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  1. I also. For flying model is 1:32 better.
  2. They're also available in 1:35. The text wasn't adapted.
  3. A colleague drew the decals himself. If you need other numbers, you have to say so. You can adjust that. These decals are available in every size, you just have to order them. service@heli-scale-quality.com. They are a bit thicker than industrial decals because of the type of printing, but more brilliant in colour (you won't need it with your grey). I have been using them for 10 years on my helicopter models.
  4. HELI SCALE QUALITY has this decal set. It's also available in 1:72. Don't know if it's enough for your purpose.
  5. This is one of the few models I know of. Admirable what he built there, at least smaller in 1:48. It's a pity that such experts don't mould their models to make it easier for others. My parts are all reproducible. The 3D print unfortunately costs relatively much with a high surface quality.
  6. Thank you very much, sir. I consider this comment of two such model making champions as accolade.😊
  7. The handles are attached. Only here errors are noticed, which are corrected again. So change the drawing and print it again.
  8. Ian, the shapes aren't good enough on the surface. Much too much streaks on it. And the proportions of your 3 windows on top of each other at the back are not right. The corners are round everywhere.
  9. I would like to post much more flight pictures and videos. But I always need others who can do that! I am a model builder, I can fly my helicopters. But in both areas (photo + video) I am not good.
  10. Ian, the "good" pictures come later. Yes, I am happy about the result, also that it is finished and will fly. Without your suggestion I would have built this model if not never, then at least much later. Thanks for that. It has become a piece of jewellery.
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