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    Update ! Take note that i have now lowered the price of both the D-21 Booster Rocket and the D-21 Booster Dolly ! And the FREE SHIPPING offer at Shapeways is still valid until midnight TODAY, US Pacific time (at least for California and the other continental West coast states if I'm not wrong. For details please check at Shapeways. Shapeways boutique: https://www.shapeways.com/product/XP5CBAZSX/rocket-booster-for-d-21-drone-spyplane-1-48th Stephane Stratosphere Models Email : stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr Website : http://www.picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels
  2. I have just uploaded 3 NEW models inclding 2 NEW 1/48th scale airplanes at my Shapeways Boutique: Strato. They are the 2 different versions of the new hypersonic vehicle from Lockeed /DARPA / USAF that flew several times in 2010 and 2011. I will add more details soon about them and the 2 versions. https://www.shapeways.com/product/Z58P2ZK2Z/htv-2-hypersonic-usaf-aircraft-version-2?optionId=63680159&li=shop-inventory *** Take note that i am now offering them in 3 different high resolution materials. I am going to have a Much larger aircraft coming soon, I may actually have to reduce it to 1/100th and 1/144th because at 1/72nd it would be 2 feet long. It's BIG, it's beautiful, it's fast ;) ! Stephane Stratosphere Models Website : http://www.picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels Email : stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr

    GOOD NEWS ! Until September 24th SHIPPING IS FREE on my Shapeways models ! I also have a whole lot of new goodies which I will provide a link for in a moment for which the FREE SHIPPING also applies. Stephane Stratosphere Models Shapeways Boutique No. 1: https://www.shapeways.com/product/XP5CBAZSX/rocket-booster-for-d-21-drone-spyplane-1-48th http://www.shapeways.com/product/W5CSJFAS3/dolly-for-d-21-rocket-booster-1-48th-scale Shapeways Boutique No.2: https://www.shapeways.com/search?q=The_Old_Factory+&type= I forgot to mention that you can put the D-21 on top of both the booster plus dolly stack. Manufacturer photos are a bit rare but let me check what i've got in my file. Here we go. These will build as spectacular, never seen before displays worthy of the IPMS Nationals show:
  4. I am exceptionnaly offering for sale a 2nd Stratosphere Models pattern. This one is for my hypersonic Lockheed FDL-6 SOMV classified lifting body, 1/48th scale. It's my largest version of that model at over 20 cm long. The model was produced in fiberglass, so the tooling molds are also fiberglass. This will allow you to make nice, long lasting, resistant desk models. You will have to add a silicone mold for the fin as the fins I made for those were individually made out of styrene. The Lockheed FDL-6 SOMV is still in part classified. It was an unmanned hypersonic high-lift-to-drag ratio lifting body which had performances way better than the Space Shuttle, like it's several FDL series siblings developed during the 1960's by the Air Force Flight Dynamics Lab. Several large size components were build both by Lockheed & the USAF. A large rear fuselage half was build & is shown in the publication Lockheed Horizons. A front fuselage was also build for tests in a large oven and a photo of it was also published. One classified tech paper describes the FDL-6 as a weapons system (possibly for the delivery of nuclear weapons, which would explain why it's still in part classified today). The vehicle may or may not have been flight tested under a covert program. The fiberglass tool was only used a few times & is in good condition (no scratches). If ever desk models for this program were made they were few and remained classified and are unlikely to show up on the collector market. So this is your chance to be able to produce desk models of this member of a series of hypersonic vehicles from a significant program from AFFDL which had performances significantly superior to their predecessor, the X-20, as well as improved all metal heat shield. This model kit came out after a 4 year 1/2 research on the whole USAF FDL series of high L/D classified vehicles plus several other hypersonic projects. The fiberglass tooling is for sale for 325.00$ US. Shipping cost is separate. Contact me to know the shipping cost at: stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr Or via my website at: http://picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels The molds produce very nice castings like these: (Take note that only companies in good standing with Stratosphere Models will be considered).
