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  1. I received the decals in good order. Thank you so much for sending two sets! And, in 1/48! I have a 48th bird I've been working on so I might do it first. Thank you again for your generosity. I'll send pics as I go along. Randy
  2. That would be the jet but I don't see a way to get the decals. Not sure if I read who's printing them. Randy
  3. Did you happen to do one in 32nd? I am way far into the money on the 32nd bird. Randy
  4. The question would be...does anyone know if a sheet has been printed for the F/A-18C VFA-97 Warhawks CAG bird in 1/32? I've done a short bit of research without any luck and figured I'd go to the source of knowledge. It has the blue tails with the big muscled up eagle on it. With that being said if anyone has one I'd like to buy. I have a long term 1/32 legacy bird I'm working on and have stupid amounts of money invested in aftermarket. This would put it over the top. Randy
  5. I received the decals yesterday, great packing with care. RDWoolsey1@yahoo.com Thank you for your efforts. Randy
  6. I was looking to build Jester's bird the earth tone camo. Sorry about the delay...work. Randy
  7. Would like to purchase this set for an upcoming build, or not if I don't find any. Randy
  8. Sorry, I guess more specifically, are there parts in the A-6E kit to build the A-6A. Many of the manufactures just add an extra sprue or two for the parts used to convert models - A-6E to A-6A.
  9. Can the 1/32 Trumpeter A-6E TRAM kit be used to build a A-6A. I'm sure the kits have similar parts but haven't located any definitive answers.
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