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  1. There is also one at the Castle Air Museum currently under restoration.
  2. The California Air National Guard's 144th FIW in Fresno just unveiled an F-15C in a special commemorative paint finish. Here is a link to the news story and a couple of photos from their facebook page. https://www.yourcentralvalley.com/digital-exclusive/fresnos-144th-fighter-wing-debuts-new-patriotic-paint-design/
  3. They are great if you want to do an in-flight dio with a KC-135 or flying alongside of an E-3 Sentry, etc. Mike
  4. So, what kind of fuel will this thing use when you get it finished? Awesome work!! Mike
  5. Weld-on #3 is GREAT! I've been using it since the Reagan era. It literally melts and fuses the 2 joining surfaces, minimizing the need for putty after gluing. Several times, I have found the joint to be stronger than the surrounding plastic. Plus the capillary action allows you to place a drop on the seam and it will draw down the full seam length. Warning though, if you get a drop on a surface, like a wing, etc., DO NOT TOUCH IT. You will leave a fingerprint in the plastic. Mike
  6. Okay, dumb-fool question! In the MV-22, is the pilot-on-command in the left seat lake a plane? Or, right seat like a helicopter?
  7. Try photocopying a ruler, in both "X" and "Y" directions at the scale you want. Then measure the markings to see if it is truly 50%. If it is, then the problem is the model. Break out the books to see what the true aircraft size is and do the math . . .
  8. All you really need are the squadron-specific markings. The generic USAF markings are already in the kit.
  9. I'm making my own. I am taking the 1/48th California Bear decal sheet, photocopying it and scaling it down to 1/144 then printing it onto decal film.
  10. Yeah, I'm working on the Revell-ogram LEM (the one with the lunar surface and two astronauts). I'm using various foils for the detailing as well. It's about halfway done. I do have a spare Mercury/Gemini kit in 1/48th as well. Don't know if I'll ever build them . . . Mike
  11. Not my LEM, just my Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules in the group build page.
  12. From what I see so far, yours is turning out much better than mine! Keep up the awesome work. Mike
  13. And from the rear. The gold foil on the rear of the Gemini is from a Rollo candy bar. The candy comes in gold foil that is about 6" x 3". I think now I have been forced to eat enough Rollo bars to cover about 37 1/48th LEMs. 😋 Yes, serious modeling DOES make you fat . . . Mike
  14. Thanks guys, I tried to share more photos, but the size limitations the site puts on photos makes it very difficult. Here is a pic of the other side. And Pete, about the handholds? Those are actually Stanley brand staples out of my staple gun. I was stapling the upholstery on a chair (on my "honeydo" list), saw a loose staple and went , "hmmmm . . ."
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