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    Honing my flying skills so that I can finally perform Puchachev's Cobra in a Boeing 787.

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  1. it was just a link to this image
  2. i've been away from the forums and i'm glad you put up more sets.. love your work, Haneto! just placed my order.
  3. i think it's partially due to laziness and lack of motivation on my part.. seems to be easier to post and make snide remarks rather than pick up the phone and actually slog through the process of complaining to my CC company and getting a refund. i feel partially responsible for NOT filing a Paypal claim like i should have done within the 180 days (kept hoping and giving AMK the benefit of the doubt). but two years later, i wonder if i would still be able to file a chargeback? actually, i will make it a point to find out and report back.
  4. in my country, we call it fraud!
  5. nope! no harm, no foul! just made an observation!
  6. Haha, let me shed some light on this for those of you who still aren't sure.. I lovingly call this "Chinglish" and it's sort of the way that my parents speak (like a bad mash up of english and chinese). Basically Sio is saying that "No matter what, anything they say will be wrong or criticized.. so it's better just to clam up".. I guess they feel that it's better just to stay mum on the subject and work on the mistakes rather than try to explain away the problem.
  7. asians tend to use DX for deluxe.. from the picture i saw online, it looks like Pit-Road did what Eduard does.. provide extra resin bits n bobs plus photoetch and decals along with the standard issue kit.. (GWH is a chinese company, and Pit-Road is a japanese one that use OEM parts from GWH..)
  8. hmm i have the F-15J JASDF AIR COMBAT MEET 2013 boxing by GWH.. edit: ahh looks like Pit-Road is releasing a DX version of it in 2019
  9. yes! i am sure the kit will be fine, but at this point i just dont want to deal with it anymore.. im more of a fan of the A/B and was originally just buying the D to support them.. i was already turned off when they showed the boxart.
  10. awesome, thanks for taking the time to do this up.. i've got a few F-8s waiting to be started on!
  11. haha definitely want this one, but won't pre-order!
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