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  1. Hi Jake my books and decals arrived safely today. Any idea when the "Modern Hog guide" is going to reprinted I saw somewhere maybe March April 2017 thanks Gordon
  2. Hi Jake just ordered a few books and decals over New Year. Do you have any idea when here decals may be released as I am participating in a Group Build which ends in May and would love to do an Arctic Camo A-10 thanks gordon
  3. Cant remember what cost is but came in just over a week gordon
  4. Hi I have this kit and am not planning on using most schemes but need the generic decals. Shoot me a PM with your address and I can send them out to you Gordon
  5. I live in Canada and have ordered the Gunze from Mike at MJR Models and Hobbies in the UK pretty good price and very responsive to question, you can find them on FB Model Kits for less or via web www.mjrmodelsandhobbies.co.uk Gordon
  6. My book and model arrived yesterday Thanks again to the sponsors and Moderators I really enjoyed the GB Gordon
  7. I'm in Kingston On, Canada not sure where everyone else is Gordon
  8. I couldn't agree more the organizers did a great job and it great watching all the other Tigers coming to life Gordon
  9. Hi all I hope you don't mind but took a pic of the aircraft I completed for this GB. This now brings my total of Tiger paint schemes to 41 I have really enjoyed seeing all the builds and have been really impressed by the quality of the builds I can only hope to achieve the same quality one day Gordon
  10. Final Tiger finished. I have really enjoyed this group build as it just happened to be my current build interest. Gordon
  11. Going to call this one done. Maybe rushed it a little and decals not the greatest as the tail art is not that great and looking at some of the reference pics show that the inside of the tanks have same markings as the outside but they were not included. Each of the sidewinders has a total of 21 decals on each one. The revel kit also has raised panel lines so detail not too great. There is however at least one major error that I have to admit too that only another set of decals could fix so choose to leave it and let you see if you can tell Same aircraft in a later scheme. I had complete this kit prior to the GB
  12. Thanks, I have one more Tiger almost ready to go should have it done by the deadline Gordon
  13. 1/72 Fujimi Phantom F3 and berna decals
  14. Very nice Swiss Hornet hope one day to build up your standard, awesome bug Gordon
  15. Well this is one is done little frustration had to raid the spares box as even though some parts were shown on the instructions they were not included in the kit. I think maybe another version of the kit must have made it into the box oh well its done. while researching decals for this build found this interesting info at the following link. (http://kitreview.com/reviews/tigermeetdecalsds_1.htm) Delays in the Panavia Tornado F2 program and a general reduction in RAF units resulted in the RAF acquiring 15 ex-US Navy and Marine Corps F-4Js to assist in the air defence of the UK. These airframes were reworked in a 'Life Extension Program' at the North Island, NAS, California. Modifications included RWR antennas on the engine air intakes, low intensity formation lights and general repainting. For the 28th Nato 'Tiger Meet' held at the Cameri Airbase, Italy in July, 1988. F-4J aircraft, British serial ZE-355/S attended this meet, but was originally only painted in the standard british RAF Grey scheme and '74' Sqd. standard black vertical tail plane. F-4Es from the 141st TFS, New Jersey ANG which were attending for the first time, also arrived, but were resplendent with a huge, dark grey tiger head painted on both sides of their noses. Not to be outdone, the RAF crews obtained colour paint from the nearest town and devised the tiger chomping on the soviet 'Red Star' as well as tiger stripes on the rudder, which has remained one of the most colourful and striking schemes ever applied to an F-4
  16. Great job the effort was well worth it the paint job looks great, enjoy the weekend with your son Gordon
  17. This one fought me all the way but I am calling this one done not my best one
  18. Coat of future on, ready to start to add decals. Decided to use some different decals than in kit [/url
  19. Some progress I have some decals on the way hopefully they will arrive in time or else will just use the kit decals to finish this one. also have to fix a few broken parts like the missile rack
  20. Made some progress still waiting for decals to arrive to continue painting
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