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  1. I’m no expert at all, but it occurs to me that you may try something that is quite common in tank modeling : apply a light filter to lighten the tone without adding another layer. I’ve used it to replicate sun fading in a couple of tanks and I believe that if you find the proper tone it may be what you need.
  2. Glad to have you back, chuck! See, I got used to read your previous works in a row, as they were already finished. Now, I´m having a hard time getting used to your rithm Nevertheless, I´ll follow you ´till the end without complains (Maybe a few, here an then)
  3. Thanks! It really makes sense. I'll try your techniques with spare parts, to see and "feel" them, but seems quite logical. By the way, happy new year everybody!
  4. Great tutorial about CA. Now, I've to find the equivalent of that debonder in France or Spain. In any case, I have a question, I have seen that you use CA as the main glue for your kits. What's the advantage over the traditional plastic glue (I.E. Tamiya)?
  5. Chuck, I´m hesitant on writing a comment, because I´ll add nothing that´s not been said before. Nevertheless, here I am, I just joined the forum to express my admiration and gratitude for your work. I found by casualty your post of the F-4, and I´ve read in a row that, the A-10 and now, for the first time, I´ll be able to follow your work in real time. I´m Spanish (now living in France for some years, but Spanish nonetheles), so I´m not proficent in english language. I´m also not an expert either in aircrafts or modelling, so sadly I will most likely not help you much, sorry for that. To fini
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