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  1. Yes the Monogram kit is still good for a 30 plus year old kit.I only bought 1 Trumpeter kit the F-106B because I did not have the conversion kit.
  2. I saw them once at Shaw AFB SC when I was stationed there in 1969 working maintenance on RF-4C.Lovely big performer.Drag chutes on landing red,white and blue were beautiful.
  3. Looks like some sork of loader raised it unto the mount.Were they loaded from behind the wing or in front of and slid under? Thanks. nice pics.
  4. When they 1st came out I paid about $45 online from South Korea and $40 for the F-4D model also from S.Korea with free shipping.
  5. I have heard they corrected the fuselage halves but have not saw the later kit.I have 2 early Academy 1/48 Raptors and 2 Hasegawa ones
  6. Has Tan Model ever released a kit yet.I remember 3-4 years they were going to release and F-5A and I have yet to see one.Such pie in the sky plans.
  7. Built the Academy and I found the landing gear a lot more flimsy.
  8. a little better, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Academy-1-48-Plastic-Model-Kit-F-4C-Vietnam-War-Cartograf-Decal-12294-NIB-/251671311403?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a98c7742b
  9. How was the V1 loaded onto the bottom of the He 111? Was there enough clearance to slide underneath on cart? Thanks
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