  5. I am exceptionally putting up for sale several Stratosphere Models patterns and molds. The first one is a large, nice classic NASA logo that can be used as a model base. I used to include those with my Lockheed SSTO Venture Star space shuttle. The tooling is in perfect condition & was made by hand from styrene. Diameter of the disk itself is 7.25 inch. Total width is about 9.5 inch. It's over 1/4 inch thick. Price for the tooling is 300.00$ US. There's also a silicone mold included. The mold is in very good condition, I have mostly used it for polyester castings so there is practically no abrasion at all. It's ready for production. If you are imaginative there are many possible uses for this part and several possibilities with different materials for nice special effects. Shipping cost is separate. Contact me for the shipping cost at: stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr Or via my website at: http://picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels (Take note that only companies in good standing with Stratosphere Models will be considered, meaning only those having never been associated with nor having done any business with recasters).
  6. TOOLING & MOLDS of STRATO's Largest Sci- Fi KIT FOR SALE ! I am PUTTING UP FOR SALE ALL THE TOOLING AND MOLDS OF MY LARGEST AND MOST SPECTACULAR SCI-FI MODEL KIT: The TROPICAL FISH CRUISER (Angel Fish, or Sharlin Cruiser) from B5. For those who are not aware, Stratosphere Models have produced a line of some of the largest popular B5 Sci-Fi kits during several years, many of which are still available. The model is nearly 3 FEET TALL, and 3 FEET LONG ! (1 meter tall by 1 meter long !). It is a mixed media kit, mostly vacform but now include large resin parts (the upper and lower fins). The new all resin fins are a RECENT UPDATE and their molds are still new as i have produced only a few with the new resin fins. Website: http://www.picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels It is one of the crown jewels of Stratosphere Models and is my most expensive and most profitable product on my catalog. The kits have been selling like hotcakes on Ebay by dealers where they reached prices between 300 to 350$US each (i personally was not selling on Ebay as it was no possible for me back then). I have been selling the recently updated version with all resin main fins for 499.00$US. (I even have had to turn down clients recently as i can no longer produce the kit because i can no longer obtain replacement parts for the original 2nd stage pump from the manufacturer of my vacform machine. Due to my heavy investment in 3D CAD and many upcoming kits have not had the chance to invest in new vacforming equipment. So i've decided it is time to find a new home for this spectacular kit). The basic design of the kit required more than 6 months of work. An additional 2 months and a half was added a year later to update the main fuselage ribs (which were considerably beefed up to accurize them) plus other details. It took 2 more months to design the new all resin fins and their molds. The new resin fins can be cast with translucent resin so you can light them up to replicate the window lights seen on the CG spaceship. These new resin fins are very nice. Asking price for all the tooling and molds is 9.5K $ US. Firm. (The actual value of the tooling is much higher, calculating that i spent 40 hours a week minimum (i often had 10, 12 hours work days), 4 weeks per month, multiplied by 10.5 months at 10$ an hour (most per hire modelers in N. America charge more than double that fee), so in reality the tooling and molds are worth 16800$ minimum). Only inquiries from serious companies will be considered. Buyer may have to provide proof that he can cover the payment. Payments accepted are postal money orders, bank transfer (bank draft) or Paypal (if you choose Paypal, you will have to add 3.5% to the total to cover the Paypal fees. Payment for the tooling and molds will have to be made upfront, upon which all parts will be carefully packed and shipped. Shipping cost is not included in the main sales price and will be calculated and charged separately based on the actual shipping and packing material cost. Most of the tooling is fragile so the utmost care will be taken to protect them for shipping with strong boxes or crates as needed. All packages will be insured to their full value. Due to the fragile nature of several of the tooling and weight (silicone molds are heavy), several shipments will be necessary to mitigate risk of damage. Everywhere possible registered mail will be used. No shipping to P.O. Boxes, only residential adresses or your main place of business where you are present during postal/delivery business hours will be accepted. No return or exchanges, the tooling and molds are sold as production ready. Any potential shipping claim will be dealt with via Post Canada's regulations or whichever company will be used to mail the tooling, by the shipper, and reimbursement amount for any damaged shipment will be sent to buyer once (if Canada Post is used) it complete its procedures and