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  1. Just seen allot of 50th Anniversary re released Revell models on eBay, 1/48 LM, 1/32 CSM, 1/8 Astronaut, 1/96 CSM and LM, 1/96 Saturn V. They all look like original molds but, the 1/48 LM looks like a Dragon kit
  2. ApolloMan

    Apollo 16 CSM and LM

    Looking great Pete, what colour Black did you use?, charcoal, gloss, matt, satin, flat? And what colour is that porch landing?. Also Crackers had a great ?, the chocolate bar for Gold foil. I've been searching in shops and looking at all the Easter eggs, and nothing is popping at being good enough.
  3. ApolloMan

    1/72 Three Stooges LLRV

    Very nicely done, gives me drive to get mine done.
  4. ApolloMan

    Apollo 16 CSM and LM

    That Gold is Golden. Fantastic Pete 👌
  5. Phenomenal. It's amazing what you can do with styrene plastic. It looks so clean and pristine. Great work
  6. ApolloMan

    Apollo 16 CSM and LM

    Wow Pete, looking good, that foil is going on quick and looks spot on. I need to find more gold eEaster eggs myself. That's the real fun part. Good luck with the fiddly stuff ðŸĪŠ
  7. ApolloMan

    Apollo Dioramas

    Thanks Crackers, I'll take many comparison pics once finished with real pics. I only got the float balls done over weekend.
  8. ApolloMan

    1/32 LM and CSM

    A monster build, with a fantastic end result. I have looked over this build thread many time. Great work 👌
  9. ApolloMan

    Apollo Dioramas

    Thanks guys, I'm going to try and get things done this weekend. I'm off to sea for 2 weeks. But I'll be taking along other space models, to build in my off watch. Once the dio is done, I'll take better and more nostalgic pics of it like the real pics for comparison 😀
  10. ApolloMan

    Apollo Dioramas

    Thanks Pete, well keep an eye out in the mail. I found some spare decals in my big box of decals to fix up 64 as you only get one set in the kit of 2. I've painted Divers and Astronauts and inserted the pilots, not that you can see them well. You can see the micro sol in top pic Pete, this version is for decals. A bit of photo shop here.
  11. ApolloMan

    Apollo 16 CSM and LM

    Looking good. When it comes to GOLD foil. What are we all using?. The foil in the old Monogram kit has lost its stick for me, is this still a good colour? Or is Bare metal foil good? I know Bill was using party balloons. The black foil, is this just silver painted black? Oh Pete, I see your using foil adhesive, how important is this stuff? I've got the decals version and it works well.
  12. ApolloMan

    Apollo 16 CSM and LM

    Looking good Pete, I can see what you mean about foil tray material, nice. Your MESA is so detailed, ill be having that up. I was looking on SW for a 1/48 LRV stowed, but could not find one. Is it just the FUD version you have to mod? The CSM is also coming along well, I hope they reissue the Dragon one. Id like to get a CSM in that scale. If you have the sim bay door piece still, tap it on, and you could protect the bay while you work. A worm of blue tack on the inside may keep water out. Good luck
  13. ApolloMan

    Heritagecon 2019 -- some photos

    Well done guys, well deserved. Fantastic models of our great subject 😀
  14. ApolloMan

    Apollo Dioramas

    I completed an Apollo model, a 1/1 build of a Apollo 13 hat 😆. I have an embroidery machine at work, and I've been taking advantage of it. The real hats of the time, are of course different. This is kind of a, Apollo 13 Movie style.
  15. ApolloMan

    Apollo Dioramas

    Back to Apollo 11, decals on helo 66. Now to get 64 sorted and paint up all figures.