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  1. Aussie, unfortunately, thats what I thought, but the boxing is different. The US-3 boxing doesnt have a mad boom, and it also doesn't have a sonobuoy launch piece on the bottom, instead it has a delete panel. If your making a s-3b, the lack of a mad boom isnt a problem, as they are deleted. As for the sonobouys, you can leave it, or modify it yourself. this page might be helpful: http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/updatin...rvikingbs_1.htm hope this helps!
  2. I bought the steel beech covers, they were very easy to use, and turned out really nice. The intakes on the kit were beasts, and I was lazy to sand that much :-)
  3. thanks for the comments guys! I just finished college for the year so I have some time to work on my 1/32 tomcat. Its the first time I've kit bashed, and I actually surpised by how the tommy is turning out. That revell kit takes alot of work :-)
  4. your pit looks real nice, I especially like the pit! good job!
  5. Well, Here is my viking. I was planning on making this relatively quickly, as I needed a break from my 1/32 tomcat. I bought the ESCI "COD" boxing, which actually builds a US-3A, anddoesn't offer the parts to build a S-3. I thought I'd be safe on that one. So, I thought ok, thats fine, a US-3 sounds like an interesting subject. Well the decals provided where THICK and would not lay down even with generous microsol. To make a long story short, I bought some cam decals and I built a US-3 in S-3 Markings. Ehh, Im ok with that. <_< I really enjoy using MM acryl, and I futured it and
  6. I was worried about the tint myself, but I am lucky enough to get a lightly tinted canopy. You can see through it quite nicely. Well, I guess it's time to make a new ebay search
  7. So I just got an ESCI S-3 off of ebay for dirt cheap. I checked the canopy and it was tinted nicely, not too dark. B) I was hoping for this, because it was a old "COD" boxing. Anywho, I really want to do the cockpit justice, as it is pretty barren and full of space, and you can see inside it quite well. How hard is it to find the BB pit? Can anyone point to it online? Or am I going to have to hunt for awhile on ebay? Also, I did some searching in the forums and heard that Goffy Models is coming out with a pit. Did anything become of this? Hannats has is as a future release. thanks.
  8. awesome resource, I bookmaked the page for future refrence :-)
  9. Hey Chris, The model looks wonderful!! How did you get the Tamiya exhausts to fit? I do believe the Tamiya exhausts are smaller than the Revell. Im tempted to do the same myself.
  10. WOW. people have way to much money on their hands. Seriously. For decals...
  11. Hey all. I've been lurking around ARC for a couple of years. I've always been more of a viewer than a poster, but I'd thought I'd share my latest model. I still have alot to learn, but I am actually happy with how this one turned out. As others have said, the trump. model does have it's shortcomings, but it does make a good model when completed. I offically hate painting white... Does anyone have any good tips? It took many trials and errors to get a decent layer on. Im not really even happy the way the white turned out, but you win some, and you lose some. I had the best luck wi
  12. Hello all! Just had a quick question. What type of AIM-9 was the Navy using in '82? All I have are 9B's but Im pretty sure those are too old. thanks! :blink: Matt
  13. yup, except hobbycraft doesnt give ya any decals for the ordinance. The trump kit does.
  14. vark, aweomse info! thanks! The flimsy main gear on my trump 105 snapped today I knew I should have bought some metal gear. I guess I'll try some epoxy.
  15. thanks guys! I'm modeling the memphis Belle II, I believe from '70, would that be to late for a sidewinder? I think it would add a nice touch.
  16. I'm just about done with my thud, and I had a few questions. First, If I want to load an outboard pylon with an ECM pod, what side would it be on? I've heard references that they were both left and right outboards at the same time. Is this correct? Also, if one just one side, would the opposite pylon be empty, or could I load it with some iron? Secondly, I want to keep the gun bay open, but I was wondering if the bay doors had some sort of hinge (to the top or bottom of the bay)? or were they simply removed? Thanks! Im excited to finally get this beast done :) Matt
  17. Thanks for the reply! I guess I have my work cut out for me then. :-)
  18. I know that the trump release came with decals for the weapons, but Im assuming that hobbycraft did not (since it wasn't in the box ) Is there any aftermarket weapon decals available in 1/32? I'm planning on loading her up with 117's. thanks! matt
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