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  1. Hey Everyone. Thought I'd join this GB. I build almost exclusively 1/32, so this is right up my alley. First a couple of disclaimers - This is my first "in progress" thread, so I'm not sure how good it will be - This is my fist F-15 (excluding one I made as kid 15 years ago.....) I'm no Eagle expert and don't claim to be. I might even take some "artistic license" with this build. Anyway, this build will be pretty straight forward. This is what I'll be using: - Tamiya F-15C kit - Old Superscale Decals (thanks Johncrow!) - Eduard Color PE - 2x Extra F-15C tanks (thanks again Johncrow!) Hoping to make a decent rendition of "gulf "spirit" which is credited with a MiG-23 and 2x Su-22's during Desert Storm.
  2. Considering how SLOW I build this is more of a wish list.... but.. 1/32 Trumpeter A-4C (AMS resin conversion) 1/32 Tamiya F-15C - Desert Storm "Gulf Spirit" and maybe... 1/32 Trumpeter SBD Dauntess in "operation torch" markings wish me luck!
  3. Wow, that looks awesome! My shuttle is practically at a standstill because I fear those over sized windows. I'd definitely be interested in this!
  4. P-40 Decals found. One and only bump for the 1/72 shuttle decals. Its a long shot, but I'll try!
  5. Hey All, I'm looking for a few decals sheets: 1: partial (or full) 1/32 BarracudaCals 32006 P-40E sheet. I'm looking to build up the Aleutian Tiger sheme, so a partial sheet would be OK. 2. 1/72 Space Shuttle decals from the latest Revell Germany boxing. PM or email me if your willing to sell or trade. I have a decent amount of 1/32 decals available to trade OR I can pay $$ as well. THANK YOU for looking!
  6. Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated! Johncrow - thanks for the inspiration for our mini group build. I'm excited to see how your b-17 turns out! Also, just started a 1/32 A-4C conversion. On to the next kit! Kirk Taylor - just a heads up (maybe your already aware) but superscale messed up the nose art. The swoose should have a B-17 shaped tail, but superscale messed it up. I was lazy to change it myself. This is what it should look like|
  7. Just about done with this. I managed to loose the pitot tube type piece by the nose, so I'll have to scratch a new one. I built this kit a few times as a kid, so it was fun to "rekindle" some of those memories. I few things I've come to appreciate: 1. Actually building a kit with raised panel lines isn't as bad as I the "idea" of the evils of raised panel lines. It was a little more work, but not as bad as I had assumed. I used to avoid raised panel lines like the plague. ...and I'm WAY to lazy of a modeler to rescribe. 2. Kit engineering has advanced very far since this was released. Lots of filling and sanding, sanding, sanding. Rinse and Repeat. The biggest struggle was the clear parts. Both the windscreen and glass nose both seemed to be a tad undersized. I tried my best to blend them, but as you can notice, its not perfect. The tabs on the clear parts are also practically impossible to get rid of, so I left them as is. Superscale decals, Quickboost gun barrels (these were a nightmare to use!), Eduard masks ( A lifesaver on the turrets!), Model master enamels, chalk weathering. I tried to get the "beat up look" without going overboard. I wanted to represent engine fires. I think they turned out OK.
  8. This is good news. 1/32 decals would be much appreciated!
  9. I might, I will check and get back with you. Where are you located?
  10. I too struggle with building anything over the summer. Beautiful weather, mountain biking, and yard work gets in the way.I just cleaned up the workbench and began working on a 1/48 B-17. Something different than the 1/32 Jets I usually do. It feels good to start building again! Have fun getting back "into business" !
  11. A buddy and I arrived just after 9am, we didn't enter any models because we had to leave by 11, but saw some great models and found some great deals! I loved looking at all the 1/32 props and jets. Whoever build the 1/32 P-51 "Detroit Miss" did an amazing job! I was also able to snag a 1/32 F-4J "Marine" boxing for $55! score!
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't consider the front fuselage differences, doh!I suppose I'll have to go with a standard "G" scheme.
  13. I'm in the beginning phases of a 1/48 Flying Fortress build and would like to build up "Vonnie Gal" which was a B-17F that was fitted with a chin turret. It retained the "F" model top turret and open waist windows. Anyway, I have a "G" kit, but need a few "F" specific parts to complete this build. this is what I'm looking for: 1. The top turret assembly 2. The side fuselage gun swivels - I don't need the guns themselves, but I do need the "swivel joint that attaches the gun to the fuselage. I'm sorry that I don't have the specific part numbers, but if you think you might have these parts please let me know. I will gladly reimburse $ for the parts if necessary. thanks! Matt
  14. Time to clear the stash a little. I'm hoping to pick up a kit or two but decided I needed to sell these first. 1/32 Revell AH-64 Apache - box open. Unstarted. Old decals. $20 1/32 Hasegawa A-4E/F Skyhawk. "Lady Jessie" boxing. Box open. Parts sealed except external tanks stolen for another project. Tanks replaced with a trumpeter set. $30 SOLD 1/32 Hasegawa F-5E Tiger II W/ shark nose. Box open. Mk83 bombs missing otherwise unstarted. $20 SOLD 1/32 Hobby Boss F-84E Thunderjet. Box opened. All bags sealed. $45 1/32 21st Century JU-87B/R Stuka. Box open. Sealed bags. $10 SOLD 1/48 Revell A-10 Warthog. Open box. Sealed bags. Includes superscale 48-911 sheet. $15 Shipping extra. Prefer PayPal, but will accept USPS money orders. Thanks for looking! Matt
  15. I have a finished avenger that I would like to enter into a local contest. In order for it to be OOB instructions must be included.....which of course I chucked when I finished the model. So, if anyone would be willing to mail me their copy I would appreciate it. $$ available. Thanks for looking.
  16. Every summer my building drops down to practically zero. I might open a box up and touch some plastic, but that's about it. I still surf the forums though.
  17. I'm looking for a few 1/32 decal sets: 1. Superscale 32-112 F-15C Desert Storm Mig Killers 2. Phoenix 32018 AV-8B VMA-542 Nightmares Willing to pay cash, paypal, or money order. I also have a decent selection of 1/32 decals for trade. I know these sets are hard to find, so willing to pay a fair price. thanks for looking!! Matt
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