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  1. The shroud over the instrument panel - the part that the HUD sits on - what's it called? There appears to be a bit of a gap between the top of the IP and the shroud which makes me wonder if that part is too tall. It also seems to obscure the forward view a bit more than I would expect... Just a thought.
  2. Just a thought - is the IP coaming too tall?
  3. Nice work! How do you attach the circular grille ont he pod without clogging the mesh?
  4. Your Sidewinders are works of art - how about expanding the family; AIM-9D, AIM-9J? And seamless intakes for the Tamiya F-14 would be welcome. All in 1:32.
  5. Loved your video reviews of the FR.XIV kit and I agree with every word. Was thinking of making a high-back XIV by combining it with the Eduard Mk. VIII, and you've taken all the guesswork out of it. Excellent stuff!
  6. I did mention the lack of authentic French colours for the Mirage 2000 and the like to Jamie from Sovereign Hobbies/Colourcoats, but it seems the problem is finding reliable references or paint samples to match the colours.
  7. Here's a pic of the rear ECM antenna of the CF-104 in the Gardermoen museum (near Oslo airport) Hmmm...pic doesn't show... what am I doing wrong? Should be less than the limit of 100kB... Anyway, of the three options, the DACO RWRs look the best by far.
  8. I trust it will be tooled to the Kinetic Gold Standard?
  9. I scratchbuilt mine when I converted Hasegawa's F-104C into a CF-104. https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal5/4801-4900/gal4801-F-104-Brandal/00.shtm
  10. Just caught up with the FB-111 thread - good stuff! Enjoy your vacation.
  11. And on the subject of FB-111s - perhaps some in the SIOP scheme as well? The DarkVark scheme is a bit too drab for my liking... The Microscale sheet is long out of production, and the future Res-Kit exhaust set has re-ignited my desire to build one.
  12. PJ Productions have a range of pilots in 1:72. Resin. Available from the source or Hannants.
  13. If you have an Aggressor boxing of the Tamiya kit, and you build a GE F110 powered model, then you have the nozzle and "doughtnut panel" for the P&W spare. The doughnut panel will fit the Hasegawa kit with a little sanding, and then you can use the nozzle and afterburner from the Tamiya kit. Or get the KA-Models exhaust.
  14. How about wing tanks, , and ALQ-119 on the starboard wingpylon and a Mk.43 Nuke on the belly? Maybe a couple of Sparrows on the rear fuselage stations for self defence en-route...
  15. For the turkey feathers of the F100 engine I have used Alclad Pale Burnt Metal with dark grey rubbing areas.
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