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  1. Excellent work, this looks very promising.
  2. I've built 3 of the Revell F-16MLU kits, still have 1 MLU, 2 B and 2 C kits in the stash... and those are just the Revell ones... too bad the Academy F-16s have some shape issues on the intake and nose, detail is a bit better than the Revell kits and price is very reasonable. Hasegawa's CJ kit is also good but it's showing it's age and it's no match for the Tamiya kit. I also think the Kinetic kits are a good deal, lots of weapons, CFTs, electronics spine... At the present time, no other 1/72 kit has so much stuff in the box, but these are only for twin seat versions and detail is wo
  3. Well, i just had a better look at the first kit, and i admit i was forgetting a few other details so i want to take back what i said and make the correction... The first edition of the Tamiya 1/72 F-16CJ Block 50 does have 2 pairs of Aim-120C and 2 pairs of Sidewinders, one of the L/M version and the other pair is the X version, but you can only use one of the 3 pairs of missiles on the wingtip stations as there are no pylons for stations 2,3,5(L and R),7 and 8. No external tanks, targeting pods or HARM missiles... Well, after that, i have to admit that, if you're not that interested in w
  4. Takes a whiffer to know another one, right? Yup, you're right, Jeff, i forgot those. I guess Tamiya rushed it a bit with that first edition, especially when they already had the 1/48 kit, exactly as the second 1/72 edition came out, even the box is the same, just smaller... when it finally came out, i had to buy 2 kits in both scales and i've also been considering buying the 1/32 kit...
  5. Zac, the Tamiya kit with no weapons is almost the same price as the one with the full equipment so it might be a better option to get the later... The first kit doesn't even include the pylons, just think of the extra stuff in the spares box just for a few dollars difference... besides, they're always useful for a whiffer... ;) DFZ
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