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  1. Thanks for this info. That's great news. I will be looking foreward to the A version too.
  2. I am really happy to see GWH/Lion Roar come out with a 1/4 scale A-10C kit the same as Academy. Hopefully it wont be as pricey as the F-14B. My wish was to be able to make either an "A" or a "C" in one kit though. Guess I am still wishing for a "new tool" A version or a "combo" kit as I mentioned. Oh well, these new kits look fantastic.
  3. This is the Hasegawa F-18A/C boxing. Thanks for the props! The WIP can be found in the "In Progress" portion of the forum under "Bug In A Box" title if you want to know more. Sadly I only have two pages for the WIP but, I do talk about the AM and the kit
  4. Guess I need to find some image hosting. I am done with photobucket. Sorry
  5. Has it really been four years..... man how time fly's. My first real attempt at an aircraft model. For anyone who remembers, this was a kit I had promised a good friend of mine. I am happy to say she is done. Not without plenty of existing mistakes but, finished at last (with the exception of two dorsal anntna to be added when she reaches her new home.)
  6. So..... it's been about four years now since I started this WIP. I can finally put this thread to rest. Sorry I was not able to continue providing content up until the end but, I have really appreciated all the folks who stopped by to offer encouragement, critique, and support. I will have a collection of pics of this build in the display case and since I am actively working on models again, I will try to revive my old A-10 thread too if I have time. Thanks! -Mark
  7. If I may "chime in again," the Revellogram suffers from some fit problems = lots of filler in some places. If you are good with raised panel lines that's a plus unless, you would choose to re-scribe the kit. The engine fans are a bit too shallow. The ailerons/speed brakes come in the open position. Not that these are bad things. You might need to source some AM products which may be not as readily available as Italeri and Hobby Boss to correct/bring up to date the kit depending on the era you chose to build from. Out of the five 1/48th scale kits (if we include the ESCI kit) the windscreen/can
  8. I really wish there was a "difinitive" kit of the A-10 in 1/48 but, sadly there is not. All of the current available kits suffer from various problems as you probably are aware. My choice was the Hobby Boss kit (still working on it.) I am not certain about the jets you want to model but, as far the loadouts the best suggestion I can think of is to source any photos from the era that you can find. Good luck with your build!
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