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  1. 1989 Batwing

    Thanks all. It was a pretty straightforward build. Silenoz, I've been tempted to buy one of those Batman Forever Batwings, too, but haven't gotten around to it. Too bad about that canopy in yours...
  2. 1989 Batwing

    Here's my take on the Round 2 reissue of AMT's 1989 Batwing kit. It was a fairly straightforward build, though I added lights. The weathering doesn't show up quite as well as it does in person. In one pic I also used the kit supplied background. Painting was fairly straightforward. Semi-gloss black with some weathering. I chose to leave the base basic black. I was glad to have the opportunity to build this kit. Comments are welcome.
  3. 1/1000 Bandai 2199 Yamato

    Thanks all. The kit itself was fairly easy to build. Bandai did a bang-up job of engineering it.
  4. 1/1000 Bandai 2199 Yamato

    Here's my 1/1000 Yamato. I saw it in a store a while ago and thought it would make an interesting addition to my 1/1000 kits. I just wanted to do a simple clean build which, for my purposes, doesn't include the partial interior Bandai provided. Had to end up mixing the paint to get the colors I wanted (even though I know Bandai sells a set of paints). I'm fairly happy with the way it turned out. the kit itself is very well engineered! I included a shot with my 1/1000 TOS and Enterprise B builds. Comments are welcome.
  5. Really nice work on such a small kit!
  6. Executive Officer Kane - Alien

    Any updates? :-)
  7. Executive Officer Kane - Alien

    Great work so far!
  8. SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    Great work on this so far. I too have mixed feelings about this design, but it's kinda cool!
  9. SPACESHIPS!!! Time for some SBY goodies

    This is going to be great! Thanks for posting!
  10. Thanks! A better modeller could actually do some very cool things with it. I'd like to see it in a drydock in the bat cave, with Bruce Wayne working on it. But that's beyond my meagre diorama skills! I'm working on a 1989 Batwing (or Batplane, or whatever it's called). I just finished a 1/1000 Yamamoto kit from Bandai that I'll post pics of soon.... Brad.
  11. 1951 Bel Air (birthday present for my daughter)

    Thanks Jerry! I've purchased a Moebius Hudson Convertible for her next!
  12. Here's my take on the recent Round 2 Reissue of the Batboat from 1992's "Batman Returns." I wanted to do a gloss coat, but I couldn't just get a uniform gloss every on the hull. I finally gave up and went with a semi-gloss. I stripped the chrome parts and redid them with AlClad chrome. The worst part of an otherwise simple build was the seam between the top and the bottom, but with filler and a lot of sanding, I took care of that. I suppose I should add some weathering, but for now, I'll leave it as is! The last pic is with the backdrop that Round 2 supplies with the kit. Comments are welcome!
  13. Here's something I recently finished for our 16 year old daughter. It's Round 2's reissue of the AMT 1951 Bel Air. She chose the colours of both the exterior and interior. I haven't built a car model in a long time (not counting the 1989 Batmobile I recently built). It's quite a departure from my usual fare... The main body was done with Tamiya spray cans. It was also the first time I tried Bare-Metal Foil. Man, am I sold on that stuff! I have a new appreciation for model car builders. I lost track of how many times I had to polish the body. It's still not perfect! But... my daughter is happy with how it turned out! And she also like the case I bought for it!