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  1. ApolloMan

    Apollo Dioramas

    So I made a start on the Apollo 11 dio. These little SeaKings are gems, such detail in such a small scale. Undicided if I'll have the "64" support aircraft with "OLD 66". Quite frustrating as this one has only the Apollo 13 decals, and I need to make it into Apollo 11, where as the 1/48 Apollo 11 Seaking model, I bought years ago, I had to buy after market Apollo 13 decals. This CM is cast from my Bandai kit, I'll add putty float collar and float balls, along with 2 rafts. I also bought these small figures to add as divers and crew.
  2. Does this help. Only 3 of the 12 latches have to engage. So it disappears into LEM or it is a colar?
  3. Apollo 13 movie lied, they lied. ARRRR. There is this pic of Aquarius with the no longer needed docking colar. This sits on top the CM
  4. There is a docking collar with the 12 latches. A simple Google search should show you. Good luck
  5. So these kits come with stringers section that wide? And we have to add them? Are these parts included in kit, or is it Evergreen you have bought to add. Great job on the access panals. This build is gunna be big. So another question, hehe. On the LV from Apollo 15 on, the interstage has no rockets. I've never found out the reason, had they been unnecessary. Apollo 4/6 had 8, Apollo 8 through 14 had 4. Thanks
  6. Your astronauts look really cool so far, I may try it myself. I'll be watching your LEM build closely, as I need to start mine. Keep it up
  7. I love this detail. I've noticed these scoops over the years, but never realised they looked like that from other angle. Great so far
  8. ApolloMan

    Apollo 16 CSM and LM

    Your scratch building Pete, amazes me. I bought the SIM bay for my Apollo 15, I would never have made it from scratch. I'll be keeping an eye on the LEM 😏
  9. ApolloMan

    Apollo Dioramas

    Well Pete, the SeaKing is 1/144, small n should be a quick build. I know it says no aircraft, but with the CM in the water, hehe, it should pass. The LM, I may just have it stand alone atm. Just until I can complete the others, it will be last to start. I have the 1/16 ED nearly complete and the 1/12 Charlie, should only need painting as its 3D printed. Hopefully these will come one after the other and get as many done as possible. With all the Sea time I have this year. My big Apollo project is on the back burner, more on that later. You guys are all going well in the Group. I've been looking over all of them since being back. I have allot of catch up to do
  10. ApolloMan

    Apollo Dioramas

    Thanks Bill, I'll do my best. So the Horizon Redstone and Atlas will be over in my other thread. I've had the LM for 3 years, it's changed from Apollo 12 to 14 to 15 to now 17. The SeaKing will be hovering over the Apollo 11 capsule on the ocean scene. That CM I cast from the Apollo 11 Dicast Saturn V re-entry CM. ED Mitchell here, will be pulling along the two wheeled tool carrier. John Young will soon have Charlie Duke sitting next to him.
  11. Wow, this is going to be good. I have several builds to do this year. Horizons Rockets, Mercury Redstone and Mercury Atlas I'll build in my other thread. To do: 1/48 Lunar Module (Challenger) 1/16 Astronaut (Ed Mitchell with scratch built Tool cattier) 1/144 Seaking with CM. (Similar to my Apollo 13 dio) 1/12 Astronaut (Charlie Duke, to add with my Apollo 16 LRV with John Young) I'll add pics this arvo.
  12. ApolloMan

    1/24 GEMINI 9A part 2

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Set the bench mark here. Lots more work I'll have to do on mine, to make it half as good.
  13. ApolloMan

    1/24 GEMINI 9A part 2

    Hey Pete, this is looking fantastic. I've used these decals on other Apollo and Gemini models and they are top notch πŸ‘Œ. The foil work looks very authentic. I'm reading Apollo 8 by Jeffrey Klugger at the moment. Very good so far. Whilst on Geminin 6 and 7 missions, Astronauts commented on the weathering of the space crafts entering orbit. They comment on flags and stencils being worn and charred. Your doing awesome on this old kit, I'm glad you fixed up the RCS cluster. Great scratch building on that πŸ˜€ Kind regards Mick
  14. ApolloMan

    This is just a Test - where's the Poll?

    Mate, I think my phone won't let me see it. I go to General Discussions pg, but then cant see 50th anything?
  15. I'll jump in, we all know I love making Apollo models. πŸ€—πŸ˜œπŸ€ͺ My next Apollo project is going to be BIG