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  1. Another one finished. Eight days from start to finish. The rereleased Italeri, Heinkel He-111h in 1/72nd scale. Reboxed to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, with some stunning new artwork for the box top. If scalemates is to be believed, this kit was first moulded in 1974, making it 44 years old. But despite that it holds its own well against more recent offerings, with only the raised panel lines giving away its age. Built completely out of the box with no aftermarket parts, not even seatbelts. As this is destined to be shipped off to Andy Farm
  2. Thanks everybody, glad you liked it. Mr. Happy the greys are the new Tamiya lacquers and the green AK Real Color. Nige.
  3. Well it's finally finished. Took me a while because I purchased a 3D printer at the start of the build, so kept designing and printing parts to improve the base kit. The base kit is the Hasegawa TA-4J Skyhawk in 1:48. It was converted to the OA-4M model by the use of Phase Hangar's conversion set. I also used their ejection seats. It was topped off with painted markings and some decals from the Furball decal sheet, Lo Viz Devil Dog Scooters (sheet 48-010). The sheet is currently out of production. But Furball Aero Design announced yesterday that they are rereleasing it in the
  4. Cheers Whiskey. Theres a slight issue with the fit of the lower centre wing section, but other than that it’s great. it my first ZM kit, but won’t be the last.
  5. Well finished after three months or so of work. Part one of a three part article was published in this months MAI magazine. It's pretty much out of the box apart from, seat harness, resin wheels and brass turned barrels.Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed building it. Nigel.
  6. First one for the decade. Kinetic's all new F-104G Starfighter in 1/48. The only things not from the box are the seat and pitot. The main camouflage is Mr. Paint, applied by airbrush freehand. The national markings and serial numbers are painted on using masks I made myself. Just need the F-104J to hit the UK now. Hope you like it. Nige.
  7. Cheers guys. It went together great and if you haven’t tried the new Tamiya lacquer paints I highly recommend them. I thinks there’s 74 or so in the range at the moment. But they will be expanding them far more over the coming months.
  8. Another one finished . Number five for the year I think.It's the Revell 1/72 MiG-25 RBT "Foxbat B". Which is essentially the ICM kit rebooted. Out of Another one finished . Number five for the year I think. Another one finished . Number five for the year I think. It's the Revell 1/72 MiG-25 RBT "Foxbat B". Which is essentially the ICM kit rebooted. Out of the box apart from the nose pitot from Master and a bang seat from Eduard's B
  9. The instructions don’t mention it, but I did notice it on the paint guide. Then confirmed it on photos.
  10. Posted in the right forum this time! The latest release of the Airfix B-25C/D, with markings for an RAF aircraft. All painted with Mr. Paints, and a lot of weathering using oils. Hope you like it. b-25-41by Nigel Poole, on Flickr b-25-44by Nigel Poole, on Flickr b-25-47by Nigel Poole, on Flickr b-25-48by Nigel Poole, on Flickr b-25-49by Nigel Poole, on Flickr b-25-52by Nigel Poole, on Flickr Nigel.
  11. Cheers guys. Britaholic., dump them and get the new Airfix offering. It will sav you a load of sleepless nights and profanities.
  12. The Hot off the press, well sort of. I finished it just before Christmas. Is Airfix's new 1:48 Bristol Blenheim Mk1. Can't really say a lot about the build as its for a future magazine article I'm afraid. Needless to say it's in keeping with Airfix's modern releases and I don't think you will be disappointed by it. Not a kit for beginners though, because of that massive greenhouse like canopy. Onto the pics. Blehiem-20 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr Blehiem-39 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr Blehiem-38 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr Blehiem-36 by Nigel Poole
  13. Cop


    Cheers guys. Nige
  14. Cop

    Blenheim Mk1

    Thanks guys. Yes it’s 1/72.
  15. Cop


    Just finished Airfix's 1/72 Bf-110 C-2/C-4. Not my best, in fact its probably my worst kit in the last five years. No fault of Airfix though. I lost interest, at about the half way stage. In the end I was just glad to get it off the bench. I'm going to have to re-order some more master barrels, as two out of the four fell into the fuselage. I may well do some weathering, etc. When i fit them, if I can bothered. The decals are by EagleCals, and depict an aircraft of Erganzungs Schalcht Gruppe. There's also numerous mistakes I made which
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