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  1. Damn... i can't log off... What happened ??
  2. "Tooling for a 1/48th scale kit cost just "a little bit more" versus a tooling for a 1/72nd scale injected plastic kit". I would say I disagree with that statement. The mold cavity for a 1/72nd scale injected plastic kit aircraft with say a dimension of 15 x 15 cm will have a superficy of 225 square cm (I'm using a very simple square shape just for the sake of the example), while the same model made at 1/48th scale will have a superficy of 22.5 x 22.5 cm = 506.25 square cm. That's double the superficy of mold cavity for the 1/48th scale kit. Research and design for a 1/48th scal
  3. SPECIAL AFTER BOXING DAY Stratosphere Models Specials : Lockheed/CIA D-21 Mach 4 spy drone (Only 1/48 D-21 resin kit on the market, and the only accurate D-21 kit). 53.98$ US (Regular price : 85.00$) Mc Donnell/USAF FDL-7 C/D, manned spaceplane, 1/100 (the true shape of the legacy USAF FDL-7 C/D developed at Wright Patterson (AFFDL USAF labs) and the only existing kit of the legacy shape). About 25 cm long. 39.98.00$ US (Regular price 70.00$) Mc Donnell/USAF FDL-7 Model 176, manned spaceplane (crew ferry vehicle for the USAF MOL reconnaissance
  4. Hi, The X-31 model on my website did have the landing gear, but the photos angle hide it (on at least one photo you can see one of the wheels on which the model is standing, which were attached to the gear): http://www.picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels But I no longer have cast metal landing gears at this point, I'm still finalizing a 3D CAD version of them which was to be 3D printed and cast in metal but the price hikes at SW for cast metals plus I believe a change of their policy about sprued parts or other requirements related to casting which I haven't
  5. Hi Bruce, I cannot recommend a service provider specifically and I understand what you mean, SW is the only one (now that Click2Detail is gone) that offer MJM materials from 3DSystems printed at 16 microns plus have stores, but there are many other (usually prototyping) shops that have the same 3DS machine and might print at 16 microns. There is an alternative however, any UV resin desktop 3D printer that can do 16 to 5 microns resolution in the Z axis and about 50 to 20 something microns in the X,Y axis should be able to do the job just fine for small details. If you
  6. Hi Mstor, Thank you very much for kindly providing photos of your KA nozzle parts. Sorry couldn't check the thread earlier. Couple more point: it's ironic that during the still unresolved crystallization crisis, I proposed to SW to use another of the Visijet plastics from 3DSystems instead of the current one they use. A suggestion based on the information I got from another local 3D printing service which was using the same machine as well as several of the different plastics for it, and they told me one of the other 3DS plastics for the 3500HD Max is more stable than
  7. Don't worry Mstor, I don't want to get your KA parts 😅, I was just curious about the look of the surface of his parts before painting, that's all. Back to topic, if you used FUD printed at about 28 microns resolution, I've used FED which is printed at 16 microns and can give a finer surface. There was a comparison between a small Form1 SLA desktop printer and SW's FED plastic printed with 3DSystems machines a few years ago and the parts were very close, though the parts from the 3DSystems printer were still a bit better. But the crystal blooms, if you are affected, can ruin all th
  8. Hi Mstor, I had a look at his creations and there are indeed very detailed parts on his website. It would be interesting to see the parts firsthand before they are painted to see what type of resin he's using. There is a limited number of printers that can do these type of details and surface while remaining competitive. There are more 3D printers that can do better details and higher resolution than this but they are very expensive (material cost and maintenance, usually industrial SLA laser printers) or small desktop machines that print only very small objects rather slowly
  9. I shouldn't have bothered spending so much time trying to push Shapeways to listen and fix their FED/FUD crystallization problem & so on. When i went back to have a look after a few months I found what I already knew was likely to happen : the new CEO announced another big price increase with new complicated algorithm & redesign of the website which generated widespread anger & ironic comments from scale modelers and shop owners. SW's boat is visible sinking : https://www.shapeways.com/forum/t/pricing-changes.97888/ https://www.shapeways.com/forum/t/pricing-
  10. Hi Holmes, Al my sympathies about the loss of your friend. Maybe we crossed path at some point a long time ago when I was at Bombardier too, but it's a big company so I don't know. Yes, 60 that's way too young. My sympathies to his family from another Montrealer. Stephane.
  11. Sorry for the long post. It's not really my story, back in 2016 people at a scale model ships forum complained about their FED/FUD parts (made with multi jet printers from 3DSystems like the 3500HD Max at SW) as they were experiencing blooms of crystals that progressively cover the surface and details of those parts. Someone brought the problem to the attention of SW on their forum and ever since pretty much nothing was done to fix this as neither SW nor 3DS have fixed the material. The parts won't actually turn to dust but crystals do grow on a percentage of them and will grow even through pa
  12. I've had that same experience with several recent East European models from different brands. So Tamiya and Hasegawa are definitely not the only ones who can design kits with good fit. Though I don't have too many Tamiya's or Hasegawa's in my stash, but I do have some Finemolds , and those are just as good as these other 2 Japanese companies. Stephane
  13. Take note that Shapeways Frosted Ultra Detail plastic (FUD) & Frosted Extreme Detail plastic (FED) have been renamed since the 17th of May as : Fine Detail Plastic. Maybe an attempt to make the info about the FED & FUD crystallization crisis go into a dead end on search engines, as some people on their forum already suspect (kind of like when Lululemon changed its name to Lole). Also take note that I wrote most of the info in my previous post a few months ago (sorry, been delayed by too many things to post it earlier) and that since I wrote that they recently made yet anothe
  14. I've been at Shapeways for about 2 years, so I had the opportunity to experience a lot of things. They went from being at the top of my list to bottom of the heap in terms of what I've experienced since I started using their services. The list of problems is long: poor and inefficient customer service, serious quality issue for FED & FUD plastics, questionable practices concerning the sales earnings of store owners (they systematically freeze earnings that are below 30$ for days, weeks or months rather than wire them to us), they very frequently cancel sales: up to 50% of my sales have bee
  15. So I get it that the new A version of the Tamiya F-14 is already out ?? Did I miss on this one ? :o Stéphane, Stratosphere Models Website : http://www.picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels
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