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  1. On my “ to do” list, I hope mine comes out 1/2 as well as yours. Nice work!
  2. Very nice work. Really like the weathering. Well Done! 👍
  3. Looks great! I have one in the stash. Thanks for the tips on your build thread.
  4. Elmo that’s insane! I’ve built the Revell A-6 but no where near as detailed as yours. Working on an EA-6B currently and I get how the canopies don’t have the detail. I added something but not to the fine work you have on yours. Keep the pictures coming! Really great work.
  5. Elmo, I just found this build link and your work is nothing short of incredible. I went thru all 27 pages and your build got more interesting with every click. Well done and thanks for posting for so long.
  6. Thanks for the tip as I have an A-6 as well. I’ll give that a try next go round.
  7. I building one currently. VMAQ-4. I used some strong clamps to get the wing roots to fit. Luckily it worked! Just finished the painting. Yours looks great and I hope mine comes out 1/2 as good. Really nice Prowler.
  8. Great build and what a cool subject to model. Well done.
  9. That's a really sharp display. Well done!
  10. Now I have to go into the stash and build mine. I hope it comes out 1/2 as well. Beautifully done Tomcat.
  11. Great progress. I can’t wait to see the finished Tomcat.
  12. I hope the MH-53 in my stash comes out close to looking as good as yours! Fantastic build.
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