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  1. I don't need the sprues to know that this kit has Su-35 quality, it is well seen on the pictures. The only thing to know is when normal Su-27 will be available. UB is not for me.
  2. Master is not making pitot tubes for specific kits, so their pitot tube just for Su-27 should fit.
  3. You are right, that kit is not buildable. Next please!
  4. Both: F-16 is not only the best looking aircraft in the world, but also has the best looking tail art.
  5. Did they test parts fitting? 🙂
  6. So many details, but I am not so sure if this kit will be so sophisticated and fine detailed as Kinetic one.
  7. Is the NATO solidarity building NORD STREAM II together with Putin what Germany are doing now?
  8. You are right, it is always much easier to use ready Eduard's or Pmask's set, but using very thin, 0,5 mm or narrower masking tape stripes is realy not so difficult. You can use it on the edges of masking planes and the rest is quite simple. That is not a big deal.
  9. Frankly said I don't understand that new trend for making canopy frame and glass separate. It is not so easy to glue clear parts to painted frame without any dirt in final. What is wrong to take just normal canopy, mask it and then paint? But of course I appreciate that GWH tries to make something new and different and gives us just separate frame and glass plus normal canopy parts. I do believe it would be much better to invest those money for Cartograf decals or additional PEs, then those a little contrivet and unnecessary parts.
  10. Oh, that is surprising for me. Any details?
  11. GWH i s the best, without any doubt. But also is the most expensive. FineMolds is almost as good as GWH one and is little cheaper. Academy (new tool) is also very nice and much, much cheaper.
  12. You have that written on the picture: they added 3D printed landing gears, nozzles, ejection seats and machine gun, plus steel pins for landing gears.
  13. Tamiya’s instruction:
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kitty-Hawk-KH80168-1-48-scale-Static-plastic-model-Su-27-UB-Flanker-C-2020/174159340131?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item288cb4a263:g:SAIAAOSwxFVeIf~Q&enc=AQAFAAACYBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkSG%2BOFgrj2Yvbvmrj2TAdM7YSAHGZ9vJyy99LhWK8eE0zfntChcdKuDDSdAxTR4mLqvBjHWwsdWCykXadM0gmjM5heuSfgqWlW%2FYvO1blnBIiJ1fez3w5sJJbAWM%2BNYyiSNsOcylCIkhRcik%2FOcw4L68sO4gvfdNvFIAhpV5kIMYAfil4M5sNUJ3K125%2BmJLswSJ7UqMVeLM9AMcsoSlOB7NDQtg2P%2F5JBMrB6eMhHW4%2BEScHW1pY6ZC3MxBWP2N2%2F5aAyvW3Hkzpd04FE2UB9UgSeAqFHiDSx6VmKBmJwLuCei2yGzWmJ68zlukivIXQsYzyuej1iUQg70YjlgGgHD7DPROUmY9Vw4ZbCQcxGLuxPCu3mwqUvdL2wlHqsf0npT%2BWsR2qYi5Fr83DvLKuY6YhEUxvUVTG%2B90T9CIvR%2Bk0X1iVMe%2F2V6YGCs51mVohH67023%2B76X%2BaV2n%2FZ63mkgn%2FlFe6bP%2BtfZknqZUzFiPdWq2dU71VpONSemokrzRWS8pJUskdn4yKwtD4VDdrOcQx5R2BtPUjpcwVw45pjB91yVx8WZYqRzrN%2FR9zyYfCwPNeu9aefi1GRLMFHY7Z7FPfyERoRMTDnnst%2BjcEJp3dMb5gw0Lc1mtIx0SzIVFM95bla5lJXuW1rWLJcVPAWkbov93e3p5zajCNmWeYtKfIYyWV9%2FrXGlX7mtJzQCv7X8TYgUwYI38myAcDiX6w3CYKoyRh%2FnhtIy13YQdKd4M5%2BHnYBlJg08EH2zO3Pala&checksum=17415934013156afd03247dd4e82a8b9c425badc642e
  15. Revell's Rafale M (C and M are very similar) is one of their best kits 1:48 ever. Beautiful details and very good fits. Building that kit was a great pleasure.
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