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  1. Looking for the early VF-32 markings from the Furball sheet #4810. Do you have this sheet but wont use these markings? Let me know - I'm willing to pay! thanks!
  2. Ha! I graduated high school with him and reconnected a few weeks back.
  3. I'm building a 1/48 super hornet for a former VFA-137 plane captain. I'm looking for the following items if you have a few spares and are willing to sell: 2x GBU-38s 1x GBU-12 1x fuel tank (revell or hasegawa should work) 1x Wolfpack super hornet wing fold set for the revell kit Thanks!
  4. Thanks Neeko, thats a ton of help. I didn't think about looking for baby hornet decal sheet as a starting point. I'll pick up the aeromaster sheet and see what I can do with it. I've also picked up the TwoBobs CAG sheet as it was during his time frame on the boat as well, but I hope it will be a backup option.
  5. I reconnected with an old high school friend who was in the navy from 2006 - 2010. Turns out he was a plane captain in VFA-137. He had his name painted on the jet - very cool! If possible, I'd like to build a model for him using the 1/48 Revell kit. The problem looks like there are only aftermaket CAG decals available. Did anyone make a low vis sheet? thanks for your help!
  6. Well I took a chance and ordered the kit from kitlinx. Total with shipping came to $41. Thanks for the recommendations!
  7. The new Revell kit seems to be sold out in all the usual places. Is anyone aware of an online store that has this in stock at normal retail prices? Or maybe one of you has an extra willing to offload? Thanks Matt
  8. Woohoo! I for one like the changes....It's like a fresh coat of paint!
  9. Up until now, if you needed a replacement part from trumpeter you were pretty much up a creek. Think of the many many threads on ARC and other forums of desperate people needing a trumpeter part. Well, trumpeter did something completely unexpected. They are opening up a replacement parts service! Here is the link from facebook: https://www.facebook...650921608399769
  10. 100% of my kits are online and second-hand. I don't remember the last time actually purchasing a kit from a retailer in any form. Paints/supplies are most often brick and mortar, unless I can't find what I need. then Sprue Bros.
  11. A 1/32 VNAF skyraider sheet would be an instant buy for myself.
  12. I picked an ultrasonic cleaner up from Harbor Freight last year after being on the fence for quite awhile. It was definitely one of those "Why did I wait so long to get this thing?" moments. It really is awesome. I shoot Enamels and Lacquers only and I don't have any problems removing dried up paint using the cleaner. After all, the machine works based on the ultrasonic movement, not which cleaning solvent you use... I use a ratio of 50% water and 50% LA Awesome cleaning solution. Mostly because that's what I have in hand.
  13. I used the thinnest line. I believe it's .003. I plucked some off of ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-EZ-Line-Charcoal-003-Sample-Packs-6-/181181115787?hash=item2a2f3c6d8b Doh! Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to fix that today.
  14. Long time lurker - but thought I'd share a build I just completed. 1/32 F6F-5 Hellcat. It has it's issues - but to me - it still looks like a hellcat - Montex masks & markings - Barracuda Wheels - Master covered metal gun barrels - Airscale instrument dial decals - Prop & rear landing gear from Hasegawa Hellcat kit -EZ Line antenna wire (amazing stuff!) Modelmaster enamel paints. Tried to give it some character with a lighter colored wash (white and yellow mix). Also post shaded some panels & varied the final finish using both a semi gloss clear and flat clear. Not much in
  15. Got an email from Revell - no dice. Worth a shot though. Still looking...
  16. Hey Gang, I just picked up a 1/48 monogram B-29 kit off of the boards. Unfortunately the left fuselage is warped very badly and I don't think I'll be able to correct it myself. :( So.... I'm looking for a replacement left fuselage if any of you have one. Junked kit? Painted? I don't care - I can make it work. If all else fails I suppose I'd be willing to buy a whole kit off someone, but I'm hoping I don't have to resort to that! you can email me at matthewmwohlford@gmail.com Thanks! Matt
  17. I might have them, but I might have already given them to someone with the same request. Let me check and I'll get back with you.
  18. Ok, strange request - but i'm looking for 2 cowlings off of the 1/32 hasegawa F6F. I picked up two kits for free (thanks johncrow!) but they are both missing the cowling. If you have a kit you'll never build, a built one your about to trash, etc. let me know. I don't care if the part is painted, I'll still take it off your hands. I'm willing to pay shipping on my end. thanks for helping!
  19. Everything has been found and sourced. Many thanks! Hey Gang, I'm looking to procure parts for a 1/48 B-29 build. I'm looking for any the following items: - 1/48 Monogram B-29 - Not picky about which boxing but Must have good kit decals. - Squadron Vac canopy set for B-29 - True Details B-29 wheels - True Details B-29 Props - KMC B-29 Props - Microscale 48-45 B-29 sheet - partial is ok, I'm specifically looking for markings for "thunderbird" I can pay with paypal or usps money order. thanks for looking! Matt
  20. ***SOLD*** Looking to fund another project - so this has got to go: 1/48 Revell PV-1 Ventura. Open box. Bags sealed. Includes - eduard canopy masks, eduard Color PE cockpit set, Eduard bomb bay PE set, & Eduard External detail PE set. Asking $45.00 + shipping. Potential Trade: Monogram 1/48 B-29.
  21. Not sure what the odds are for this, but I picked up some montex decals for a beautiful F6F-5 Hellcat of VF-24. Here's my problem - I have the Trumpeter F6F-3N kit. I'm looking for someone who has either the 1/32 Trumpeter F6F-5 or F6F-5N kit in exchange for my F6F-3N kit. I know all the Trumpeter "N" kits can be built as straight up day fighter versions by just leaving out the "N" parts. Let me know if you can help me out at all, maybe I can sweet'n the deal with some spare decals or pay for your shipping. thanks for considering. Matt
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