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  1. Paul just sent me a full refund, so this has been resolved.
  2. Red Star has been around for years and I assumed it would be a safe bet. In November 2019 I bought 2 Trumpeter 1/48 kits (MiG-19 & Su-15) from Paul and paid him the $62 by Paypal. He never sent the kits and has communicated with me only 2 or 3 times in the last 6 months. He said there was a "mix-up" and that he'd lost the order. Those things happen sometimes and it's not the end of the world, but he has not sent me a refund either, even though I've forwarded him the Paypal payment notice a couple times in case there was any confusion. 6 months is long enough, and I now feel justified to pu
  3. I need to contact Paul Crotcher of Red Star Scale models, concerning a mix-up on an order from November. I have tried the ARC forum and email, but I don't use Facebook. He did reply by email in December but I haven't heard from him since. Could anyone suggest a good way to get a hold of him? Thanks
  4. I build most of my 1/48 AC in-flight, and I have run out of pilot figures. WWI to modern, pretty much any quality as they'll be inside closed-up cockpits. I could use as many as you can spare, I can pay cash or I have a few kits I'd trade. Thanks. georgeotis@yahoo.com
  5. Just finished a deal with j-fever (John Hayes), who is selling through his Scale Model Depot website. Highly recommended.
  6. I was painting a French fighter last night (Paasche VL with Tamiya acrylics), did the gray and brown first. When I started the green no paint came out of the airbrush, just air. Tried both a closed bottle and open cup with the same results. The airbrush seems clean as far as I can tell, connections secure, openings open, etc. I tried briefly sticking my finger over the nozzle, air bubbles into the bottle but it just doesn't draw up the paint. I recleaned, waited a while (sometimes that works too), but to no avail. Seems like it must be a simple problem but I'm baffled. Any suggestions?
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