inquiry and upon their payment of insurance claim, (which in the case of Canada Post usually takes a few months). Shipping tooling/molds in separate packages will also ensure that you may obtain full coverage in case of damage to individual packages so as not to go beyond the maximum insurance value for a single box. Though i do not foresee any issue, i have shipped both fully assembled and painted models and tooling parts to the US on several occasions without any problem. If insurance value per single box might be an issue, an alternative shipping company might be selected for some or even for all of the shippments. I still have several vacform castings in stock which i will include with the sale. Some of them, the largest ones, may have 5% errors of vacforming, meaning a few soft corners, but are still very much usable as back-up. They are the last ones i have in stock, i cannot produce more because parts for my special 2nd stage pump are no longer available. All the small vacformed stock parts are perfect as i still can vacform them with a smaller version of my vac machine without need for a 2nd stage pump, so they are perfectly formed. I'm adding the large parts as backup, just in case. If you are not familiar with vacforming large parts i will provide information free of charge based on my 23 years of experience so you can make them successfully. I do have a professional high vacuum pump which i've used for other purposes and which i no longer use which could be used as a 2nd stage vac pump, however it would need custom fittings to couple it with a vacform machine. Because it produces a very high noise level i cannot use it where i live. If the buyer is interested i could sell this pump also or i could even include it with the deal (to be negociated)(it's very heavy, so it would be shipped separately). It's still new and have only been used 3 or 4 times. With the accessories coming with it (vacuum gauges and hoses) it have a value of nearly 500$. The main fuselage tooling, the tail, plus several of the smaller parts are made of wood and fiberglass. The set also include several permanent tooling molds which are made of a special composite made by Stratosphere Models (you cannot buy that material commercially off the shelf. Included with the sale i will provide you with the method to make and replace this tooling if needed. It is an excellent low cost tooling to vacform smaller and medium size components and it resist heat very well and is easier and less expensive to make than commercially available specialized heat resistant materials (and no, it's not plaster, though plaster works well too but is a lot less resistant to dings, scratches and impacts) and it is resistant to potential damages during demolding. Take note that i am not selling any of the trademarks of Stratosphere Models or Temporal Rift in this deal. I am only selling the tooling and the molds for the Tropical Fish Cruiser. Photos of the tooling and molds will be emailed to prospective buyers upon request. You can contact me at : stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr Pass the word around. Stephane Stratosphere Models
  7. PAF soon to tour CONUS

    Ya, indeed, i missed them, i thought they were coming back to Montreal from what i just found on some other news report from the local press after reading this, but looks like their first passage over Montreal went completely incognito at the start of their tour, or else what the press reported in the newspaper was actually their 2nd and final passage over Montreal, because that's the time when i heard the news (too late). Oh well... maybe one day i will go to see them in France. Stephane.
  8. PAF soon to tour CONUS

    They came to Montreal too, actually i was Soooo frustrated about this one as i had never seen the Patrouille de France and i missed them... , as i learned about it in a very short article in the newspaper of the same day that i did only read that evening... there was no mention of the time when they came, and no mention anywhere that i read or heard of the day before... which is a pity. Actually they only flew over Old Montreal (as a tribute to the 375th anniversary of its foundation, this year), they did not land at Dorval as far as a know. They also mention they overflew various parts of the Abitibi region in the Quebec north shore. My guess is that they may possibly have landed at St-Hubert airport to refuel (not familiar with the range of the Alpha's, but Bagotville is fairly far north), which is where most visiting foreign military aircrafts go when they come to the Montreal region, since St-Hubert is a military base. Stephane Email: stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr Website: http://picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels SHAPEWAYS BOUTIQUE: https://www.shapeways.com/product/XP5CBAZSX/rocket-booster-for-d-21-drone-spyplane-1-48th
  9. Solar 3D printing sky-scrapers in the Sahara !

    Markus Kayser gave a TED Talk in 2012 about his solar 3D printing project and it's results. He is also a PhD and he also have a patent for the 3D printing of glass.
