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  1. What? Engage with customers on a website where you can get banned for disagreeing with the webmasters "darlings"?
  2. The nozzles in the Monogram kit are more representative of the B-1A than the B-1B - they're longer with a corresponding short "doughnut panel". They should look like F110 exhausts, but they are too small in diameter unfortunately. Barracuda Studios make turkey feathered exhausts in 1:48th, but for some reason, not in 1:72nd.
  3. Caracal have done some ADTAC Eagles in both 48 and 72, but they don't 1:32 scale, whereas you do... I'd like to think that there would be a market for well printed decals of nice colour schemes. The Eagle is a fairly big and grey canvas, and needs some colour without going OTT.
  4. Cut the trailing edge in line with the speedbrakes. Cut the leading edge back (Look at photos to see a suitable reference on the fuselage). Cut the span to remove the chamfer on the trailing edge.
  5. With resin wheels for the A/B models available in 1:32, is there any chance of seeing some decals for the A/B models - thinking specifically of the 318th and 5th FIS as well as other ADTAC units? Or perhaps the tiger-tailed A-model from Bitburg?
  6. Considering that the shapes of US Nuclear bombs was classified until 1977 or thereabouts, the person would be in a world of trouble if caught taking that photo...
  7. A Cheetah C will require an extended fuselage behind the cockpit, which will require new fuselage tooling. It appears the nose gear well is in the same place as the Mirage and Kfir, but the cockpit has moved forwards, so any cutting and shutting needs to be stepped. An it will require the Atar nozzle and the slimmer fuselage or course...
  8. Considering the F-105 had an internal bomb bay (apparently that was a plus point over the F-107 that the USAF found in it's favour), wouldn't the nuke be carried internally with fuel tanks on the wings?
  9. Now that Tamiya have breathed new life into the F-14, F-16 and F-4, I am hoping they will do the same to the F-15. But that's not going to be a $50 kit though...
  10. Looking great Honza. Will these be available for F-15Cs in 1:32 as well as 1:48?
  11. There is a a scab plate immediately behind the single seat canopy hinge. This was added early on - rrom 1985. In 1989 scab plates on the wingroot were added to cure cracks in the wing structure. The fuselage scab plates and "lawnmower blades" were much later as Niels mentions above. When I built my own Penguin-equipped F-16, that would be time-placed in early 90s (the Penguin became operational in 1989), so both reinforcements were required. Finished this model on the 6th June 2006:) It was also published in Model Aircraft Monthly when Neil Robinson was the editor.
  12. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/mcdonnell-douglas-phantom-replacement-canopy-set-for-tamiya-kits
  13. I saw a post on Facebook recently from Muroc Models about price increases, so I am pretty sure he's still trading. And, yes, he does make an F-8C conversion that includes aa vacform windshield.
  14. Received my kit today, and it is quite impressive. Decalwise, I do wonder about the option with the star-studded tailfins. The kit portrays the stars and stripes as yellow, whereas looking at this photo (not of the same aircraft though, but same unit), they appear to be gold. If that is the case, there is room for a Caracal-correction. The kit decals will have you paint the blue areas, and given the contours between the fuselages, that makes perfect sense to me. The tabs on the horizontal stabilizer are shallow, so it may be possible to add that after painting and decalling.
  15. Yes, the C.1 (the refuelling function was added later to make them C.1Ks) have the short fuselage of the Standard VC10, but the wings and engines of the Supers. The military variants also have an APU in the tailcone, so that is sticking out a bit further than the civilian ones. Not sure if the K.2 got that modification, but the K.3 and K.4 would.
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