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  1. I've been using Humbrol paint for years and so far I've never had a real problem with them. The best thing to do is (as stated above) is to give them a really good stir, put the lid back on securely, and then give it a really good shake. Stir then shake for best results. Karl
  2. karlwb

    Cant post

    Not a group build post but as for logging in, in have the same problem here. I've dumped all of my Firefox cookies and temp files and re-created the bookmark and I'm still getting logged out from time to time. I don't use IE much, so is it just a Firefox thing? Hope we can get this sorted - it's a right PITA. Karl
  3. karlwb

    Tamiya Gloster Meteor F.3

    Hi, I'm working on the Tamiya Meteor F.3 - did the Meteor Mk3 carry the centre drop tank that is included with the kit or was that only used from the Mk4 onwards? Thanks in advance. Karl
  4. karlwb

    UPD: Hase's 1:48 J35 Draken sprue-shots

    Looks good to me I'm sure to have one or two in my stash. Karl
  5. karlwb

    Black Buck

    Having recently read the book 'Vulcan 607' I think I can give a few tentative answers.. although I stand to be corrected. Don't know, sorry. (although I'm sure that there may be some info in the book if I look again) The re-fuelling probe is on the nose of the Vulcan, in front of the windscreen. During trial re-fuelling runs they had trouble with fuel spraying on to the canopy and obscuring the vision of the pilot. From the centreline of the Victor. IIRC, the hose on the centreline is longer than the wing pods and/or aerodynamically it was better when re-fueling one big aircraft from another. Whatever the reason though, it was only done from the centreline. HTH Karl
  6. karlwb

    Telford 2007 Forum Open For Business

    There's lots to see an buy if you go. Here are some pictures I took from the 2005 show on the Saturday. Cheers. Karl
  7. karlwb

    Tamiya thin cement...

    It's really great stuff, the brush in the cap is superb. I'd been looking to try this out for some time and I'd not been able to find it until I saw someone selling it at a show. Cheers. Karl
  8. karlwb

    Fairey Gannet

    Is buying another Trumpeter Gannet out of the question? I think I'd go that route, I've got both kits and I think that the Revell re-release of the old Frog kit will probably stay in it's box for the time being. Karl
  9. karlwb

    RAF "Hemp" color

    PRU Blue is also supposed to be released in Humbrol acrylic but not enamel. This could be a sign that they are looking at the demise of enamel, could also be a clever marketing ploy - if you want to use these colours you need to buy our new acrylics. Just a thought and probably not true at all. I would like to know from some official source about the VOC/enamel ban/regulations that are supposed to be just around the corner - as a big enamel user I'd really like to know. Karl
  10. karlwb

    RAF "Hemp" color

    As state, Xtracolor do an enamel RAF Hemp, but also I'd heard there were plans for Humbrol to re-release their RAF Hemp to coincide with the release of the Airfix Nimrod. I don't know if Hornby/Airfix are still planning to do the same. Karl
  11. karlwb

    Humbrol Acrylics

    The new Humbrol acrylics also come in a white pot, but where as the old ones used to have a removable lid, the new ones come in a tubular pot with a flip top; the new pots also have a blue base that you MUST NOT unscrew - otherwise you will end up with a lap full of paint.!! With these you only need to thin them down with water, no other thinner is suggested or recommended at the moment, I've not tried to spray them yet but that's going to be my next test. The only issue I've had with them (and all other acrylics that I've over tried) is that they can easily be scratched off the surface you have applied them to, but this might be my fault as I didn't use any sort of primer or wash the sprue's before I painted them. HTH Karl
  12. karlwb

    Humbrol Acrylics

    I've been using the new Humbrol acrylics recently and I really like them - I've actually started to collect a small stash of colours that I'm going to use on items such as cockpits where you really need a quick drying time. I'm not a big fan of acrylics, and I've tried quite a few from some of the bigger manufacturers (Revell, Tamiya, and the old Humbrols) and I had very indifferent results with the possible exception of Tamiya (they were ok) so for me to say that I like them is a big step forward for me. Just do like I did - buy a couple of post of black and white and try them out on some basic stuff. Karl
  13. karlwb

    Tonka F3

    Thanks chaps I'm going to finish it soon, but I'm working on another project at the moment that needs to be finished fairly soon, so that's got all my attention for the time being. Cheers Karl
  14. karlwb

    1/48 SAAB Drakken

    A 1/48 Draken would be most welcome. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never seen a 1/48 Draken from anyone Karl
  15. karlwb

    Tonka F3

    Here is a picture of my partly built / on hold Airfix F-3. As I said, it's been driving me nuts :) It's only a part works; I'm trying to build myself up to starting on it again...... Karl