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  1. Beautifully done, those rivets look awesome in any scale. Great Job. Also, I would have to agree with you about the Blackbird being bad fool. I would love too see a 1/32 scale one on the market!
  2. Chuck, The metal finish, the paint the rivets, simply looks perfect! I can't wait to follow yet another build thread, of yours. Reading your build threads is improving my modelling abilities, keep up the amazing work.
  3. Jorge, Amazing looking model as usual, all your work with the airbrush and weathering have come together to create a very realistic looking model. I can't wait to see it completed, and to see what you do next. Bravo!
  4. That looks great!!! I love the paint job, a matt black paint finish does sound simple, but in those photos, you can see variations in the finish, which makes it look very realistic. Great Job.
  5. I think this plane is awesome. The paint work is so good, and I love the metal finish. I know that the Air Force aircraft are that bit cleaner, but I think that weathering makes models look so much better and more realistic, but it's so easy to over do it. I think this is spot on for a weathered F-15, I don't think you could do to much more, it's just enough. Top job What paints do you use for this build?
  6. I love it! The attention to detail is amazing. I particularly like the rivets, and the leading edges on the wings, engine and nose of the plane. The wear and tear on the model is very convincing.
  7. Awesome looking cat! The weathering looks spot on, and I love the carrier deck. All of the aftermarket gear has come together perfectly, no doubt a lot of work has been put into this, and for an amazing result.
  8. Very nice clean build, with just the right amount on weathering on the belly of the aircraft.
  9. Amazing photo, thanks for sharing!
  10. That's an awesome looking Harrier. Job well done! A rightly deserved award, congratulations.
  11. Steve, this model is simply stunning! I've always wanted a big cat, but when I get around to it, it will be a 1/32 which is huge, I can only imagine how impressive this thing looks up close. Fantastic work, and I think the display cabinet like you're doing is the way to go, awesome way to display an awesome model!
  12. Chuck, With the plane painted in gloss black, we can see how good your modelling is, as any imperfections are highlighted, but it just looks perfect! The repair on the nose of the plane from the glue sink holes are invisible , amazing repair job. It's going to be great to see the metal finish go on this bird, which I assume is going to be different shades of alclad. I was wondering if you had used different metalisers such as model masters, as I'm about to do some, and wanted some advice on what is the best metal paints to use, and if there's any issues with masking over finished metal pai
  13. Jorge, Amazing paint work, the detail in this piece is is unbelievable . I love the weathering on the wing with the touch up painting that gets applied to carrier based aircraft. Can't wait to see this one come together!
  14. I'm currently building a Tamiya F-15 c, and was thinking about an Aggressor bird. The Afterburner decals sheet 48-081, being for 1/48 scale models also had decals for 4 1/32 scale models, and is pretty hard to find, I've been looking on eBay for some time, but with no luck. Currently the decal sheet 48-007 is on eBay, but I don't think that sheet had 1/32 scale markings. If anyone has the 48-081 sheet and is willing to sell the sheet, or even just the 1/32 scale decals from the sheet, could you please let me know, and maybe I could make contact via a PM. Thanks Also if anyone can confirm a
  15. It's looking fantastic, I'm looking forward to seeing this one come together! I've got a Tamiya F-16 in the cupboard, so I'll be ordering a copy of your book, and be keeping an eye on this build thread.
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