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  1. Excellent work! Goes to show that old Monogram kits still make into goodlooking models. Love the theme as well.
  2. I have used the Quickboost 7-slot mid-breech panel on two of the Tamiya Tomcats I've built, and with a careful cutting and a little shimming, it fits rather well. Got one more from the three I bought from them at Scale Model World a few years ago:)
  3. Thank you very much for that Rich. Are the names in the roster paired/connected in any way? As the roster is divided into six sections, I would think LTJG Turner's pilot should be in that "group"? Having said that, excluding the names is the easy option...
  4. Just got a copy of the updated Colours and Markings of the F-14 Tomcat Part 2 - Pacific Fleet Sqns, and on top of page 12 is a photo of Modex 114, BuNo 159465 taken on 11th June 1977. This means that this aircraft does have the same type of beaver tail as featured in the Tamiya kit and can be built with very small modifications (I see the temperature probe on the port forward fuselage just below the windshield) in combination with the recently released Big Red Fighter Squadron from Fightertown Decals. However, I can't decipher the names on the canopy rails, so does anyone know who these woul
  5. Sukhoi seems to be on a winning streak with Flankers, the Su-57 and now the "Checkmate", while Mikoyan-Gurevich seem to have lost the plot or fallen out of favour...The MiG-1.44 even looked like "yesterdays news".
  6. There aren't that many modellers I know of who can and will turn a sow's ear into a silk purse, and you are one of them Tom. I raise my hat to you. VC10 next then?:)
  7. Thank you for your input Glynn - it's much appreciated. Jens
  8. Anyone got some experience to share about their decals? Are they screen printed? ALPS? Laser? Looking at a set for the KH Mirage 2000-5, but would like to know whether they are worth the money.
  9. I can only answer this specifically for myself: I think the HobbyBoss kit is junk and I would never buy it just to get the tiger stripe decals. I have two Academy kits that, while not perfect, catches the shapes better and don't have overdone rivets in fantasy places. I have every faith in Kursad making a better job of it, and the decals will be printed by the best in the business.
  10. Don't think any kit gives you a Pave Penny pod? Isracast make an Israeli F-16A update set that includes the "scab on" chaff and flare dispensers as well as the Pave Penny pod and intake pylon.
  11. The Block 50 kit only gives you the bulged main gear doors, GE engine and big mouth intake, but it includes HARM missiles. The Block 25/32 gives you the "flat" main gear doors and NSI ("small") intake, but the P&W nozzle and I don't think it comes with HARM missiles. There is an aggressor boxing that gives you both exhaust nozzles and intakes, but I don't think it comes with the HARM missiles. That may be your best bet for the airframe features you want, and then you just need to source the HARM missiles elsewhere. Speed Hunter Graphics released decals for a lot of USAFE Viper, includi
  12. Any chance of an F-35 pilot with the current helmet in the seated, in flight position?
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