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  1. Airfix kit like a base and many aftermarket for improvements (CMK interior, exterior and undercarriage, QuickBoost control levers and antennas, Master pitot tube, Two Mikes intakes and decals from Italeri).
  2. I know :( The Photobucket is down today. I hope they will repair it, or I should find another provider.
  3. Base is Hasegawa kit which is very nice to assemble and it is upgraded with some extras (Eduard PE, CMK engine, Master machine guns and pitot tube, and wheels from True Details). It is painted with Tamiya XF-76 Gray Green, in cockpit with Tamiya XF-71 and the wheel bay is painted with Gunze H 63 Metallic Blue Green. Idea was to put one half of the cowling on the engine, but it is mission impossible.
  4. Beautiful kit with some extras: MFH seat belts, Scale Motorsport PE and carbon fiber templates. I also did some wiring inside, but you can't see much of it when it's closed. It is painted with Zero 555 Rally Blue (Subaru 74F) and coated with Glasurit 2k. This is how it looked just before the finish:
  5. Nice and precise Hasegawa kit with many details. Assembled OOB and painted with Gunze and Tamiya colors.
  6. This is a nice Hasegawa kit, but with decals with totally missed register. Also used CMK cockpit, QuickBoost exhaust, Master MG-131 & pitot tube and True Details wheels.
  7. Boxing is 04215 - British Airways / Germanwings.
  8. Thank you, guys! :)/> It is made of Tamiya Texture paint (87116 Pavement effect - light gray), slightly sanded. Blocks are scribed and drawn with a pencil. Yellow-black line is painted with Gunze acrylics.
  9. Typically for Revell, building this kit requires a lot of putty and of couse a lot of sanding! Decals are from BOA Decals and they are great, very compatible with Micro SET and SOL. Only problem was with thin stripes, so I used them from Revell's sheet which is also very good. I also applied Extratech PE for A319.
  10. An ordinary Hasegawa model with some improvements from Eduard (PE), Aires (wheel bay), Quick Boost (exhaust), Master (20mm guns) and Pavla (canopy). Markings are RAF 3rd squadron, from the box. B)/>/>
  11. Thanks! :) I used that method for masking (but here we have Patafix instead Blue Tac ;) ). Also maybe did some freehand for corrections.
  12. Kit is Tamiya with detail set by CrazyModeler, painted with Antimony Gray Metallic (Zero Paints) and Glasurit clear cote.
  13. I've built this last year, but it is my latest aircraft model. It's nice Tamiya kit, full of Aires (cockpit, wheel bay, gun bay, bomb bay). Machine gun barrels are from Master.
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