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  1. No, he has nothing to do with Peddinghaus. David Funke is a young german modeller (31 years), who also draws decals. They are very model oriented and of good quality. He sells them in different scales. He has a limited selection, because he concentrates on a few categories. The decals must be cut out.
  2. Here you can find the high landing skid: https://www.ebay.de/itm/MD-500-Landegestell-hoch/184072337052?hash=item2adb90f69c:g:J2cAAOSwe4hd6l9F
  3. Thanks, men. The rotor head should be a little bit higher, for that I would have had to manufacture a longer shaft, was too much effort for me. Nobody can see in the air.
  4. Here you can find it 3D printed. Select under the heading at "Maßstab" 1:32. https://www.ebay.de/itm/S-58-H-34G2-3-Landegestell-Dreieckform/184349485319?hash=item2aec15e907:g:gIAAAOSwDIJeEwm9&var=692040444147
  5. I hardly have time to build models myself. We already developed the kit three years ago from the UH-1B by scratching. Flies with an almost unchanged Blade 230S. The model was built by a colleague (Peter).
  6. You mean like this? You can zoom in on this one in any size.
  7. World master of scratch. Oliver, you are crazy.
  8. Oliver, I want to repeat my request: You're showing us admirable results, it's simply fantastic what you're conjuring up. But can't you please show us in single steps how to complete such a scratch construction in detail? Step by step? I scratch too, but I can't do it with such precision.
  9. Oliver, it would be interesting to see how such a work of art is created in stages. Do you use any sheet material or is it lasered? Let's take a look at your trick box.
  10. To construct the bow section of the S-58 / H-34 quickly leads to a crisis with such round sections. Find someone who can scan the nose section from a good kit in 1:48 and make a construction from it. This can then be printed in 1:32 scale as a shell and further processed. I am also very interested in this bow part, because I have the model 1:32 in 2020 on the plan as a flying model.
  11. Great model, again and again. You are a true professional. I feel honored when some of my decals were used on such an excellent model.
  12. No way. The rotors will rotate, but it will never fly like this. He would have to apply his art to one of our kits.
  13. I also. For flying model is 1:32 better.
  14. They're also available in 1:35. The text wasn't adapted.
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