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  1. I appreciate that the market for 1:32 scale may be more limited than 48th and 72nd, but there isn't much in decal form for the 1:32 Eagle out there, and very little for the A, so in that sense they would have market appeal. The 48th FIS and 5th FIS may lend themselves better to avoid large sheets, and another early Eagle with lots of colour is 73-0100 with the wide yellow bands outlined in black. Anyway, I will add the 1:48th sheet to my purchase list.
  2. You won't get finer details with Mach 2, and correct shapes aren't their strong point either. You can count yourself lucky if the fuselage halves are symmetrical...
  3. Would you consider printing these in 1:32 as well? Would love to paint up my big Eagle with one of those glorious tail markings...
  4. I have looked at dong TF-18 #1 in the blue and gold scheme, and one photo appears to show the LERX slot, and a slightly later photo has no light coming through the LERX, so so slot. The photos also show there is no blue and gold stripe that crosses the ailerons, so my assumption is that the ailerons are long span and not painted with the trim colours. The position of the intake warning chevron is also different. For that reason, I would say that the aircraft would have the production configuration LERX, straight leading edge and long span ailerons. Is there a timescale to the aer
  5. Decals for the white and tan B-1As would have very limited appeal I think. The conversion work requried to make the B-1B into a B-1A is quite substantial around the engine nacelle and wing sweep area - at least aircraft #4 had a tail cone resembling the B-1B. I admit I've wanted to make a camouflaged B-1A for a while, but the amount of work and finding enough references to satisfy me has pushed that into the future.
  6. I believe it is a polyurethane anti-erosion tape that tends to yellow over time, hence it appears a bit beige. It is applied to fin and tailplane leading edges too.
  7. When I spoke with one of the girls at the Kinetic stand at last year's Scale Model World, I suggested a retooled F-16 family to Kinetic's Gold standard... We can always hope, can't we?
  8. "Need" is subjective... The exhaust nozzles exterior are not badly moulded, but the radius rods are a bit thick, and the liner for the afterburner is smooth, not corrurgated. In my view, the nozzles also look too long. Personally I would replace the exhausts of the kit with aftermarket - Aires are nice and have been around for a while, the KA-Models are superb, but expensive. Res-Kit ones look promising and their stuff is top notch. If you want to build a subject with turkey feathered exhausts, then the answer will be "Yes". Aires have made F-15 sets with turkey feathers for a
  9. Another request for a SIOP sheet...
  10. Thanks for confirming that Jim. Jens
  11. The Detail and Scale book claims the FB-111 is 2 feet longer, and I have seen that repeated in other publications. Personally I can't see where they would just "splice" a 2 feet section. The nose looks ahead of the cockpit looks the same, the area between the cockpit and intakes would impact the sweep angle of the wing glove, and I don't see any change there. The distance between the canopy and the wing glove root is the same. Extending the fuselage from intake to exhaust? That would change the geometry of the intake as the engines would most likely be the same length. Hopefully Jim Rotr
  12. I thought I'd copied that in. Try again... http://www.zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=10918
  13. I assume you've seen this lengthy thread on Zone-Five? Goes back a few years, but has some good input.
  14. Been pondering a similar conversion myself for a while, so following with interest. Will you be changing panel lines? According to the first edition Sqn Signal "In Action" book on the F-16, the cockpit was slightly further back as well, and both chord and span of the wings and tailplanes were shorter too. Any ideas how to do those?
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