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  1. Some versions of the Hasegawa kits have also been released by Hobby 2000 and should be available.
  2. Yep, same colour as the F-16s.
  3. This is some of the crispest and cleanest modelling I've ever seen...
  4. For an in flight propeller aircraft I think it looks better with the spinner sanded smooth than seeing stationary blades. The camera on a short shutter speed may freeze the blades, but what your eyes will see is just a slightly darker than ambient circle.
  5. In this period, the RNoAF aircraft would with a very high level of certainty have the strengthening plates on top of the wing roots (just ahead of the flaperons) and a small plate just below the canopy hinge. The former were added in the mid-late 80s, the latter would be added in the mid-80s. None of these are included in the kit, although the latter is easy to make from a bit of Evergreen plastic strip. The short answer to your question is therefore "no".
  6. A lot of people have the Academy/Minicraft kit that also could need an intake like this....
  7. I just looked at pics, not the instructions....😁
  8. The nose is too blunt - compare with the photo of the real thing - it starts to taper behind the front wings - the 3D print tapers in front of the front wings. And I believe the Penguin has only one aperture for the rocket motor.
  9. The Tamiya F-14 kit instructions tell you to paint them Sky Grey - as well as the radomes for the Phoenix missiles. Presumably someone at Tamiya have interpreted the dirt on old and well weathered Sparrow radomes as a medium grey and set the paint code XF-19 when I'd say Deck Tan would be more appropriate for a slightly dirty white finish...
  10. When the acronyms get their own acronyms..:) Thanks Murph.
  11. Second that - always have had good service from Arnaud, and great products.
  12. The Block 30 and 40 conversion kits I know of include 4x 16S210 launchers which are not AMRAAM capable, so I'd say no AMRAAM.
  13. The 16S210 launcher can only carry Sidewinders. The LAU-128 (or is it 129) launcher - blunt end and rounded nose can carry both Sidewinders and AMRAAMs.
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