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  1. Dr. Brad

    1/1000 1701-A Refit

    Thanks! The base coat was the key to tone down the look of the decals....
  2. Dr. Brad

    1/1000 1701-A Refit

  3. Dr. Brad

    1/1000 1701-A Refit

    Thanks all!
  4. Dr. Brad

    1/1000 1701-A Refit

    Thanks. Yes, just sprayed a bit of the base coat over the markings.
  5. Dr. Brad

    1/1000 1701-A Refit

    After my 1701 1/1000 kit from Polar Lights languished on the shelf for many, many years, I finally finished it off last fall. My main goal was to see if I could get the Aztec decals to look, well, less like decals. I know there's no way they will look like a great paint job, but well, I wanted to see what I could do. The buiild makes use of the stock decals, some supplemental decals for the "A", some decals for the main deflector and glowing nacelle grills, and a new bridge from the long gone Tetryon Parts. I built the kit in sections and applied decals to the sections. I misted the base coat over the decals until the Aztec patterns were toned down enough (to my eye). Then I applied the markings and added a bit more base coat (a mix of white and light grey acrylic). Comments are are welcome!
  6. After the Batpod, the next vehicle in line was the Tumbler. Here's my take on the Moebius 1/25 scale Tumbler from the Nolan Batman movies. At first I wasn't sure about the car, but after seeing it in action in Batman Begins, I was sold on it. The kit itself is a bit of a mixed bag. It's a pretty good representation of the Tumbler, but the instructions have several errors, including numbering of parts and less than clear illustrations. The fit of some parts was pretty bad in places, but especially the air foils. If ever a kit required test fitting, it's this one! Oh, and the clear lenses for the eight lights in front do not fit unless the holes are substantially opened up. I painted the kit using mostly Tamiya paint, including semi-gloss black, silver and flat black. The front wheels were painted with Tamiya black, and the rear with Alclad chrome and Tamiya gloss black. The struts were a mix of gold and a copper to give a slightly redder look to the color. I sanded the tires and weathered them. There's also some weathering on the Tumbler, but it doesn't show up too well in the pics. I added "nano" surface LEDs to the eight front lights, and after it was far too late, I figured out how I could lit the spots near the back. Maybe next time, because, despite the issues with the kit, I'd like to build another one some day. As usual comments are welcome.
  7. Dr. Brad

    1/25 scale Batpod

    Thanks all. And sigh, Madhatter, the cape is a bit glossy. I used semi gloss black, but really should have used a flat colour. Nothing that a coat of dull coat won’t fix though. 🙂 For the metallics I just used Tamiya colours. I was a bit too lazy to use Alclad like I usually would. The bat plane from Batman v Superman is on my list for this year!
  8. Dr. Brad

    1/25 scale Batpod

    Hey all. Here's my 1/25 scale Moebius Batpod I complete a while back. It was a pretty straightforward build, though the fit was, shall we say, less than perfect, particularly the way the Batman figure fits on the Batpod . It's a pretty small kit, but it makes a nice companion piece to my other Batman kits. Comments are welcome!
  9. Dr. Brad

    Klingon Bop

    Very nice work! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Dr. Brad

    Aoshima Thunderbird 3 ( Progress 28/10)

    You've done a great job so far! Thanks for posting this!
  11. Dr. Brad

    1/1400 Enterprise C

    Very nice work!
  12. Dr. Brad

    Iron Man Mark 24 "Tank" from Iron Man 3

    Thanks Els. It's too bad we never got to see this suit in action in Iron Man 3.... Next up for my Iron Man builds is one of the Moebius Mark 3 kits (the second version with a better pose than the first version of the kit).
  13. Dr. Brad

    Iron Man Mark 24 "Tank" from Iron Man 3

    Thanks! There was more masking than I thought there would be - isn't there always? But, in the end, it's one of my favourite of the twelve Dragon Iron Man kits I've built.
  14. Here's my version of Stark's Mark 24 "Tank" from Iron Man 3. I painted the Dragon 1/9 Mark 17 "Heartbreaker" as a Mark 24 "Tank." The armours were virtually the same, but the Mark 24 was given a different colour scheme. I don't think it even shows up in the movie, though it was in some promotional material. Hot Toys did a 1/6 version that I used for reference (from pics on the web). According to one of the FX guys who worked on the movie, when I asked him what he would suggest for colors, he said " To be honest those shaders were never really laid out. That movie was so rushed it had all the parts and colors slapped on as fast as possible. You could provide whatever you think is correct." I ended up mixing the brown using Vallejo acrylics, including a bottle of Vallejo thats supposed to give a metallic look to a paint. It worked well enough, particularly when you can see it in person. To get the varying degrees of a slight "rose" tint on some of the silver, I misted some Alclad bronze over Alclad silver. It actually worked pretty well, though you can't always see it in the pics. I ended up mixing the brown with Vallejo paints, and painted the metallics in Alcad. There is a slight tint to some of the silver, but it doesn’t show up as well in the pics. Misted some bronze over some silvers for a slight tint. Worked quite well actually. This certainly is a kit that begs for lighting, as with the other eleven I've done from Iron Man 3, I used super small LEDs powered by a 9 volt battery in the base. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and of course, comments are welcome! Apologies to those of you who opened this post thinking you'd see an actual military tank. 🙂 Oh, and below is a pic of the 1/9 Dragon kit I did as the Mark 17 Heartbreaker (it did actually show up in IM3)