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  1. Boeing 767-300 American Airlines (1:144)

    Thank you all for your kind comments. The bare metal is a combination of AlcladII Polished Aluminium and Chrome (some panels also got a filter layer, using AMMO PLW or AMMO filters). The Greys over the wings/stabilizers are also from AMMO, from their acrylic paint range ( light grey A.MIG-209 and grey A.MIG-059). Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  2. F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    I'll be surely following this build! Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  3. EA-18G Growler

    Thanks! If only I knew that story while I was painting it! Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  4. EA-18G Growler

    What I thought would be a quick project (a few weeks, a month at most) ended up taking a few days more than a year! Long hours at work and a few other modelling projects took all the momentum out of this build and just recently, I got interested in it again and finally completed it yesterday. Here are a few photos of the completed model: It was built using Revell's 1:144 EA-18G Growler. I hope you like it Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  5. F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers

    Uau indeed! Very nice model! If a may add something, it is regarding your photos: if your camera allows, try taking the photos with smaller aperture (use a high f/stop) as it will increase your depth of field (that way, ideally, you'll get the whole model in focus). I hope it helps and congratulations on an amazing model. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  6. Here are some photos of a model completed a while ago for the spanish publication "The Weathering Aircraft" issue number 5 "Metallics" http://www.migjimenez.com/en/71-the-weathering-aircraft). It is Zvezda's 767-300 kit with only minor additions/modifications. I hope you like it. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  7. Sukhoi T-50-5R PAK-FA (finished 01.08.2017)

    Hi Seb: I'm eagerly following your updates! All the best Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  8. Here are a few photos of the early stages of this build. The trailing edges of the wings, elevator and rudder were thinned down, as well as the exhaust nozzles of the engine. The intake side of the engines was also smoothed out. All small antennas were removed to be replaced with scratchbuilt items. The lower fuselage stabilizers will be replaced by plastic card items (much thinner than the supplied parts) and I'm also thinking of replacing the gear legs and gear doors with scratch built items. The windows were polished but still need some work as they do not compare well with photos of the real thing. Besides this small issues the kit as been falling together with little effort as the part's fit is near perfect (the engines are just placed, not glued in the following photo). I hope to have more to show soon. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  9. SB-17 G Portuguese Air Force

    Completed a few days ago, here is a simple, clean model of a Portuguese Air Force SB-17 G, displaying the last colour scheme used by the few aircrafts that performed Search & Rescue mission in Azores in the late 50's. It was built using the Academy 1:72 model. I hope you like it. Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  10. Rotodyne (1:144 Anigrand)

    Here are some photos of the completed model. It is another "bonus" model, included in their Sentinel R.1 1:144 box. It's livery is not accurate because I did some mistakes in my research. For it to be accurate the name Westland should be replaced by Fairey! It's a nice model, that I've used to tryout some natural metal finish techniques (and it was also fun). Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  11. New 1/144 project!

    Brilliant stuff! Can not wait to see more! Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  12. X-29 (Dragon 1:144)

    Here are some photos of this little model. This gem was a joy to build. I only regret not using a lighter colour to mark most of the panel lines. Next time, over white, I'll try using a sharp pencil. I hope you like it. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  13. X-29 (Dragon 1:144)

    Here are a few photos of the final stages of this little build. All panel lines were picked up using PLW light grey. Next time I'm marking panel lines over white, I'll try using a very sharp pencil or a even lighter colour. The nose sensors were somewhat detailed using brass tube and copper wire. After some coats of satin varnish, removing the masks and painting the last details, the model is completed. I hope you like it. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  14. A-4E....Mig-17

    Brilliant stuff! Can not wait for more updates! Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  15. X-29 (Dragon 1:144)

    These little models are great fun to build! Dragon's X-29 has been a joy so far, with only tiny gaps on some areas of the fuselage, which were easily filled with Mr Surfacer. The seat was installed after painting and adding a safety harness. The canopy was masked prior to it being glued in place. Before starting to paint it a stand was fashioned out of a crocodile clip, a wooden stick and some packing material, allowing us to handle the model without the risk of touching freshly applied paint. Mr Color Character white was firstly applied, followed by Gloss white on the center part of all panels. The resulting effect is very subtle. Because gloss colours were used, decals could be applied without the need for smoothing the surface with a gloss coat. The decals strips were not perfect in its dimension, so acrylics were mixed to match the decal colour and brush painted where needed. After protecting everything with 2 thin clots of gloss clear, the gear bays were weathered using Ammo Panel Line Wash (PLW) Deep Grey I hope to post more soon as it's getting closer to completion. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com