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  1. I have made the mistake of painting a model in the wrong colour and miserably failing to strip the paint cleanly. I cannot think of anything else but trashing the kit. Any suggestions?
  2. Would like to know how many times or how often do you end up making a disastrous mistake that means you have to write off the kit itself? Would it be once a year, once two years, once every 4 to 6 kits or seldom or never?
  3. Dear all, I am an intermediate skill modeler living in central London. Have been using the countless tutorials on the web to improve my skills but nothing beats hands on training by a master. I am wondering if you are aware of some person or classes/workshops nearby London to learn some advanced techniques. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Dear All, This must have been asked before and I tried to search the forums but the old replies did not really help. Is there a tutorial video on various rigging methods? If not a video then a well illustrated write up could be helpful also. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Does anybody know of a good scale modelling shop in central London? Thanks in advance for any information. Regards
  6. Dear All, I am building an Eduard F16 MLU, it is the first time that I want to attach photo etch remove before flight tags on the kit. Would like to have some useful tips on how to do this. Especially what to use to attach the tag to the point of contact i.e. a thin wire or directly? Which glue would be the best? Thanks to advance.
  7. want to order 4 Pakistani sheets, waiting for u to open them for ordering
  8. Good, count me in to buy several of them.
  9. when do you plan to make these sheets available?
  10. any update on when we can expect Pakistani vipers? having bought your JF17 decals I cannot wait for the Pakistani vipers. Have the kits and some update sets already in the stack.
  11. Having gone through the thread I am very happy to see that Pakistani decals for Block 52s are in the works. I will gladly buy them in all scales 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and perhaps several of each sheet. I understand you would cover both C and D versions, is that correct? Any plans to cover MLU birds? And this has been asked before also but I have to ask, by when?
  12. All, I am planning to start building the 1/48 scale Eduard Bf109E. I also plan to add the Brassin cockpit set. Need advice and tips on the building process i.e. what should I be careful of when building this model. For example should I build the complete brassin cockpit standalone and drop it into the fueslage or fix the parts separately and then joint the fueslage halves? Would fitting the resin set take a lot of sanding and cutting and of which parts? Etc etc. Note that I started one such kit without the brassin. Everything went well, when after joining the two fuselage halves I noticed a
  13. Paul, very interesting, I will be contacting you on PM to discuss how i can get some custom made decals.
  14. so i will need to use a dremel? this would be my first time with the tool, any tips? also why not just cut-off the sidewalls, would that not be simpler?
  15. i have been grappling with eduard's limited edition release of airfix spitfire mk 22 with aires cockpit set and eduard photo etch. the problem is with the assembling the cockpit, I am not sure if 1. i am supposed to cut away the complete sidewalls in the fueslage halves and insert the resin sidewalls or, 2. just remove the raised detail on the fuselage halfs and then glue on that area the provided resin sidewalls. if i look at the instruction sheet supplied i think that option 2 is the way forward. however if i look at the photos on eduard's website it seems that option 1 is the way forward
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