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  1. I have indeed, just a small trim to the front of the pylon and profiling of its aerodynamic shape with files and sandpaper. Here is a quick update! The aircraft I am modeling was armed with 4 Aim-7 Sparrow missiles and I did not have any in my spare box. I modified 4 missiles with similar length and diameter, replacing their wings with wings cut from thin plastic card. Here they are after being primed. The first colors were applied and I hope to start the camouflage soon. While it was drying, the tires were brush painted. I
  2. Here are some photos of my current scale modeling project, a IAF F-15I in 1:144 scale. I am building it converting Revell's 1:144 F-15E, using Bren Gun's Canopy and Heroes Model's exhaust nozzles. I hope to start painting it in the next few days. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  3. Here's a short video show how I've used acrylic washes to shade the kits details and mark the panel lines. I hope you find it useful. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  4. Following your build! That seat may be 23 parts, but damned, it looks good! I am sure it will look amazing after you do your magic with some paint on it! Cheers Marco http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  5. Just completed Revell's 1:144 scale Eurofighter Typhoon! Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  6. Just completed! This kit is quite nice and parts fit is almost perfect. A joy! I hope you like it. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  7. Just completed! This kit is quite nice and parts fit is almost perfect. A joy! I hope you like it. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  8. Quick update with this weekend's work. While I was painting the ordnance, a member of another forum called my attention to the fact that the bombs were very long. Indeed, while I took all measurements from Eduard drawings while turning the brass body, I cut the plastic bomb parts along panel lines (a bit mistake as it resulted in a very long tail section). So after snapping all the tail section, I cut around 1.5mm and reattach them. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  9. Great trick to mark the wing area that gets inside the fuselage! Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  10. I'm going to follow your build carefully (I also have that kit in my stash , DML boxing). Awsome work! Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  11. Here are some photos, showing the use of the jig to glue the missile wings. The ordnance is all completed! Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  12. A quick update (this time on scratch building two ASRAAMs). Eduard drawings were used as reference for the ASRAAMs and simple calculations were done to figure out the 1:144 scale dimensions. The body of the missiles was made out of 1mm plastic rod (Evergreen), using files and fine emery paper to shape them. To glue to wings in place (I still need to make them), I've made a jig, using a scrap piece of balsa wood, cutting a 1mm slot (almost 0.5 mm deep). This will allow me to rest the missile body in the slot and two wings can be glued at a perfect 180ยบ without much trouble.
  13. I have it for a little more than a year ( I am a novice regarding lathes or mills) and has been used more and more on my modelling projects. It is the simplest model on Proxxon's range, the FD150/E (very limited in what can be done, but useful for small and simple parts). Quick update, with the work I manage to do this weekend. All decals are applied to the airframe. After turning the 6 bomb center sections, two attachment points were drilled. And after gluing them to the plastic parts, the bombs were completed. Dry-fitting them to
  14. Here's a small video showing how the brass part was made. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
  15. This small model slowly progresses. My attention was called to the fact that UK does not use GBU-16! Their 1000lbs Paveway II is slightly different and I decided to convert the ones I have to UK's standard. Using Eduard's 1:48 scale drawings (from their Paveway II Mk.13/18 kit) as reference, the dimensions of the center section of the bomb were established and a part could be turned out of brass rod. Here is the first converted bomb. Cheers Marco Preto http://mpminiatures.wordpress.com
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