  10. 1:1 scale TUNED'S GUN, 10mm HSA, manga prop model KIT

  11. Solar 3D printing sky-scrapers in the Sahara !

    Hi Mingling, oh yes it works, I invite you to have a look at the last link I posted above (and there is more in the other link before that), desert sand have already proven to be usable as a construction material, and potentially for skyscrapers as well. When it gets sintered by the sun it fuses to itself and you can then build any solid mass with it. It is actually for the manufacturing of structures made of concrete that desert sand is not usable and that beach sand is used instead (thus the huge ecological disaster for beachfront environments and erosion of coastlines due to our massive use of beach sand in that industry). The mixing of cement with beach sand and aggregates uses a chemical reaction, while the use of desert sand to 3D print with solar energy uses a reaction of physics, so it is independent of the shape of the grains to accomplish sintering. Since sand is often silica based, if you melt it it is similar to glass (though chemical elements content will vary from place to place), so sintering with the sun accomplishes that. The only thing I don't know is what other chemical elements sand from the Sahara does contain besides it's main silica content. It probably also varies from place to place, this would be a job for engineers to determine the sand of which part of Sahara would be best for this use, and what type of reinforcement structure would be needed, and how tall a structure could be when this material is used. I made a mistake when I was saying 2 construction cranes would be needed for building this type of tower, in fact it would be best to use a 3 construction cranes scheme on this one, like a giant Delta in fact :) ! which is fitting since it would be a giant 3D printer !
  12. I just found this absolutely fantastic project of building habitation towers in the Sahara desert with a solar powered 3D printing machine ! (and using the locally available sand as building material, sintering the sand with the heat of the sun !). I see this would require a couple construction crane with an horizontal axis rail in between equipped with a multi-axis robotic arm attached to the horizontal rail with the solar mirrors on the ro robotic arms to be able to build this structure. And you would have to move the crane around the tower to build the largest upper structure on all sides. Such a building would also require an internal metal reinforcement armature of steel, as i don't think sintered sand on its own would be strong enough for a tall building with such delicate structures (i am no engineer, but perhaps if they made the walls and "branches" hollow and program the 3D printer to build a complex system of internal structures to reinforce these, like some sort of honeycomb, maybe sintered sand alone might be strong enough to build such a structure ? They would have to test this on a grand scale, and see how well such a structure resists against sand storms and wind erosion, extreme temperature variations (and freezing and thawing damages) as well as earthquakes). The lace like structures at the top would further complicate things from a strength point of view, i think it is more for show than a realistic solution and that part would probably have to go and the whole structure simplified to work and keep cost and complexity down. Otherwise you would need a lot of support structures to keep the most delicate parts and the "branches" from collapsing under their own weight while they are being grown until the whole network of structures can get connected and becomes self-supporting (IF that structure was actually thought out to act as self-supporting, which may not be the case as this sounds more like a student work done to participate in a design competition (and a competition it was, the 2014 building design competition). But the concept is brilliant, the towers would produce their own water, through condensation, and using a principle similar to energy producing pipes/towers. However it would not be easy to build the underground part without having to resort to building that section with concrete (the orientation of the solar 3D printer in a deep hole would be complicated if impossible, or else they would have to dig a huge excavation, and spent more carbon fossil fuel in the process. However, they would have to modify their design to adapt it to the realities of that region, and most of those glass window surfaces would have to go, in a very hot and sunny environment where temperatures reach up to 50 degrees Centigrade or more in the middle of summer you would want to shield from the sun and have walls with only a few small openings on the outside. But otherwise the basic idea is fantastic. It remains to be seen how well this would old in comparison with concrete. But if it works, it would fix the very, VERY serious problem of the soon to be complete disappearance of beach sand necessary to build concrete buildings and structures (sea sand is apparently the only material that works to make concrete, desert sand does not work), so there is a whole series of sand mafias around the world (in Algeria, India and many other countries around the world) who strip beaches of their sand, who kill eyewitnesses, journalists and environmentalists, and who are not only accelerating coastal erosion (to dramatic results when we see recent record