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    Apollo Era Space models and collectables. I mainly build only in 1/32 scale.
  1. If you do, take lots of photos for us please! In any scale they will look impressive.
  2. I just dropped the hammer and ordered the complete kit in 72 scale! It's going to be a big build and I plan on adding complete lighting to the kit as well. Can't wait to have it in my hands.
  3. That's really nice! I love the Vigilante.
  4. Hi Guys. A little update. I have been very busy scaling the crawler up in 1/72 scale in CAD so the parts can be laser cut where possible. Not much to show for now only CAD drawings. Next month I hope to send the first of the files out to the laser specialists and have some of them cut. I'm working as fast as I can as I need one in 72 scale for the LVM LUT that I placed an order for.
  5. I wish someone would do some am for backdating to the original B-1A. Just looked so much cleaner!
  6. Really nice work! Great finish as well.
  7. Looks really nice and I agree the fenders need to be darker. Great work so far! Gene
  8. Tamiya fine white primer is the best. You could spray this and then buff it to a satin sheen which I think would look much better than a gloss finish in 72 scale. HTH Gene
  9. Has anyone tried to fit the Aires open exhaust nozzles for the Tamiya kit to the Trumpeter F-14A kit? The Trumpeter nozzles lack any detail on the inside and I would like to fit the Aires nozzles but don't want to outlay the money of they don't fit.Hoping someone has been there before me. Thanks, Gene
  10. Great news, from experience the fatigue will ease as your wife's immune system recovers. I would suggest some vitamin Q10 which will help the energy levels come back. They do take at least three weeks or so before you feel anything from them. The best of health and happiness for your family! Gene
  11. I'm in search of the Fightertown decals VF-1 F-14A Tomcat sheet or a partial sheet will do. I require the markings for the second aircraft on the sheet: NK-101 with the Wolfpack name on the tail and the crew names in white. I will pay good money for them! Thanks for looking Gene
  12. I also suggest the twin seat F-5F twin seater conversion in 32 scale. So many paint schemes and it just looks cool! Cheers, Gene.
  13. yep, had the same thing happen to me with their AV-8B main wheel-bay. It was warped and would not fit until I gave it a nice hot bath! Cheers, Gene.
  14. Nice work! Sure is a difficult kit to get together. Only wish they gave us the option of a closed up front fuselage which would make it a whole lot easier.
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