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  1. https://helicopter-decals.de/advanced_search_result.php?inc_subcat=1&keywords=mh-60t&language=en
  2. Here there is already the variant of the Czech Air Force: https://helicopter-decals.de/Helicopter-manufacturer/Bell/AH-1Z-Czech-Air-Force-Decal-448::459.html?language=en
  3. You can assume that the dimensions are correct. In addition, we always offer every buyer of our decals to deliver necessary corrections free of charge. This has rarely been necessary and only for small details. So no problem.
  4. The next: https://helicopter-decals.de/Helicopter-manufacturer/S-64E-Siller-N9125M-Decal-423::437.html?language=en
  5. You can buy the parts here. They are also available in 1:35, same prices. If you need only certain individual parts, just send a mail. https://heli-scale-quality.de/Rotor-distance-355-to-450-mm/Sikorsky-S-64F-Skycrane-CH-54:::49_111.html?language=en
  6. We have two new decal sets, especially for the CH-54A. https://helicopter-decals.de/Helicopter-type/S-64-Skycrane-CH-54-Tarhe:::60_110.html?language=en Is there still a need for other variants?
  7. 1:35: https://heli-scale-quality.de/Fuselage-coax/Kamov-Ka-26-Hoodlum-1-35:::51_62.html?language=en 1:24: https://heli-scale-quality.de/Fuselage-coax/Kamov-Ka-26-Hoodlum-1-24:::51_78.html?language=en
  8. I started building a flying S-64F at the end of 2018. Here is the detailed construction report: https://www.scalerchelis.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=19163 Ian built his scratch variant in 1:35 in parallel, so all add-on parts are also available 3D printed in 1:35. If someone wants to build such a firefighting variant with double wheels, he is welcome to write to me. There are also 3 different decal sets for Forestale and Erickson Air-Crane, of course also in 1:35. https://helicopter-decals.de/Helicopter-type/S-64-CH-54-Skycrane:::60_110.html?langua
  9. Here you find all decal sets also in 1:144: https://helicopter-decals.de/index.php?language=en
  10. Oliver, we have had a Ka-29 in 1/35th scale in our program for 7 years. It is not as detailed as the plastic version. But there are several decal sets.
  11. Send a private mail to service@heli-scale-quality.com They have built some parts of the Mi-35 M in 1:48. And they can also produce them in 1:35. https://heli-scale-quality.de/Rotor-distance-205-to-220-mm/Mil-Mi-24-Mi-35M-Hind-1-48:::1_96.html?language=en
  12. It's been around here for quite a while. It's just not cheap to build something like that. https://heli-scale-quality.de/Rotor-distance-355-to-450-mm/Sikorsky-S-64F-Skycrane-CH-54:::49_111.html?language=en
  13. https://heli-scale-quality.de/Rotor-distance-155-to-180-mm/AgustaWestland-AW-139-1-48:::27_77.html?language=en
  14. Here is a Bell 407 in 1:32: https://heli-scale-quality.de/Rotor-distance-185-to-200-mm/Bell-407-1-32:::28_40.html?language=en And here you can find the high landing gear of the Bell 206: https://heli-scale-quality.de/Rotor-distance-155-to-180-mm/Bell-206-Jet-Ranger-1-32/Bell-206-Landing-gear-high-1-32::851.html https://heli-scale-quality.de/Rotor-distance-155-to-180-mm/Bell-206-Jet-Ranger-1-32/Bell-206-Landing-gear-high-with-tread-bar-1-32::852.html They also exist in 1:48. Just send an email.
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