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  1. Sabre Fan

    1/72 Tornado IDS "100,000 Hour" Tornado

    Hello Martin, Nice Build from the Klappdrachen!!
  2. great work kurt looks very good
  3. F86 Mark 5 Rollout (old Mono Kit from the 80) sabrefan
  4. Sabre Fan

    Canadair Sabre Mk 5

    Some new pics from decaling: for the decals i take a mix of Airdoc and Revel decals . The orginal kit decals were too old for my taste (from 1981!) They went on fine using softener. Almost finished it! Only missing the semi gloss clear coat (Alclad semi gloss). Surely not the best F-86 model. But it looks like a Sabre! More pics in the Display Case!
  5. Sabre Fan

    Canadair Sabre Mk 5

    Here som new Pics from the Sabre Building and the colors which i used. the German mk5 had the original Canadian lacquer finish with Prue Blue on the underside and dark green and dark sea gray.on top. the glare shield and the walkways were sparayed with tamiya xf 1 and then all sealed with a coat of Alclad gloss Cote. Next step the Decals. the inside from the airbrakes and the landing gear wells were sprayed interieur green sabre fan
  6. Sabre Fan

    Canadair Sabre Mk 5

    here are new pics from the building, here the first color on the underside. Xtracolor X8 Prue Blue. Of course I did a coat of primer before, it is from tamiya out of the spray can.
  7. Sabre Fan

    Canadair Sabre Mk 5

    Yes kurt, a lot of filling and sanding and you destroy some details, but its the bottom. and one does not see everything
  8. Sabre Fan

    Canadair Sabre Mk 5

    Yes Tobik, no extras! only the Fods from the Revell (hase Kit) and a new pitot tube and a nose gear wheel from the Academy kit decals are from 1991! , there I will take others.
  9. hello guys! Here comes my next project, an old Sabre from Monogram from the 80! The kit has still raised panel lines however it looks like a sabre, it is of course not as good as the kits from Hase or Academy. But I have still 2 kits in my stash! Germany ordered 225 new Cl13Mk6 from Canadair . A total of 75 RCAF Sabre 5s were transferred to the German Luftwaffe during 1957. Their engines were not so powerful like the Mk6 Sabres and were only for training with the Waffenschule (air force school). The fit is not so bad however it needs some putty and sanding to become a nice model. Sabrefan
  10. RF 4E Norm 83 Rollout!! I hope you like it!? Greetings, your "Sabre Fan"
  11. and now the bird was finished!!! More Pictures in the Diplay case!! Sabre Fan
  12. It becomes slow finished , for the cockpit i use the hypersonic HMR48016-1 for the Hasegawa kit. the cylindersI made myself however from Albion pipes see the pictures. and the small parts finished, the RBF Tags are from Eduard (prepainted the Larger) and the small RBF from daco with wire from railway accessories The Placards are from the Eduard Placard set for the F4,The Tyres are from the Brassin serie The Mainweels are however somewhat too small the bolting devices are from lead foil and painted red. nearly finished Sabre Fan
  13. The pictures are already 2 weeks old. However I had a few problems. Now there are a few pictures of decals on it. Only over 250 pieces to apply! Here also a few more pics. Some parts are nearly finished, like the aires nozzels , Eduard Brassin wheels, ECM Pod from an italeri F-16 kit, FODs from Two Mikes. Unfortunately I don't have the Chaffs. I already changed those to fit and the Seats come from Pavla, with casted on belts, looking really good!. that's all! Stay tuned!