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  1. Just wow! You are doing an amazing job on this! Man, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project!
  2. Thanks! The base coat was the key to tone down the look of the decals....
  3. Thanks. Yes, just sprayed a bit of the base coat over the markings.
  4. After my 1701 1/1000 kit from Polar Lights languished on the shelf for many, many years, I finally finished it off last fall. My main goal was to see if I could get the Aztec decals to look, well, less like decals. I know there's no way they will look like a great paint job, but well, I wanted to see what I could do. The buiild makes use of the stock decals, some supplemental decals for the "A", some decals for the main deflector and glowing nacelle grills, and a new bridge from the long gone Tetryon Parts. I built the kit in sections and applied decals to the sections. I misted the
  5. After the Batpod, the next vehicle in line was the Tumbler. Here's my take on the Moebius 1/25 scale Tumbler from the Nolan Batman movies. At first I wasn't sure about the car, but after seeing it in action in Batman Begins, I was sold on it. The kit itself is a bit of a mixed bag. It's a pretty good representation of the Tumbler, but the instructions have several errors, including numbering of parts and less than clear illustrations. The fit of some parts was pretty bad in places, but especially the air foils. If ever a kit required test fitting, it's this one! Oh, and the clear lenses for th
  6. Thanks all. And sigh, Madhatter, the cape is a bit glossy. I used semi gloss black, but really should have used a flat colour. Nothing that a coat of dull coat won’t fix though. 🙂 For the metallics I just used Tamiya colours. I was a bit too lazy to use Alclad like I usually would. The bat plane from Batman v Superman is on my list for this year!
  7. Hey all. Here's my 1/25 scale Moebius Batpod I complete a while back. It was a pretty straightforward build, though the fit was, shall we say, less than perfect, particularly the way the Batman figure fits on the Batpod . It's a pretty small kit, but it makes a nice companion piece to my other Batman kits. Comments are welcome!
  8. Very nice work! Thanks for sharing!
  9. You've done a great job so far! Thanks for posting this!
  10. Thanks Els. It's too bad we never got to see this suit in action in Iron Man 3.... Next up for my Iron Man builds is one of the Moebius Mark 3 kits (the second version with a better pose than the first version of the kit).
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