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  1. Ron, that was my first thought, is going the medical tape route. I still might on other models, as I will have 5 more 1/72 orbiters to build. It'll all depend on how my experiments with other methods of doing the blankets turn out. Did some work today on attaching more of Homer's parts to this model. I am not a automotive 'body man' which is all I think a lot of model build is, at times. Especially in the early stages of any model, and definitely one such as this where there are a lot of mods and extras being added on or bits taken away. That's why I opted to do this one first -
  2. So today continued with installing the T-0 umbilicals on both sides and began to cut out for the ET connection points on the belly. I'm going to have to modify the areas around both and/or modify the parts themselves a bit to account for the build up of an extra layer that I'll be putting on the model to simulate either tiles or thermal blankets, as the case may be. As I was finishing up for the day, I decided to test out my idea of using linen texture paper as the thermal blankets. I'm using Lake County Spaceport's guide as reference to how big each blanket area should be. Pictured are two bl
  3. So today I added the wings to the orbiter as well as began to cut out the area for the two T-0 umbilicals. The templates are very helpful with the umbilicals and I can't wait to see the final product installed myself. As I mentioned, I cut the control surfaces and re-glued them as they looked in pictures I got from NASA's site of Atlantis coming over from the OPF to VAB. It looks messy now, but what I did was just glue in a small strip of styrene sheet to close the gap initially. It will give me a base to build from to make that area look a little closer to what it should.
  4. I too keep on thinking about trying to hijack my wife's Cricut for some of my own work. I better let her figure out how to use it first before I take it over. Regarding what you said on my build thread - I did find that thermal blanket document from Lake County Spaceport and look forward to using it on all of my builds. I am using a Monogram kit for this first one, Homer. The Revells were just easier to find on ebay before they re-issued their 40th anniversary edition. I wanted to use the kit that your parts were designed for first, so I'd have the highest chance of success. Then I can underta
  5. That papyrus linen looks really good. Maybe even more of an obvious texture pattern than my linen texture version. The seams are also challenging me. There isn't a true border or separation around each blanket section, but if you look at an orbiter close up, you can see a obvious line of demarcation between one area and the next. I was thinking that maybe a tracing wheel could make an indentation around the edge of each square that I cut. Maybe it'd create the appearance of the joint between each blanket.
  6. Sanding the wings and fuselage today. Not very exciting picture-wise. I did cut the control surfaces away from the wings to pose them in a drooped look based on pictures I found online of Atlantis being rolled over prior to STS-71. Do have a question because I tried searching but didn't come up with anything - to simulate the thermal blankets I am going to experiment with white "linen texture paper" that I found at Michael's. It's cardstock material. I know it's not an original idea to me, and I know I've seen that idea talked about somewhere, but as I said, searching these forums didn't produ
  7. Yes, went to flickr and started an album there, and it worked. Thanks for the tip on the reinforcement. One thing I am doing on all my shuttles will be to better simulate the tiles and blankets. In speaking with Homer about which RCS insert to get, I told him that I doubted I'd come up with anything new, but I am definitely going to try a multitude of options and methods across all 6 builds. I've seen, and actually tried once on the 1/144 scale stack, the surgical tape route for blankets. I think it was Gil/DutyCat that did clay or putty and a zimmerit tool to lay out the quilt like appearance
  8. Thanks, I tried just adding them as attachments to my post but obviously failed. I'll look into getting a better way to add pictures.
  9. Hi All, Here is the start of my first ever build blog. I used to build a lot when I was a teen, now in my late 30's getting back to it, and definitely jumping in headfirst. I have 6, yes 6, 1/72 orbiters to build. One is a very old Monogram kit I got from ebay. 1 is an older Revell from the 90s. The last 4 are newer Revells, the 40th anniversary edition. I'm building all of them to represent different missions that have meaning to me. I will eventually be making Columbia in it's STS-94 post landing configuration - I actually saw that land from the top of Space Camp Florida back i
  10. Let me boost this thread again by saying I just bought a bunch of parts and the work and detail is fantastic! I'm just starting to break out the actual kit for assembly. I'll be starting my own thread on my build tonight. Looking forward to showing off these parts. My work, no so much, but the parts, yes. 🙂
  11. Hi, coming back to this forum and scale modeling after a couple years away. I see the last post about this tile set was in 2019. Hotdog, did you end up completing this project or did you take it in another direction? Thanks!
  12. Yeah, I’ll take 3 sets as soon as they’re ready!
  13. Wow, this is awesome. I'm just getting into these forums a bit more, and increasing my builds after the proverbial hiatus from models. I just ordered a 3rd 1/72 orbiter because of these tile sheets!
  14. So now with the forums back up, anything new on the tiles?
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