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    "What if" Swiss Mig29s and F16s

    The nose ist AGP65 of F-18 : http://www.f-16.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4095 And Mig-29 ist Mig35 http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/thread/1426279315/If+the+Mig-35+has+no+canard+wings+what+are+these-
  2. leptiprince66

    "What if" Shinden I & II

    Oups sorry ! I was mistaken. How to remove images ?
  3. leptiprince66

    F-22N Sea Raptor

    More idea:
  4. leptiprince66

    Navy F-16 Whif

    Fabulous. I have myself extrapolated versions of luck vouht 1600
  5. leptiprince66

    F-22N Sea Raptor

    Good Idea Mine F22 Sea Raptor:
  6. leptiprince66

    F-35 Swiss

    Academy 1/72
  7. leptiprince66

    F-5 FSW

    F-35 Academy Wings Su 37 Berkut The idea : More Maneuvrability...
  8. leptiprince66

    Sea Jaguar in the navy

    Kit Hobby Boss:
  9. leptiprince66

    Sea Jaguar in the navy

    Hi it's just a what if the RN has never tested the sea jaguar ...
  10. leptiprince66

    Airbrushing acrylics without primer layer

    after a long sanding prep work I use Mr surfacing 1000 Gunze liquid sealant to aero:
  11. leptiprince66

    Japan f2 & F16 kai what if

    I use the F2 Mitshushi and F-16c Hasegawa whit the kit LSR: http://www.h4.dion.ne.jp/~lonestar/SALE12.htm
  12. leptiprince66

    What if or not what if ....

    Another chance vough 1601 & 1602: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vought_Model_1600
  13. leptiprince66

    F-16 Figthing Falcon

    I do not know where it is present. I live in Switzerland and I am passionate about the F-16 and Me 262. I start mounting" Whatif" the Chance Vought-1600 "Sea Falcon" Armada Argentina. On Base F2a Mitshubishi navalized Look my website http://www.figthingfalcon.eu/index.html & http://www.lhirondelle-me262.eu/index.html
  14. leptiprince66

    What if or not what if ....

    At 1/72 Look this link : http://www.hakoniwagiken.com/en/item_ds72-002.html
  15. leptiprince66

    F-15E loadout identification

    Or futur F-15 ES
  16. leptiprince66

    What if or not what if ....

  17. leptiprince66

    F-16 Figthing Falcon

  18. leptiprince66

    F-16 Figthing Falcon

  19. leptiprince66

    DP's F-2S Viper II

    Pity that the post is not finished Mine project: