as old as I am!) geek!

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  1. Well it's been a while since I last worked on my HB A-10A (2 years!). Life happens y'a know? Thanks for including a couple of jets from the 74th on this sheet Jake. I should pick them up sometime soon. Now..... if only Tamiya or Hasegawa would give us a NEW 1/48th A-10 kit that would allow one to make a choice of A-10A, A-10A+, and A-10C... I can dream can't I? Superb work Jake...... as always! Thanks for supporting A-10 fans. -Mark
  2. All those attributes make a very sound cases for both oils and enamels. I am still collecting "tools" for my toolbox so, thank you both for the insight! -Mark
  3. Hey Joel! Absolutely, the "consistency" comment was meant to be understood in that way! Higher point indeed. Honestly, the path that you have taken is probably more what I should have started with returning to the hobby. To me, yours is a more natural progression of skill sets and "tools" for the toolbox rather than going "all out" as I have been trying to do. As for the Mrs. ....... I have heard somewhere that opposites attract. It's nice to be able to share some of your interests here with the ARC community. I appreciate it! So ...... thanks for sharing your interests with all of us! -Mark
  4. Hello Joel! The Ventura is coming along well! I seriously think the "old and slow" moniker just doesn't fit you! This is the 4th? kit for 2015! Your work just keeps getting more consistent with every new project that you get involved in. Very SOLID building, painting, and (most importantly) completion! -Mark
  5. Janne it's coming along nicely! You sure don't have to tell me about slow progress however, most of my slow progress stems from goofs with glue, putty, etc. Oh.... and the fact that I am not around very much these days to work on my project! I am really inspired to work on my own Tomahawk with your build. I have seen/heard of many builders using MIG products. Sorry to hear it didn't turn out the way you wanted but, I think it looks good! What does the oil paint offer you (for you personally) that you found lacking in the MIG product? Just curious. Looking forward to the next step in your progress. -Mark
  6. Hey Vincenzo! You are more accomplished man than I to have made the Aires seat belts! Your progress is always very impressive and inspiring. I am just glad to have my update before yours because then I dont have to follow your beautiful work! Haha. The Pave Penny looks great! The armament as well. One day I hope to be able to take good pictures like yours. -Mark
  7. Haha! You have found me out Jorge! With your skills the kit wheels will probably look even better. Thanks for your kind words and yes, I am trying my best to be meticulous with the A-10. Probably more so than any other subject since it is my very favorite plane! -Mark
  8. Thank you for stopping in and posting Sid! I am doing my best not to embarrass your name with as many times as I tell folks how your work has influenced me! Haha. -Mark
  9. Thanks for stopping in Vincenzo! Sorry about the belts but, I didn't have them until later. After I had the seat painted. Well.... you can get some for your next project! Thanks for supporting me! -Mark
  10. Hahah! Thanks Jorge! One thing that does come immediately to mind is the fact that the HB kit does not have any sway braces for the weapons pylons. You can source these from the Eduard PE exterior set, The Italeri boxing of the A-10A or C, or the Revell Monogram boxing of the A-10. I would also highly recommend Royale Resin wheel set below (if you haven't gotten them yet!) Royale Resin A-10 wheel set I am certainly NOT trying to be presumptuous..... only trying to help! No matter what you choose Jorge.... your build will be...... just...... INCREDIBLE, I know it! -Mark
  11. Thank you Jake! Thanks for stopping in, posting, and your kind words. I also need to thank you (again)for publishing this great reference book on the A-10! I have used it though-out the build (you may have noticed it in the background of the photos where the model has the wings on.)and will continue to use it as I go! It is certainly is a "must have" item for anyone building a Hog (IMHO). I can't wait for Volume II! -Mark
  12. Hey Joel! Thanks, as always for the kind comments. I am very aware of Jorge's work! All aspects of his work are extremely well done and very inspirational. I caught his last "splinter" camo F-15 in the display case. I need to hurry up and get my Hog done because it's bad enough I have to follow Vincenzo's Hog! Haha. If I have to follow Jorge's...... well..... I might be a little embarrassed to even say that my "lump of plastic, resin, and brass" is even an A-10! Haha! You are welcome for the link. I think you will be delighted at the WWII offerings. -Mark
  13. Hey Jorge! Thank you so much for stopping in! I am most humbled that you have been following my build. I know that you will build an AMAZING A-10! The engine fans that you are referring to come from Sierra Hotel Models and are made of resin. They can be found at the following link: SHM A-10 Inlets I couldn't find any information about International shipping but, currently as of todays date (10/12/15), they are in stock. Let me know what you find out. As far as the Aires wheel wells go.... they might be just a millimeter too short but I think, personally, they are not too narrow at all. What you see in my build here are the Aires wheel wells. So you can see them and decide. Some of my earlier posts show a comparison between the shape of the kit part vs. the Aires part. It wont matter at all what you choose with the skills that you possess! The Hobby Boss kit, itself, will test your patience though. Thanks again Jorge! -Mark
  14. Michael thanks for the video link! Canopy masking is not my strong suit. To make matters worse I am trying to do inside and outside painting. I know the division lines on the Revell/Monogram Hog clear parts are soft so that makes your work all the more impressive. I really have to work hard to put canopy mask skills in my toolbox. Anyhow.... the Intruder sounds cool! I really do like Fightertown's selection of subjects so I am looking forward to your completed Intruder. -Mark
  15. Sorry all! Sometimes I forget that it's hard to get an idea of how small the details I show in my WIP are and many times when I take photos I don't take a reference shot of something more common to relate the size with. Thanks to Joel for reminding me of this so here is one last photo to maybe help with the size of these things. I know it doesn't help for all my photos but, it should give a good "general" idea of size. -Mark
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