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  1. Well, after 3 months of hard work, it's finished! And this is at the Bydgoszcz Scale Model Exposition (Poland). No, I'm not from Poland, but I live here while I'm studying Greetings! Claudio
  2. Ok guys... PROJECT FINISHED The results are at Display Case
  3. As I promised, here's the update! First, I painted every piece of the track with Humbrol 173 (Track color), and alluminum with dry brush. Then, I have applied the Panel Line Color to all the track pieces, and let 1 day to dry. Here's the result: And then, 52 pieces per side (104 in total): Next update: the sideskirts (I must be careful with them, because the weathering must match the rest of the tank) Greetings! Claudio
  4. Soon, but first I must finish the tracks (I promise I will post the photos this night :D)
  5. Well, after 4 days of work with the dirt, I think I have a very realistic dirt for the tank: The dirt has been made by mixing Light Dust Pigment with water, and after 1-day drying, 2 layers of Panel Line Color (Dark Brown). Next step: the tracks! Greetings! Claudio
  6. I've started to paint it! I'm using only brush and humbrol paints (exactly, Nº155 for the olive green) And for the wheels, I couldn't find tire black, so I'm using humbrol Nº243 (Grun): Greetings Claudio
  7. Hi Guys! Here's my last work: the little Sherman from UM (UniModels) in 1/72. It was a hell: 142 pieces (most of them, no larger than 1-2 mm) and photoetched parts (some of them I broke, by the way), but I think I made a good one. I didn't use the decals, so I painted all the markings with patience: What do you think? Greetings! Claudio
  8. Thanks for the support! Now it's time for the turret! It was really hard to put the metal barrel in place (I had to wait one day until the glue harden): I'm not going to paint the interior, because it wont be seen The turret is split into 3 pieces, and it fits really good (I didn't use putty) Here's a preassemby of the Chaffee: Notice that the wheels are not glued And I'll make a little upgrade: The only thing that I'm not going to use is the fuel drums Greetings! Claudio
  9. Hi guys! I made this little one two months ago. The snow camo is made by painting first panzer grey, and adding white applied with paper (I'm serious). Then I weathered it with black pigment mixed with brown, and some white to simulate snow. What do you think? Greetings! Claudio
  10. Hi guys! I usually don't build tanks (because they are quite expensive in my country), so I hope you can help me to do this one. It's the special edition, with alluminium barrel and separate tracks I've built only the wheels and suspension systems: And made some damage to the tire rubber: Greetings! Claudio
  11. So, for the next german fighter, I must take care with the colour of the propellor blades (use RLM70), with the colour of the spinner, and the tyre colour Thanks for your comments. Pd: stevehnz, It's a what-if scheme, because I don't have the correcto colors to do the real one
  12. Well, I'm new here, so I'll gift you my latest model: do-335 pfeil by Revell I've been modelling for 5 years, and I know a lot of techniques, but I'm sure that I need to learn more. So, what do you think? what I must do to improve the next model?
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