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  1. Cobra Company has remaining stock after closure. Email to discuss a sale of items. This will be done to US customers as payments would have to personal checks. cobra6atcomcast.net Chris Miller
  2. Alright, not a whole lot of progress so far, mostly due to my work schedule. I've started working on detailing the interior of the cabin. I've added bench seats made from styrene sheet and florist's wire. I used a Dremel tool with a drum sander attachment to rough out the concave shape. This view shows the general layout of the cabin before I start cramming it full of soldiers and equipment. Note the modification of the cabin bulkhead to accommodate some electronic boxes. The pilots' seats on the new MTV-5 helicopters are different from the legacy Hips so
  3. Here's the progress I've made with my conversion of the Trumpeter 1/35 kit to a modern Russian Air Force Mi-8MTV-5. I've concentrated my initial efforts on the external changes required for the updated Hip. The MTV-5 uses a ramp in place of the clamshell doors of the older model Hips. I cut away the rear of the fuselage and rebuilt the area out of sheet styrene. I then used putty, superglue, and Mr. Surfacer to blend the styrene into the fuselage. I also enlarged the left side cabin door. The MTV-5 also has a door on the right side of the cabin whic
  4. Gentlemen, This will be my entry for this group build: I will be converting a Trumpeter 1/35 Mi-8MT into a modern Mi-8MTV-5 of the Russian Air Force. The conversion will be primarily scratchbuilt but I will be using figures from ANT Miniatures and Trumpeter or CMK. I may also use weapons from Live Resin.
  5. The IAF painted large "hi-viz" roundels on F-15s from both the Knight's of the Twin Tails and Spearhead Squadrons for a ceremonial flight over the Auschwitz Concentration Camp according to the Isradecal F-15 book. I can post tail numbers, aircraft names and types, and the exercise dates for the aircraft involved if you need them.
  6. I'm currently working on Hasegawa's 1/32 F-16A and I am looking for fuel tanks from the Academy or Tamiya kits. I need both underwing 370 gallon tanks and the centerline tank. If you are not planning on using yours, please PM me. I am willing to compensate you for them. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have a Rostock Max V2 3d printer. I just enlarged the scale to the max size my printer could accommodate. The propulsor has five support fins to hold the bell in place and that's it. There is no propeller inside.
  8. I found the CAD files on Thingiverse. There's not much detail to the files (they're designed for 3d printing) and the pump jet is inaccurate which I'll fix after the sections are glued together and the surface smoothed out.
  9. Here's my 1/75th scale USS Virginia class submarine that I 3d printed. I still have a lot of work on it to go. Eventually, I want to turn it into a RC model.
  10. Outstanding build, Chris. I'll have to get back to working on mine ASAP.
  11. Not much use for an EO Tech or other weapon mounted optic when door gunners aim either with the IR laser (night) or by walking their rounds onto target (day).
  12. Here's a teaser of the photos that were taken June of last year of the MH-60M DAP: Whatever the antenna is, it is new. The IZLIDs (the IR Lasers in the photos above) are for aiming the miniguns. Just put the dot on the target and squeeze the trigger. My guess is that the IZLIDs were moved back to the rail mounts on the miniguns themselves on a DAP with this antenna.
  13. I asked one of the 160th crew chiefs about that. He said they always have the covers in place. Without them, the bird is deadlined (isn't allowed to fly).
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