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  1. Here are a few photos of a model I've just completed, using Revell's G-6 kit and Eduard's Cannon pods. It depicts a Bf-109 G-6/R-6, belonging to III./JG 26, flown by Hptm Klaus Mietusch, during July 1943. The major reference was Kagero's "Units 6 - JG 26" booklet, which was also the source for the used decals. Cheers
  2. Here are a few photos of the model presently seating on my scale modeling bench. It's already near its completion, but any input is welcome as I usually tackle aircraft models in much smaller scales (this is actually my first 1:32 scale aircraft model). It's being built using Revell's kit (very affordable) and the only aftermarket item being added are the underwing cannon pods, produced by Eduard. I hope to complete it soon. Cheers
  3. Recently completed, here's my minute UT-1 Hydro, built using Mikro-Mir's kit (and some scratch built details). I had a mishap with the float planes structs (tried to hide it in the photos), but I'm happy with the way the engine and prop detailing resulted. Cheers
  4. Here are a few photos of the latest model to leave the bench, a minute 1:144 scale Skyhawk (A-4E, in israeli colours), built using Eduard's kit and Heroes Models MER and MK.82s. Cheers
  5. Here are a few photos of the latest model to leave the bench, a minute 1:144 scale Skyhawk (A-4E, in israeli colours), built using Eduard's kit and Heroes Models MER and MK.82s. Cheers
  6. Here are a few more photos of the (few) progress made in the last weeks. I hope to share some more progress soon. Cheers
  7. Here are a few photos of the first steps of this Fw 190 F-8, one of the few R-3 (armed with two MK 103 30mm cannons). Besides the Tamiya's kit, I am also using Eduard's p.e. set, True Details wheels, Master cannons/pitot and Verlinden mk103 canons and cannon gondolas. I hope to share more soon. Cheers Marco Preto
  8. My love affair with 1:144 scale models continues (most are quick and fun builds). Here is my 1:144 Yakovlev UT-1, built using Mikro-Mir's kit, during a couple of weekends, late in 2021. Cheers
  9. Thanks! Those antenna wires are Uschi Superfine High Elastic Rigging Thread. It is easily fixed in place with a tiny amount of CA glue (I prefer to use the more fluid type of CA). Cheers
  10. Here are some photos of the latest model to leave the workbench. It is an E-2C Hawkeye, built using the Revell kit and Retrowings propellers (with a few tweaks). I had a few mishaps with the clear parts and minimize the damage brush coating them with gloss varnish. Painting was carried out using Mr. Color lacquers and Vallejo acrylics. The subtle weathering (just panel marking and a couple of subtle exhaust stains) was done using Ammo Panel washes and Vallejo Model washes. Cheers
  11. There is a very good video, great for beginners, with nice tips on how to keep your airbrush clean! It is a presentation by Ken Schlotfeldt, introducing airbrushing, during a wargaming convention. Quite long but very educational. Discussion on cleaning agents at 58:15. Cleaning an airbrush at 1:11:14 Cheers
  12. Here is a simple tutorial with my approach to scale model photography (I am not a professional photographer and this is just the process that works for me). https://mpminiatures.wordpress.com/2021/06/21/how-i-photograph-scale-models/ I hope you find it helpful and if there is any part is it that is not very clear, please tell me so I can improve it. Cheers Marco Preto https://mpminiatures.wordpress.com https://www.youtube.com/user/marcopreto Instagram: @marco_a_c_preto
  13. Happy 2021! The progress with my 1:144 scale Su-24M continues slowly. The drop tanks were completed and pinned to the pylons. I can dryfit and remove them in order to separately paint them. Unfortunately, all the wheels parts are malformed (mostly from mold misalignment, but a few just with lots of flash). I press fitted them to a mandrel and turned them round using a small lathe. I removed the minimal amount of material and kept similar wheels with the same diameter. So here is the result of this weekend's work! Cheers
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