hurricanes and tropical storms), but also, it seems the whole world including finance, construction and developers seem to be in a complete slumber, and even governments seem to act as if the problem did not exist and that we would have beach sand forever to build more concrete structures, when in fact, according to reports, at the rate we build, the resource is already almost completely gone and we will very soon not be able to build any new concrete structures... I do not know if the authors of this projects were also aware of the looming beach sand shortage for the construction industry, nor if they have conducted experimental trials and research to see if this material can achieve the structural strength and longevity required to build sky scrapers, but they better start doing that and find out soon, otherwise, we might be left only with steel and aluminum (or carved stones) as skyscraper building material, and steel and aluminum are not resources that are infinite either, given the enormous appetite for these materials by the Chinese manufacturing industry, and recycling these materials (or producing them new) uses enormous amounts of energy (the aluminum industry is one of the biggest clients of Hydro-Quebec here), and an enormous source of pollution, in those countries or states where there is no clean energy sources available. So, clearly if this can provide structures that are strong and acceptably long lasting, solar-powered 3D printing systems would be a priority to solve extremely serious raw material looming shortages and to address and help slow down global warming (the traditional manufacturing of concrete contributes to a very large extent to global warming, and also uses enormous amounts of energy as extreme heat is used in a furnace to produce concrete). In any case, whoever patents/builds these solar-powered 3D printers for desert sand and make it work might get himself very rich. Stephane Email: stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr Website: http://picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels SHAPEWAYS BOUTIQUE: https://www.shapeways.com/product/XP5CBAZSX/rocket-booster-for-d-21-drone-spyplane-1-48th LINKS: http://www.3ders.org/articles/20140325-sand-babel-solar-powered-3d-printed-skyscraper-made-with-desert-sands.html https://www.greenprophet.com/2014/03/solar-sintered-sand-babel-tower/ Aaaand it is starting already ! SOLAR POWERED 3D PRINTED IN SITU ! LINK: http://machbio.blogspot.ca/2015/02/graphn-attitude-solaire-et-imprimante-3d.html
  13. Test Test, there seems to be a BUG with pics links

    OK, problem fixed, all picture links from Photobucket are now working fine :) Email: stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr Website: http://www.picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels Shapeways boutique:: https://www.shapeways.com/product/XP5CBAZSX/rocket-booster-for-d-21-drone-spyplane-1-48th
  14. 1:1 scale TUNED'S GUN, 10mm HSA, manga prop model KIT

    The links are now working fine :) . I am sorry about the delay, i think it was probably related to maintenance at Photobucket, they posted a message about this recently. Here are more pictures of the first castings: Email: stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr Website: http://www.picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels Shapeways boutique:: https://www.shapeways.com/product/XP5CBAZSX/rocket-booster-for-d-21-drone-spyplane-1-48th
  15. I am offering another SALE as i have another overstock of D-21 drones and X-37 ALTV USAF spaceplanes. I am offering them at: X-37 ALTV, 1/48th scale: NOW ONLY 53.95$ US, More than 30% OFF (Regular price: 75.00$ US) (ONLY 3 available) D-21 DRONE, 1/48th scale: NOW ONLY 56.95$ US, 35% OFF (Regular price: 85.00$ US) (ONLY 2 available) FOR 5 DAYS ONLY. The X-37 is my most detailed model kit. It features extremely fine and precise panel lines for the heat tiles over all the underside and on the sides of the fuselage and wings leading edges. It is also covered with myriads of tiny rivets (you might think it is 3D printed, but in fact it was all made by hand !) and is also covered with subtles textures. I wish more people realized this, as it is one of the best kept secrets of the modeling world. It will build into a superb model. And given that the US now have a US Space Force command, which include the X-37, this is a must have for every collector of modern 1/48th scale US military aircraft, to go right next to your F-15's, F-16's. F-22's and F-35's. My D-21 is also the only D-21 that i know of that have the correct wing shape plan view (and that wing is Very thin), as well as the correct panel lines and subtle fuselage shapes, plus little details that were never found on D-21 kits before. It include optional parts to build different variants and allow for different color schemes. And for those who may not know it yet, i have a set of very neat 3D printable 1/48th models at Shapeways right now to go with the D-21 Drone: The GTD-21 rocket booster :) and the D-21 rocket booster and D-21 dolly ! Now with the lower D-21 price, that's your chance to get those to go with your D-21 and make a spectacular dispay for IPMS shows ! Email: stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr Website: http://picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels SHAPEWAYS BOUTIQUE: https://www.shapeways.com/product/XP5CBAZSX/rocket-booster-for-d-21-drone-spyplane-1-48th