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  1. As far as injected kits go, I know there are problems, but Pit Road does one in 1/144.
  2. Anyone have photos of a Vietnamese Li-2?
  3. Here's an idea to take the 1/144 F-15E bits further. How about making F-15SG conversion bits as well?
  4. The P-40B/C is best served by the new Airfix kit. Sure, there are minor niggles here and there, but overall it's quite nice. AZ and Sword are releasing new P-40s, but as they're just coming to market, no idea about accuracy.
  5. Both would be awesome in 1/144!! Especially with Dragon now producing U-2 kits.
  6. And get it to fit the 1/144 Pit Road kit?
  7. Currently working on a Dragon 1/144 kit, with the RetroWings replacement cockpit, and would really like to have alternative markings for it.
  8. Now there's something definitely needed. F-15E decals to be used on the Revell 1/144 kit with your resin goodies!
  9. And here I thought he was working on 1/144 B-52 goodies. Drat!
  10. Cool! When can we see them in other scales, like 1/144? :)
  11. Very nice! What modifications did you do to the kit to make it an I-1?
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