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  1. Hi Chris, I haven't been around ARC for a long time, but just went to check out the Zactoman fprum and saw the news. I hope your lady is doing well and that everything is going well. Hugs for you both man! Pete Hamann
  2. Hi There, I'm moving overseas for a year and am selling off most of my well-curated collection. Serious offers only please. Not selling individual kits. See Craigslist ad for more details http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/clt/5306941612.html Email me at peterjhamann@gmail.com if interested (serious interest only please). Thanks! Pete
  3. I'm confused (Mom always said I was slow but I thought she was talking about my foot speed). Are there plans to print a newer version of the detail pics book? I have ordered the 21st Century Hogs book (looks awesome) but would also like a detailed reference book. Are you planning to produce any kind of a detailed references shot book? Thanks! Pete from Seattle
  4. Hey Pete, i saw your UCAV build from awhile back and was planning to do something similar i just need soem help or tips on scratchbuilding stuff, like wheel and bombays. figuered youwould be good at that seeing as your ucav looked immaculate. cheers

    samson :)

  5. Hola Juan, Feliz Navidad y Felices Fiestas! My wife and I are leaving for Madrid Wednesday. I hear you are having some nice weather... Maybe I will bump into you in Sol or perhaps some Hobby Shop - jeje. Feliz año nuevo! Pete
  6. Very nice! I like the rivet pattern- it seems to the correct scale. Sorry about La Furia...just a friendly.
  7. Way to improvise! I've used everything from a bucket to an electrical project box to a factory made "thermoforming" setup, all with good results.
  8. De nada! Si muchas meses entre... Claro me gusta comida español! My wife just returned from Madrid with bags of Jamon Ruffles, Mahou, Marcilla cafe, banderillas, aceitunas con ancho...pues y mucho mas! Hombre - vamos a ser en españa mucho en el proximo año (cuatro tiempos si recuerdo correctamente) y si puedo, quiero a volver a seville, porque el primero tiempo estba alli, yo estaba muy muy infermo. Ahora - mas trabajo en el Mustang!
  9. J***r chico! Que fantastico! Mas trabajo de "Los Maestros Españoles". The detail work is so clean and sharp. It makes me want to go to the bench and get to work.
  10. WOW! Drones...the wave of the future...
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