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  1. Hi Ken, That plane is actually on the Begemot sheet... You can see it on their website... My link They talk about Flat medium grey FS 26424. I think Akan has a wide range of accurate colors, but I don't know if they have that one though... Hope it helps you to get there... cheers, Mark
  2. I have the F-4Dable sheet 72-001... Real nice... decals for Swiss and Finnish too!
  3. Truly awesome build so far! I'm going all cross-eyed while looking at those fibers! One day perhaps... cheers Mark
  4. ... some more pictures... That limit again... :)/> That was it guys, thanks again! cheers, Mark
  5. Allright! I 'm done! Besides the days at the office I needed one more day it seems... :)/>/>/> Here ere the results... I weathered it with Flory Models wash as stated and gave it a semi matt varnish coat from AKAN. Had some trouble thinning it at first, but after a clean up of my airbrush I managed to get it working great...
  6. Great builds everyone and some great references for me too! I'm sorry I didn't finish it in time, but still for me it was a very useful entry. I didn't know about the group build until Sebastijan commented in another build and that made me enthusiastic. I still learned from it being my first build other than a (Russian) helo or jet. I look forward to building more of these, and perhaps I'll join a next group build sooner. I'll certainly look more often in that corner of the forum! :) Thanks everybody, Mark
  7. Hey guys! Sorry, I didn't make it in time... I guess I was too optimistic. I had a bit of bad luck also because I let one laser shoot off the sprue and it was missing for half a day. I needed that fixed before painting. But no excuses, I'm too late! Here is where I am at now... I masked the solar panels before painting the body... I painted the body with the next gunze colours, 7 parts of the gray, 3 parts white and one part blue-gray... This is what you get after. It consists of multiple coats of the gray mixture, some dark patches, covered with bleached coats of the gray mixture and evened out again with a very thin coat of the gray mixture... Here is the stand... treated the same way as the Tie, except with the other gray color and some more dark and bright patches... After it dried enough I did some dry brushing with silver, gray en dark brown on a few spots and covered everything with Flory Models dark dirt wash. This is what the Tie looks like right now. I'll start whiping of some of it tonight, but I think I won't finish it tonight. All it needs after that is a coat of semi matt clear varnish. I'll post the finished model in the display case I guess because the group build is finished...
  8. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Indeed that is good stuff Sebastijan! I see what you did on the panels and they come out great! I like your stands better then the stand they put in the Bandai box... Weekend now, time to start finishing mine... gotta anticipate on the drying times I guess :)
  10. I taped off the solar panels just to try something out other then just black. I misted some coats of matt black, chocolat brown (very much thinned), metallic blue green (again very thinned), clear blue smoke, silver (yep... thinned a lot), smoke, some very thinned black and a gloss coat on them and that specific order, just to try to get some shiny panels I saw in the movie. I print screened some clips from youtube where I saw them again :)/>/> Now I don't think the picture shows it right, but in realtime it sure has some bling! I like it! On with some taping and painting... I gave the base a pre-shade of dark gray and gave it a coat of light gray. After that I used some other colors to highlight some details on it and although they really can't be missed now, I will tone them very much down with different coats of grey and all this weekend... :)/> Well, that's it for now.. A few days of hard work at the office but this weekend I'm going to try or die on the TIE I guess... still enough to be done, but it's fun! I'l have a look at all of your builds and learn something from them.. Thanks for letting me join in this late! Cheers, Mark
  11. Hello people, I'm Mark from the Netherlands, and I read a lot on the forums here... I don't post that much though... I'm a loyal 1:72 jet and helicopter builder but when I noticed those new Bandai Star Wars kits comming out I couldn't help getting one. After opening the box I pre-ordered every single one of them :)/>/>/>/> Anyway I saw a new style TIE by Aigore which I liked a lot and saw Sebastijan mention the Star Wars group build... I started my TIE Advanced a week or so ago and one and one makes three doesn't it.. Only thing is the group build ends monday, so I'll have to make an effort... but it helps setting goals now and then... :)/>/>/>/> This is my first build ever of something that is not a jet or a helicopter, so I am very curious about it. So far however I really enjoy the build and one of the reasons is the great fit of this (snap) kit. You could build it with no glue at all! I used some here and there however just to satisfy my mind I guess... :)/>/>/>/> I already started my build before I knew of this group build, so I don't have that much pictures from the inside and all, but here is what I have so far... Interior: The colors I used are by Gunze, and the source I used is from a site which gave some translations of the completely Japanese instructions: check I mainly used gloss and matt black H2 and H12, dark grey, medium grey H53 and a lot of other small bits of colors... On to the exterior: more in the next post, I was surprised I couldn't post more pics :)/>
  12. Great! That means I can spend monday too? That happens to be my day off, I might need it... :)/> I'll give it a go then...
  13. Hello people! I saw a finished build of a new style TIE fighter in the display case of the aircraft forum (Good stuff Aigore!!) and saw Sebastijan mentioning a Star Wars group build. Apparently it almost ends but I just started last week with a Bandai TIE Advanced x1. It's my first Sci-Fi / anything other than aircraft build. Is it too late for me to join? I only have a few pictures of the building process, and I'm into painting the exterior as we speak... Will that do? cheers, Mark
  14. Great work Ryan! You build a little faster then I do... :) I haven't done anything since the last photo's... I notice a little difference between the kit you use and the kit I use, namely the blob on the underside between the fin and the back of the main wings. Do you know what that is? I need to do more homework I guess :) Nice accomplishment and a great addition to any MiG collection! cheers, Mark
  15. That is good stuff... What kit are you building? Mine are the Fujimi ones. I know they have issues, but they build really nice and have good detail... I use them as a pilot for my R.V. stash... they really look good, but might be a bit more tricky to build. I guess I'll find out in a while...
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