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  1. MH-60 Romeo

    Heavy Arty, Thanks for the look-see. Very nicely done! Mike
  2. MH-60 Romeo

    Thanks Tim, Yeah, I was looking towards a 1/35 scale bird. Mike
  3. MH-60 Romeo

    My nephew just graduated from the Naval Academy and the resulting flight school and just got his assignment as an aviator in the MH-60R. I know that Academy has a MH-60S, but does anyone have a 60R kit or conversion parts for one? Thanks
  4. Scratchbuilding spacecraft - cockpit

    Are you thinking tandem cockpits or side-by-side. if the latter, think either A-6 Intruder or F-111 Aardvark. Mike
  5. 1:144 Apollo 7 Saturn IB

    That is BEAUTIFUL! I think I'll just throw mine in the trash now . . .
  6. 1/18 LLRV - WIP

    Whohoo! The bus is on the road again!
  7. 1/18 LLRV - WIP

    Well, I am only three hours north of Edwards AFB, in Central California, but I don't have access to the base unless they have an open house or air show coming up. Mike
  8. 1/18 LLRV - WIP

    So Crackerjazz, any further progress on the LLRV? We've given you 6 months to rest and recreate . . .
  9. NASA F-104 color question

    FS 15102 equals either ANA 501 or ModelMaster enamel 2030
  10. Thunderbirds C-123 Coming Soon from f√ľndekals!

    Ditto to what 82Whitey51 says!

    Nicely done! And, I love the prop.
  12. "CAMPro" F-100 Thunderbird Decals

    You can find Thunderbirds markings for all their aircraft at http://warbirddecals-com.myshopify.com/
  13. Thunderbirds C-123 Coming Soon from f√ľndekals!

    Same here, Are the C-123 decals available yet? There's no mention of them on the Fundekals site. Also, will there be a set for the C-119 to go with it? Mike