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  1. Second, along with the regular USN TPS scheme
  2. I did, plus I have both kits, I just want to ensure I am using the correct parts for that version of a D
  3. Digging up an old thread... Want to build Tar Heel Hal in 1/48, which is a P-47D-30-RA. I have the Tamiya M kit and am curious what parts I should use to do the D-30-RA The obvious is using the L12, L13, L19 for the fillet rudder What about the cockpit floor? Use the D kit parts ? Or the M kit parts? Also the wing inserts? If I understand correctly I should use the ones from the M kit, because this T-bolt would have the compressibility flaps installed. The only thing would be the gear reduction housing (I think that's what its called), which one sh
  4. Well, a surprise gift from the SO, and I have added the Saturn V to my Lego spacecraft collection. Fun build and yes it is massive. I think I'm going to try and add some fake smoke and flames to it hanging for effect
  5. I've posted these before, they are legacy Hornets, but the stopwatch is pretty noticeable.
  6. Sorry to hear about your troubles, my favorite from our PO, is that anytime we order dog food, they claim the mailbox is full and won't deliver it. We have 3 big dogs and order large bags of food >35lbs. I like to know how they think it was going to fit in the mailbox regardless...
  7. Maybe someone like @Dave Roof would take this on, I know he's mostly USMC. I don't know how popular the Blue Angels are to modelers. On the Geek's podcast, I heard that the Furball Blue Angel sheet was one of the best/fastest-selling sheets he has.
  8. Offhand, does anyone know if any company has done the cockpit mods for the Blue Angel Hornets, either the Legacy or Super? I would think with 3D printing it would be easier now than used to be with resin. It would be great to get the stopwatch, smoke control etc... I'm not exactly great at scratch building and want to build the Blue's aircraft
  9. Looks good Dai, I have a couple of these kits and watching your progress with interest
  10. I commend you for building this kit, I built the F kit when they released the one with the PAX River Markings. I ended up using parts from the Hasegawa kit, including pilots, seats, landing gear and wheels.
  11. agreed with the storage, never have enough. Some built-in bookshelves always look nice and are useful for books and such. Also, invest in these wheels for your chairs, they are game-changers
  12. I tried searching but sometimes the searching doesn't exactly work great, but happy it's in the pipeline
  13. Don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I may be in the minority, but I love the later Corsairs, but the early ones get all the decal love. A few sheets have been done, but some are expensive or hard to find. How about some "late-model" Corsair love, stuff like the -4, -5(N), -6, -7, and the AU-1, probably could do a separate sheet for the foreign operators too. The markings are not exactly elaborate, but seeing the test aircraft (NATC) would be cool. I know the Hobbyboss and Hasegawa kits have their "issues" but they aren't exactly unbuildable.
  14. I have it and yes it does appear to be true. I haven't gone through it completely, but there is a number of schemes I want to do.
  15. Is the 1/48 version of this sheet going to be released?
  16. For anyone looking for a kit, the Meng Super Hornet F kit is deal of the day on Sprue Bros
  17. Hi John- I was able to find out some information through a P-51 Facebook group. Yes, those are the decals I have. The spinner is a actually a copper color. As for the propellers, it was mentioned that they had both, so either would probably be okay.
  18. Post your completed group builds here
  19. Sprue Brothers has the Caracal sheet in stock, has the colorful VT-21 bird on it https://spruebrothers.com/carcd72028-1-72-caracal-models-decals-t-45-goshawk/?utm_source=scalemates&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=marketplace The wolfpack kit also has CTW-2 decals included with it https://spruebrothers.com/wpd17205-1-72-wolfpack-t-45c-goshawk-us-navy-trainer/
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