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  1. updates

    Another aftermarket supplier is RealSpace Models http://www.realspacemodels.com/ Mike
  2. Thunderbirds C-123 Coming Soon from fündekals!

    Thanks, Mate. Working on it.
  3. Thunderbirds C-123 Coming Soon from fündekals!

    Oh, dad-gummit!
  4. Thunderbirds C-123 Coming Soon from fündekals!

    Hi Jennings, Any movement on this decal set? Just askin . . . Mike
  5. 1/48 F-111 opinions please?

    One of the guys in my club is taking the Hobby Boss kit and cutting it off right behind the cockpit and grafting the Academy front onto it. He wanted the detailed wheel wells, bomb bay and slat & flaps that the H/B kit offered and now has the correct nose cross section. Mike
  6. Two F-4J Blue Angel questions

    Here is what is written: 1969-1973, F-4J: In the late 1960s, two situations resulted in the F11F finally being replaced. First, the Navy was running out of F11Fs. Second, the Navy had bought an improved version of its front line fighter, the McDonnell F-4 Phantom, but its new radar and improved engine were not available in time to be installed in the first production F-4Js. As a result, the Navy had brand-new Phantoms with lead ballast in the nose and the prior version of the J79 engine. Twelve or so of these were made available to the Blues to replace the F11F. To improve handling qualities in the very close formation maneuvers, the control system was modified, including a change to allow afterburner to be selected at a lower engine rpm. A smoke system was also added. Although the Phantom was a terrific air show airplane, the Blues experienced a series of unfortunate events with them. Nine of the lead-nosed Js were lost in accidents between September 1969 and March 1973, requiring replacement with a few “real” Js with the J79-GE-10 engine. Another was destroyed in early July 1973 at an air show. However, the 1973 season ended in tragedy on 26 July when a midair between the team leader and a wing man occurred during an arrival display at NAS Lakehurst NJ. The boss, the pilot of the other F-4, and a Chief Petty Office in the backseat of one of the F-4s were killed.
  7. Two F-4J Blue Angel questions

    According to the info I have, the F-4J's that were acquired by the Blues in 1969 had the older version of the J-79 engine. They did not get the newer J79-GE-10 engines until March 1973 and flew them until the end of that season. They transitioned to the A-4's the next year. Mike
  8. MH-60 Romeo

    Heavy Arty, Thanks for the look-see. Very nicely done! Mike
  9. MH-60 Romeo

    Thanks Tim, Yeah, I was looking towards a 1/35 scale bird. Mike
  10. MH-60 Romeo

    My nephew just graduated from the Naval Academy and the resulting flight school and just got his assignment as an aviator in the MH-60R. I know that Academy has a MH-60S, but does anyone have a 60R kit or conversion parts for one? Thanks
  11. Scratchbuilding spacecraft - cockpit

    Are you thinking tandem cockpits or side-by-side. if the latter, think either A-6 Intruder or F-111 Aardvark. Mike
  12. 1:144 Apollo 7 Saturn IB

    That is BEAUTIFUL! I think I'll just throw mine in the trash now . . .
  13. 1/18 LLRV - WIP

    Whohoo! The bus is on the road again!
  14. 1/18 LLRV - WIP

    Well, I am only three hours north of Edwards AFB, in Central California, but I don't have access to the base unless they have an open house or air show coming up. Mike
  15. 1/18 LLRV - WIP

    So Crackerjazz, any further progress on the LLRV? We've given you 6 months to rest and recreate . . .